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  1. The Troopers are looking for a non-CDL licensed driver to drive our box truck and help with loading and unloading souvies at shows this summer (this is a paid position). Dates needed are June 18 through the week after finals. If interested or you know someone who is, please contact Randy W Blackburn at r.blackburn@troopersdrumcorps.org.
  2. As stated earlier, always more to the story!!!!
  3. There is more to this story....same as in the media, sometimes people post clips of the outcome not the lead in!!!
  4. They were judged as part of the front ensemble and they fell under Music Effect & Percussion performance. It was quite a risk using them but we had so many great and not-so great comments about it that I am glad we were able to put it out there for all to either enjoy or hate!!!
  5. Wow man.....this is the 21st century....bet if your married your wife must really love you!!!!
  6. Little Robbie aged out of Crossmen in '82...spent 1season at BD in '81.
  7. As I stated not worth a comment back. I realize I have a vested interest in Troop, my daughter, but I also have been involved with the activity for a few and I must say that while the the visual staff is young, they are providing an excellent teaching concept and as Blue Stained Glass stated they are building a program. Takes time...that is all!!
  8. Cappybara...I am curious to know how you are aware that the members have not been taught the proper marching technique as you stated earlier.
  9. Interesting analysis....brass judges have been commending them on how well they move and play. Before making comments about how poor a staff is....maybe one should first know what kind if commentary the judging community is giving them!!
  10. Well now.....this should really make SA on Saturday quite interesting especially with 4 GE judges