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  1. Lots of corps do this every season for a few years now.
  2. Lots of great information in here. Thank you friends. Its such a minefield and gets so complicated so quickly on "who owns" a name when it comes to folded groups and whether or not they exist in some form or managed to transfer trademarks. I appreciate the discussion greatly.
  3. Well when an organization officially announces its been "dissolved" how can the public actually confirm that? At what point does it mean someone CAN when they are not transparent about what the actual financial situation is or whether or not a new nonprofit owns trademarks or copywrites?
  4. Hey guys. Curious to those who have sadly ever been intimately involved in the dissolving of a Corps. Particularly Im curious about the whole Non Profit Corporation side of things. What happens to things like the corps Name and logo? Is that kind of thing always trademarked? Who holds that information and is it available for the public to see? I know assets are usually liquidated (or at least Ive always assumed so) but who handles said liquidation? If someone unrelated wants to use the name for a new group can they do so? I know obviously you wouldn't allow someone to bankrupt their group and then just attempt to start fresh but can a stranger apply to gain a trademark? What happens with the debt that a group had when they folded? Does it just stay and prevent the use of that organization essentially forever? If the current management of a folded group is not forthcoming with information like remaining debt is it possible for the public to see exactly what the dollar amount is owed? Who would you approach for that information if the current management will not answer questions? This comes from a place of curiosity in regards to reviving a long dead corps and especially when the people claiming to "operate" the remains do not give out any information. Thanks friends.
  5. Your wit stands alone my friend. (To clarify youre cracking me up lately!)
  6. Fascinating. Thats a big concern with a lot of people asked to do AT in DCI. (I know from them telling me). Still some holes in the proposed ACT but its definitely a big step.
  7. This was hotter than the fires of Mustafar.
  8. What a martyr. Your comment history speaks for itself even if you like to pretend you're on some holier than thou box.
  9. Crap now the whole temple is going to fall!
  10. This right here. People so consumed with social media fight picking that they find any reason to crap on a cool announcement because they cant stop seeing everything from some childish political point of view. Insulting people and then getting holier than thou is the prime example of his bad demeanor.
  11. Could it be that past Women who conducted had different titles? Why is everyone so #### negative about any possible thing that ever occurs in DCI. Good grief.