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  1. WGI Independent World Percussion group Music City Mystique has the Mercury Mystique.
  2. Dang, i love it, its very new, and fresh, but still looks drum corps... Honestly...bad a**....
  3. I really want to say Vanguard '99. Seriously.....but I cannot deny the truth. The Cavaliers. 2002.
  4. I could...walk across the street and count them if need be...heh Honestly though, I think some of the corps best performances have happened here...its an intense show considering the fans vote on the order, and sometimes some "late night" groups can go on in the afternoon.... Its my favorite show of the year, best fans, good weather, and its always been close to home...
  5. And your a prime example as to the whole "Lighten Up" thing I was getting at.
  6. So for some 4 in the morning last night...i felt like sending this one in: Hello Mr. Hopkins. My idea? I believe with all the "artistic" directions that many Drum Corps have taken, its time for something DCI has been lacking. Comedy. While the recent Velvet Knight return is a nice addition to DCI, the humor of that once great organization has been missing for too long. I think, The Cadets should take a look back at themselves, and laugh. Think "A History of The Cadets". You prepare the audience for a serious look back at the history of one of the oldest groups around, and then blow them away with satire. Take a look at old music, old styles, the fact that the uniform just wont change!, look at symetrical drill, the changes in horn instruments (old bugles duct taped together?), change the drums, marching the pit, high mark-time, the guard using old uniforms and then sequins and then today's guard costumes, use a door, use stages, sing the drum parts, play patriotic music, play broadway and disney! The possibilities are long as you poke fun at it ALL.... You could do an entertaining show of the history of drum corps, all while entertaining long time fans by making fun of their favorite shows.... Just an idea to start off the show: Have a door placed in the center of the field (sounds familiar no? hehe). Announce "The future of drum corps!" Have a few members bust through with woodwind instruments, set up a marching block and breath in deeply (getting ready to play). Just as the audience begins to panic, you pause, and decided "Maybe thats a bad idea?" And proceed to go through the past and present. My opinion, we all need to lighten up and remember, its all fun.... End of Email. I think this could be both educational (if done right kids will learn where drum corps comes from) and hilarious (for those who have watched corps for decades).... As long as we leave the Giant Godzilla out of it I think the cadets could pull it off greatly...