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  1. The trumpets are the best this year without a doubt! The part in the show where the guard is tossing rifles from atop the stanchions and then catching them being tossed back up, the trumpets are playing some serious licks. I had a chance to hear that part isolated at the Stanford show and it was clean as a whistle.
  2. The Aaron Copland "Symphony for Organ & Orchestra" piece right before the ballad might be my favorite piece of this summer. But I thought without a doubt it would be Shostakovich's 10th Symphony. Definitely love what both ese corps are bringing to the field.
  3. Dude, I made one line jab and everything else was positive and you go off. LOL It's a preview show and you are judging it like it's Finals night, all that coming from a shoddy phone recording from a 30 yard angle. I guess you rather go to hell than heaven. There! I said "hell" again. LOL People are way too serious. I think this show, The Cadets, are going to be great productions. If you don't think the organ belongs, look at the source material. I try and be positive about a show, and everyone has to be negative. Geez! I made a jab about the closer because we already know that will totally change. So it's like a moot point. LOL
  4. I can't believe the oversights in these comments. I love the interaction of the organ into the show. That is spot-on perfect and it belongs! The piece right before the ballad (Adagio in G Minor), "Symphony for Organ and Percussion" is just simply bad a$$ awesome! Favorite part of the show. That is just owning it! I am glad folks could figure out the ending is not at all even close to a finish product or even much of what the closer will be. Could you not see the flag line at the start of that doing simple flag twirls? LOL Sorry, just a bit of a jab. Anyways, the point of the show is a "preview" and that is what we got. I am sure there will be uniform change at the end to seem less hellish. ;-) The snare line is and the battery in general is playing awesome! Will be interesting when the guard gets its performance silks. This is definitely a vehicle they can drive towards a DCI championship. There is a lot of interesting interaction during the percussion feature with the guard closely integrated with the battery. Could not see clearly from the angle of the video what was going on or in a few other spots. ​The comments about how the ballad should be played are just mind-boggling from you folks. Have you not heard that piece before??? My gosh, they are playing it just about spot-on, not deviating much at all off the proper playing of it. Again, the organ integration in the show is awesome and well thought out, even playing with the hornline in the Symphony for Organ and Percussion piece. Can't see what hell this show gets. ;-)
  5. I'm just stoked knowing that a certain part of this corps will be returning this summer. I don't know what the show will be, but what I have learned from an inside source is that the corps will be VERY Scouts this summer.
  6. Remember the U.S. Open in Marion, Ohio? I could never even remotely try and remember who placed where and scored what. I just remember the special atmosphere that show was all about.
  7. I wouldn't care one bit. When I photograph the shows, I have fun and enjoy every corps and enjoy the photos I get and enjoy seeing them from the POV I am privileged to enjoy. During Marching band season, I absolutely do not follow scores one bit. It's entertainment. Simple as that! Enjoy it and do not take it seriously. It's suppose to be fun.
  8. What in the world do you think dance attire is like???
  9. Curious as to what part of that wasn't clean. Was it not together or was it the actual playing of the notes or were there sloppy attacks ? Just curious.
  10. Just to add...The field brass judge does not really need to move all that much. I have problems with some judges running all over. I value hearing the hornline as a whole. If this was the tic system, those those judges running around would be on the hunt for tic's. I played trumpet and when I am on the sideline taking pics, I can hear easily all the discrepancies if they present themselves, no matter if that player is well on the other side of the 50. A trained ear can easily detect that. Either that or my hearing is really good. Things I hear all the time are intonation issues as well as hearing their feet through the air they are blowing through the horn.
  11. Well, can't really see how anyone can get down and dirty and judge the cleanliness of a show on the cinecast. The volume and sound was quite different depending which camera and mike they switched off to. On that portion, I remember being upset, because they went to the far right top camera, which really killed the effect of the shooting stars (frisbees). It seemed like at times when they had the mike up on a solo, they would forget to switch off that mike and the rest of the hornline was much weaker in volume than the soloist was. That happened all throughout the cinecast last night.
  12. You really heard it during Bluecoats show as they played too loud and it reverberated a few times during their show and not a single reverb like you would get outdoors. Was very evident on the Cinecast.
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