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  1. Lord knows I would love for that to happen. It means a lot to me when I read these types of comments.
  2. HOLY SMOKES! What a great compliment! I am humbled by your kind words! It has been a LONG WHILE since I've logged onto DCP. Yes! I am involved with Solaris Drum Corps. NO :-( we are not getting a DCA evaluation this year due to timing constraints. But YES! We will be competing in SoundSport this year with performances at DCI Orlando, DCI ATL, and DCI Finals! And if anyone is still wondering, Solaris is the direct decedent of Sun Devils. As Anthony stated earlier, the admin/staff split off from the SD Board of Directors to create Solaris Performing Arts. SPA is an umbrella group
  3. Wow! Thank you for those kind words! You just completely made my day!!!
  4. If they do come back, it will be without any of the founders or staff that got the corps to that level of excellence. That was a really fun run of drum corps for me. Again, I am happy that DCA South is still thriving. All 3 corps appear to be doing well in this early season time. Edit - 4 corps. I keep forgetting that Cincinnati Tradition is a DCA South corps.
  5. No idea about Shenandoah. Heat Wave is a DCI Open Class Corps. It appears that this iteration of HW (DCI) is taking a different direction from HW of Orlando. (DCA)
  6. <Sigh> I really miss my DCA South family I am happy to see that the flame forges on!
  7. Agreed on the color comment. We are planning on adding an accent color (red) before our first performance.
  8. It is a side skirt similar to those worn by the Blue Devils. Here is another look:
  9. We are proud to unveil our first uniform! Some of you may recognize it as Atlanta Quest's old uniform. It fits the bill perfectly for Solaris! Its sleek lines and modern look are a testament to our core values. A very sharp look to set the foundation of our group. Great things are happening here with Solaris. If you would like to help donate toward the corps and the purchase of our uniforms and equipment you can follow this link:
  10. Greetings from "Mini-oh-la", Florida! To clarify, we are NOT the Sun Devils. Solaris was formed by the founders of SD along with the same admin and creative staff that brought you SD for the last 2 years. We are no longer affiliated with the Sun Devils. If you have any questions, I am sure someone from their Board of Directors will be able to chime in as to the future of SD in DCA or DCI. Without going into a long dissertation on the exodus to Solaris; I will say that the family and team are all still together! Because we are essentially starting over, we have to pump the brakes, assess
  11. Sun Devils Announce 2015 Executive Director and Corps Director FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Sun Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are excited to announce that corps founding member John “JJ” Johnson will once again return as the Executive Director. JJ’s leadership has been crucial to organization since the beginning. As a founding father of this drum corps his consistent involvement has helped to truly develop the personality of the drum corps. Anthony Parisi will be taking over the responsibilities of Corps Director. Anthony has been an integral part of the corps resurgence. He has worked tire
  12. Good question! We out of Orlando now. On another note - thank you for the fair and honest review. Yes, we were not done with our show at our show. Now that we have the first show out of the way, we are looking forward to Carolina Gold's show in a few weeks. And a thank you for me for taking the time to write a review.