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  1. Thank you for your very thorough review. The more I see on the Fan Network, and the more I read online, the less I care about placements. If BD has what it takes to impress the judges that's fine. I definitely feel Carolina Crown and Vanguard have what it takes to impress, or rather leave an impression on, the crowd. I'd rather be impressed than impress the judges at this point. Can't wait to see the corps in Indy next week!
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I'm so glad to hear that Vanguard is on fire. I'm also looking forward to seeing so many other shows at Indianapolis - Troopers, Madison, Cadets, and Crown just to name a few. I don't think Vanguard will win this year, but it really doesn't matter. The crowd loves them and I do too. That's what really matters. This will be one of my all-time favorite Vanguard shows, joining the ranks of 2004 and 1987. Thanks again.
  3. Edited. I sent a private message to msumello instead :-)
  4. Just so you know, msumello, your post was shared on the Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni group page on Facebook. It meant a lot to everyone to see that the Vanguard has touched your cousin and calls to her, or as we say, "The Vanguard chooses you." Vanguard is the absolute epitome of class this season. They just ooze class and passion and I know all alumni couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for sharing this story! btw - The Santa Clara Vanguard is also has a public page on Facebook:
  5. Well, if audience reaction is not part of DCIs judging, then they will continue to disappoint and lose their fan base in addition to not gaining any new fans. Fortunately for us, there are still some corps out there that try to entertain the crowd. I confess there were plenty of Vanguards' shows in the past I really didn't care for. Esoteric/abstract = I'm going to visit the concession stand the next time I see your show. It's not the performers fault. It's 100% the show designers fault. I don't blame the performers. But, unless it's nap time for me, I'd rather go do something more productive with my time. Sorry, but that's my opinion. And I know I'm not alone.
  6. I won't see any corps live until Indianapolis this season, but I've watched the latest versions of their shows On Demand. As I was watching Blue Devils, I thought that the judging sheets now take crowd appeal into account. Am I wrong on this? If they do, why the hell is BD beating anybody at all? Their show has absolutely the worst crowd reaction out of the entire Top 8 this year. Am I missing something?
  7. I wish with all of my heart that Vanguard would beat Devils outright at Finals. The rivalry has been dead for so long that BD just mocks Vanguard these days. I would love to rub a little lemon in their face again. Trust me, we enjoyed teasing BD a little in '89 even though I had about 20 friends in the corps. Vanguard still has some weaknesses that I don't think will be ironed out this season. And with a 2 point gap, the judges have pretty much spoken - BD and SCV are not in the same category. I still love Vanguards show 100 times more than BD this year, and it will be a Vanguard favorite of mine forever, so I don't really care about scores or placements at this point.
  8. I am extremely proud and humbled by what the Vanguard is putting on the field this year. I know I speak for other alumni when I say "They ARE the Santa Clara Vanguard." Is the show abstract? Avante-garde? Modern? No. Is it accessible? Emotional? Absolutely! The major achilles heel I see with the corps right now is the sound being produced by the hornline, and the unusual method of teaching and marching drill. I don't know whether the brass instruments themselves are the factor or the way the members are being taught to play them, but there is a distinct difference in sound between SCV and Crown/Phantom/BD/Cadets. The pure tone and clarity of sound is not yet being achieved. And I don't like their Cavalier-style marching approach. With seemingly no regard to form or interval, their current style of marching takes much longer to clean. The 2013 Santa Clara Vanguard will go down in my book as one of my favorite Vanguard shows of all time. It will join the ranks of 1987 and 2004. Will the judges award them with a medal? I don't know. Does it really matter? Well, no, it doesn't. Part of Vanguards tradition through the 1970s, 1980s, and regained again in the late 1990s was always making the Top 3 of DCI. I wish with all of my heart that they would keep that tradition alive. But I will love this show regardless.
  9. Thank you for posting a review. I won't get to see any corps until Indianapolis next month. I'm so very proud of the Vanguard! They're pouring all they can into their show and are getting the reaction only Vanguard (or perhaps Phantom Regiment or Carolina Crown) could get. I also LOVE Crowns hornline and have for years! Their pure/hollow tone quality is unmatched in DCI. I also don't get where Blue Devils are going. Their shows have been very abstract lately and I don't enjoy abstract shows. If DCI wants to grow its fan base, especially to include the average American population, abstract shows aren't going to do it.
  10. Can't really tell if you liked Vanguards' "retro" show or not, but as a former member from 1989, thanks. :-D
  11. Thanks for taking the time to write a full review. Some of us won't get to see the corps live until Indianapolis, so this really helps.
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your travels! You are truly a drum corps fanatic! btw - you may want to watch all of those fatty foods and sugars. I don't know if that's average for the East Coast, but it'll surely kill ya sooner rather than later
  13. Thank you for your review! Yes, I have a horse in this race, and it's name is the Santa Clara Vanguard! Here's hoping they can make it up to Top 3 by Finals night! Thanks again
  14. Thank you for taking the time to write a review