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  1. Hello there friends, what a great season this has been! I am looking for two seats for Finals on Saturday, August 12th. I know it is a long shot to get awesome seats, but I am willing to pay a premium if they are in fact awesome. Please send me a message if you have anything available.
  2. Still haven't seen any of the shows that are currently ranked 1-5, nor the cavaliers. I don't see PR catching up to BK this year, but I would love to see BK somehow get ahead of someone in the top 5! Regardless of placement, the show is awesome this year, and while I think it requires more than one viewing to completely grasp it, it is certainly not a chore to do so. It is such a great corps, and the kids perform the hell out of it! I still think the hornline is holding back a little bit...... Also, it took me a year to realize that I really like the uniforms. Go Blue Team.
  3. Awesome Show in Ogden last night. The crowd was a little weak because there weren't any "big boys" in town. Not a problem. Every single corps was entertaining tonight, and those who came to watch despite not having a "headliner" were pleasantly surprised with the talent on the field. There wasn't one performance that I would miss to get a hot dog or go to the bathroom. It was a pretty cool evening and almost all of the corps played in the shade of the stadium, which seems to add some magic to their performance. ALL of the kids on the field tonight performed their guts out!!! Thunder--They made a Katy Perry tune work really well, felt like I was at the super bowl. Impulse--tuba line. tuba soloist. Very talented corps, despite limited numbers. Cascades. WOW. WOW. By far the easiest show to access for all of the fans tonight. Everyone kept looking at their program to see who this really was on the field cause we did not think it was the Cascades. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Who knew that Soundgarden would be sound so amazing along with Holst? Disagree with the score they received. Oregon Crusaders--check out that bass line. again and again and again. Loved the overall visual staging for the whole show. Pacific Crest--Loved the Depeche Mode ballad. What a great corps! And the uniforms look slick! Academy-- Such a fun show to watch. I am so glad that they invite all ages to enter in and enjoy their shows. Beautiful guard tonight---watch for the words in the flags! Entertaining from top to bottom! BK--they are so talented. Some first timers I spoke to afterward commented on how beautiful the whole show was. That closer is going to will people to their feet. It seems like there is a pending re-write for the last 10 bars. Also, I don't think this hornline has been fully unleashed yet. Don't miss any of these corps if they come to your town. I would pay $30 for a seat to see just one of those that I saw tonight. I don't know what is happening in the Pacific Northwest, but I hope it keeps happening!
  4. Performed with INT one summer. I thought I was going to be section leader the following year. I worked hard, trained hard, and was cut the following November. Something about not using turf spray at all the prior year.....or maybe it was deodorant. neither here nor there.
  5. I was stuck in Wichita Falls, TX there for 4 days on business. For entertainment (and I literally mean this was the ONLY entertainment), we went to watch the wednesday, thursday, and friday night football games all played in the same gigantic stadium. It was pretty neat to see the different bands come out at halftime since some of the cheer team, and the dance team, and the belt-buckle-do-pushups-after-a-touchdown team were all scattered in there as well (out of uniform). There was even one band that had a couple football players come and play with the band at halftime. It would be a great drum corps stadium. Tons of parking and seating. And lastly, one more reason to bring it back here: The Branding Iron BBQ. Cash only kind of place. No soup for you kind of place. Best BBQ on earth kind of place.
  6. I can't believe I didn't see this sooner. If you add every single number that is spoken by each voice in this show, and divide it by 2,004, you get 525,600. Coincidence? I don't think so. Dan Brown wrote this show.
  7. Quick review of what I saw tonight Gold--louder than expected. Good show, with good moments. Revolution--without knowing the title of the show, i would never have guessed what was going on. At all. They have some talent, and they have a fun design bu they literally ran out of gas. Heat? elevation? Who knows. Cascades--LIKE. I liked the idea of pandora's box. First solid sounding hornline from section to section of the whole night. Still had a tough time communicating all the way up to the audience. Not the best Cascades drum line i have seen. I do like the new Uni's, though i wonder if they just bought them from Madison a few years ago?.... The bright green plume reminded me of another group from Seattle--the MLS Seattle Sounders. Bright Martian Green. They were great. I thought they should be in the 68 point range honestly. Academy--It was like Tuxedo's meet the 2008 Crossmen or something. I don't know about those uni's, but the whole corps was HOT tonight. Drumline was superb, brass was full, and they have a GREAT design! They have to get into finals this year! Loved it! This was the corps that got all of the drum corps virgins that I brought with me tonight all hot and bothered....they were EXCELLENT!!! INT--same ole story. BK--EASILY ACCESSIBLE. They love their show, and they love getting applause. The guard uni's came straight from a Robin Hood movie. The drumline was on, the pit was great and holy 16 contras and fat low brass sound!!!! I had to slap myself silly when I realized that they had a fat low brass sound and they WERE NOT USING A SYNTH!!! Unless I am blind. But I didn't see it. The release in that ballad was just awesome. It is impossible to NOT love this show! I don't care what it places, they are on top for simply being drum corps to me. Straight forward music, no Synth, and pure passion. Everyone in the group of 20 fans tonight agreed that BK was incredible.Drill seemed pretty easy compared to Cadets, phantom and BD, but who cares? They were great! Cadets-Love the show. Love the design. Love the music but I am completely over the over use of the synthesizer. Don't worry Phantom and BD are getting the same remarks. It totally ruins these shows for me. For all of the power and passion and work that the Cadets put into their show, to just cover up mistakes, or lack of low brass power with a synth drives me bonkers. Not to mention that the strings sound coming out of the speakers sounds much like the soundtrack to The princess Bride. On one portion of the show where the timpani is supposed to have the classic quarter note high low entrance to the long roll finishing the peace, you couldn't hear it at all. SYNTH. I hate the synths. I can deal with the amped pit (though i haven't really seen a change in technique that was a big reason to allow the amps), but the low bass synth has got to go. I can even deal with some voice sampling in there...but covering up your hornline just sucks. I loved everything else about the cadets--tonight's champion of course. I thought of a question for the drumline though--with all of the split parts, would it be easier to clean two small drumlines, or one big drumline? They deserved the win tonight. Phantom--SO MUCH BETTER THAN ON THE MOVIE SCREEN. Magical. They all have so much musicianship. I love the guard uniforms and I welcome a classic PR guard (all female--what do you suppose it was like for the male CG vets form last year to find out they were already cut when the show was designed? That would be a great episode of banished beyond...) I totally appreciate all of the hard work and effort that they put into this show. However, the synth has got to go. Not so much the bass notes, but again the princess bride string sounds are really annoying and from a design standpoint, they just don't fit. But who is the judge of that? I don't know, if it works for them, it works. I personally think it ruins the classical Phantom sound that is always sound triumphant and strong. BD--Loud. I loved the jamming part on say a little prayer. OTher than that, it was a very well executed BD show that I really won't remember tomorrow. Somehow they can take the boring things like elevator music and make it awesome. But seriously? The joke is over, just play the 95 show again. or 96, 97, even 98 to rub it in phantom's face with Juliet. It just did not grab me emotionally. Encore by BK was great and I was able to get a closer look at no synths. The release in the ballad was chubb-er-ific. Probably too late in the season, but the synths have got to go. Just my opinion though. Have a good night, ya'll!
  8. Nope. Wasn't me. I appreciate your input!
  9. To all involved in the BAC organization, I applaud you for putting on fine shows each and every year. 2000 was one of my favorites and i remember watching it in Denver, on the 4th row, and almost coming to tears. The Blue Devils alumni I was sitting next to was bawling her head off. WONDERFUL SHOW! And to you D-bags who decided they needed to yell during the singing portion of BAC 2000: I hate your stinking guts. I hope someone yelled at you when you were giving your senior recitals, or when you were kissing your mom good night, or when you lost your virginity. You all ruined a sacred moment for a lot of people. Nonetheless, it still was magical...the BAC show,that is, not any of the other three events. What was up with 2000 anyway? There are way too many people screaming all over that whole CD. Keep up the good work BAC.Can't wait to see what you have for us this year!
  10. Anything composed, thought up, arranged, or interpreted to be of or related to "The Bed Intruder Song" Starring Antoine Dodson.
  11. March Fourth. MARCHFOURTH There may have been a topic on this somewhere... I am not seeing it. If you have seen it, I would love to hear a review on it. Thanks!
  12. Wait, you mean the beer announcer being the narrator wasn't good enough for you? I agree. You gotta give the Cadets a lot of props for being a pioneer in even THIS portion of the activity. The All access pass was a unique thing for about a year until everyone else picked up on it. Like. great movie.
  13. AWESOME. Love it. And I love that they had a great show to inspire people this year. And I also chuckled at around 7:01 when the person speaking was bragging about being in step every where they go.......then watch the corps pass the busses..... not in step. BUT, it was a great production and I loved it. Great job.
  14. I love BK for maintaining their unique style and never falling into the trap of trying to be like other corps. Is some of their stuff weird? Sure it is. Is some of the music different? Absolutely. But they try new things regularly and I admire it..... not to mention they put out a pretty kick ### corps every year too. Great Organization.
  15. Must have been a different shirtless all-male corps from Madison that I watched rehearse on finals day 2005 near Cape Cod, MA..........That was a good drum corps...whoever they are. Madison Rehearsal 2005 Wear your shirts when told. It certainly won't kill you.
  16. Those documentaries are great. I believe the one you talked about, the band that would not die, showed a couple of current members of the Raven's Drumline wearing Troopers shirts during rehearsal. Great story indeed.
  17. I hesitate to say which corps was stronger because I am a huge fan of all 3, have donated money to all 3, and respect the design and ambition created in all 3 organizations' 2009 shows. I sternly do not believe that the Troopers identity is what pushed them into finals. Simply not true. A small amount of hype? Sure, why not. For 23 long years, the Troopers identity wasn't helping them into Finals, or even semi-finals for that matter. In fact, I would assert that up until even last year the Troopers identity is what was HURTING them. It didn't help them when the corps was in the lowest of the rankings. It didn't help them beat East Coast Jazz, or Les Etoiles, or NIGHT EXPRESS, or the 13 member horn-line Mandarins (which was a wild corps--love that corps), or SCV Cadets, or all these other Div 2 and 3 corps that graduated into div 1 quarterfinals back in the day. DFL folks. Dead Freakin Last is what they placed for a number of years. How did identity help them then? That being said, I am SO glad I am not a judge. I would have a tough time deciding who was a finalist and who wasn't. For example, in my mind, I have had the Crossmen in Finals every year this decade!! We as fans have our own opportunity to put corps in the rankings we feel they should be and we will chat about it on DCP for years to come but it is kind of hard to argue with the green shirts who all bring an independent view for each corps in each caption that is being judged that night. (Which is why I still wonder why Crown wasn't over BD this year either! :devil: But that is a different discussion...). I love being a fan, a spectator, and an admirer of all the kids that are performing on the field. There is no doubt that the activity continues to get more and more competitive and I absolutely love it!! Let's celebrate the success of all who competed and performed. I think it is about time we, including myself, get over the fact that things didn't happen the way we individually wanted them to (notice the Crown comment above). And on that note, I hate that tuba lines can't be trusted anymore.
  18. Troopers Sop feature after the ballad.....delicious....