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  1. ... but you do one dance... You don't know how jealous I was that you got that part in the duet in '85. Was that the year you got Velvet Knight of the year? Jon Shellenbarger did the Brazil solo again in 1992. I am told he did a dance also. It didn't make the vid.
  2. Ryan "Sporto" Turner, VK DM 86, 87 and Impulse Drillwriter played the other part
  3. Jazz, Silver Conn 7C Legit, Bach 42GO Bass, Benge 290 Euph, Willson 2750, Silver
  4. Switched to Bass in High school. Was required to play a small bore for the solos in '86 and '87 VK. Then started getting more jobs on Tenor. Got called to do a Bass job a couple months ago. Man are my low chops sad these days. Still nothing cooler than a honkin' big band bass-T.
  5. 5th grade, it was "wow, that looks like fun." Trombone ever since.
  6. Outstanding! Once again, SoCal is gonna Rock!