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  1. Lots of corps do this every season for a few years now.
  2. Lots of great information in here. Thank you friends. Its such a minefield and gets so complicated so quickly on "who owns" a name when it comes to folded groups and whether or not they exist in some form or managed to transfer trademarks. I appreciate the discussion greatly.
  3. Well when an organization officially announces its been "dissolved" how can the public actually confirm that? At what point does it mean someone CAN when they are not transparent about what the actual financial situation is or whether or not a new nonprofit owns trademarks or copywrites?
  4. Hey guys. Curious to those who have sadly ever been intimately involved in the dissolving of a Corps. Particularly Im curious about the whole Non Profit Corporation side of things. What happens to things like the corps Name and logo? Is that kind of thing always trademarked? Who holds that information and is it available for the public to see? I know assets are usually liquidated (or at least Ive always assumed so) but who handles said liquidation? If someone unrelated wants to use the name for a new group can they do so? I know obviously you wouldn't allow someone to bankrup
  5. Your wit stands alone my friend. (To clarify youre cracking me up lately!)
  6. Fascinating. Thats a big concern with a lot of people asked to do AT in DCI. (I know from them telling me). Still some holes in the proposed ACT but its definitely a big step.
  7. What a martyr. Your comment history speaks for itself even if you like to pretend you're on some holier than thou box.
  8. This right here. People so consumed with social media fight picking that they find any reason to crap on a cool announcement because they cant stop seeing everything from some childish political point of view. Insulting people and then getting holier than thou is the prime example of his bad demeanor.
  9. Could it be that past Women who conducted had different titles? Why is everyone so #### negative about any possible thing that ever occurs in DCI. Good grief.
  10. Because folks who've been around too long are still running things and are afraid of taking any risk at all. Real shame. Ive seen talented people get wasted for years and end up somewhere else and having a ton of success.
  11. I think the worst part about this yearly post is when you find out you're being let go through rumors before youre actually notified. Im still gonna read it every year lol.
  12. I'm going to be that guy. There are simply clarity issues across the board when it comes to the battery. Their book is in no way more difficult than those around them. Their execution is just not strong. Its tied stupid well with the show but the kids just cannot handle it. I don't mean to be rude but it comes down to clean and they are not yet in the ballpark as the folks around them. I feel like their pit is the only reason they are where they are. The front ensemble is getting ridiculously good however. The book is fantastic and those kids are vibing. I would love for Crown to win b
  13. Find the following years of SCV: 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 And listen to their notes. Casella and Gusseck know how to write for cymbals. Also: Imagine seeing that on the field. All it takes is the right caption head to hire the right person. Instead of just grabbing someone who marched a random line once or twice.
  14. Better yet, lets put snare drums, bass drums, and multi tuned toms in the pit, just because you can march a pit intsrument, doesn't mean you should anymore. Your logic is garbage.
  15. Finally. I so badly wanted to be called that on the field when i marched. Kick some butt.
  16. As someone who was raised classically and has litterally lived in practice rooms before, when it comes to a DCI hornline, while I truly deeply appreciate a great balanced, intune, and technically strong group, i really dont care most of the time and just want my face ripped off. I really miss feeling my body shake from what used to come from the field to my face. Although, this year, I had 50 yard seats about 8 rows back and a lot of shows had me just in shock of the power behind these kids. Ive spent my entire life seeing and hearing corps, and Its been a long time since ive just been in
  17. An age out of 2009 Music City Mystique marched Crossmen, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, and The Cavaliers. (Maybe Pioneer but I dont remember) He marched Bass. Does that count?
  18. Hey DCP. Something... thats alway's bothered me about my experience marching through the years was something I've always had the same reaction to when I admited. I hated show days. I had more fun, I enjoy more, and completely miss unequivically, night block and rehearsal in general. Nothing, ever, was more fun to me than wearing barely any clothing, holding a pair of disgustingly dirty, green, and hot Cymbals. Seeing that Delta logo we painted on our practice plates flash by every so often. I absolutely LOVED doing 5-6 reps of something in a row, doing it perfectly, and knowing the rest o