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  1. From this list I voted 2008 Regiment.
  2. LOL. He meant 2000 isn't the greatest year ever beyond 5th place. I.E. 1-5 were awesome, and the rest weren't, in his opinion. Nub...haha. You only have to post 126263 more times to match his post count.
  3. The Rose Bowl was nice in that regard. The stands were a little too shallow, the turf was in terrible shape, and the lights buzzed, but being in one big sea of people was a great experience.
  4. I wonder how far back you'd have to go before the quality of the originals isn't practical to put on BluRay
  5. How much time and money went into the audio/video mastering?
  6. I can't really fault them at all on the price. Dexter seasons are other collectors sets that you mention are produced in much higher volumes.
  7. Good luck - it's hard to pull the wool over these eyes. Most people get scammed because they are stupid, not careless with personal info on the net, IMO.
  8. I really enjoyed some moments, but then there was some Four Corner/Frameworks/Spin Cycle/Machine recycling.
  9. 99% of the population has first name or initial, last name, address and phone number publicly's not like we're posting credit card or social security numbers.
  10. If it makes you feel any better the streak ended in 2007.
  11. Call it what you want, but that first article was not an effort to inform and educate.
  12. It seems to be a Statesmen thing. I noticed anyone who had marched other corps prior had a dot book, and the homegrown Statesmen carried little laminated cards for each song...whatever gets you on your dot.
  13. And maybe saying "hey look what we can do" and flying across the country this summer, given the difficulties experienced by Brigs and Cru, wasn't exactly the classiest thing to do either.