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  1. I have known Brad since 1994. And I recruited Russ Gavin to march in 1994. Both are amazing people and only want the best for the marching members. I am sure they are doing what ever they can to fix this. From what I have seen from when I am around, members are treated with respect. But also pushed to better themselves to be best they can be. I would leave my daughter or wife in one or both of there hands that's how much I trust they are doing the right thing.
  2. there was tarps being used in dci in the early 1990's
  3. umm.. uppermidwest ... Menards not home depot
  4. haha.. totally I think the clip boards and pencils will be added mid season for a GE push !
  5. Most construction supervisors that I know do not sport tool belts. They usually just tell people to get working and then get back in to these diesel trucks and hop over to kwik trip for a large big buddy and a few roller dogs
  6. here is another little teaser I found on Instagram
  7. I was at this run through. Good stuff going on. They have white shakos and white plumes.
  8. The pith is the original style helmet blue stars wore. If I remember corectly they own the rights to that style
  9. 20 tubas and still way loud with the synth key boards Probally cheaper to buy another set of subwoofers
  10. Has anyone gotten AirPlay to work from an iPad to a apple tv I am only getting audio ? How about using the iPad/iPhone connection kit any luck with audio and video
  11. it looks like they got the uniform idea from the movie school of rock Dont gig me wrong I love Blue Stars show but that top thing has to go !
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