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  1. Without a doubt they are one of the best I have ever seen. Later...
  2. For once, someone who is close to knowing how to tune a snare drum. The only thing I would add is be sure to tune the drum to the desired pitch you want too. Good approach, thank you. Later...
  3. I see no problem with this. I don't know why there are age limits anyway. At the very least DCI should have an all age corps unlimited size division. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  4. Thanks Jeff. The whole corps did a great job and yes we had alot of fun. The snare line was on their game and I even had some sweat on my face afterwards. Our nine tenors play some very hard parts split between high and low tenor tradeoffs and sometimes playing snare with the other eight snares, it's not easy to do. I felt the entire drumline had a good performance. Again thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  5. I'm looking forward to the performance of SCV alumni in Madison. Many of the Royal Airs remember seeing SCV for the first time in the late 60's. As one story goes from a member of RA, "I watched their performance in 68, and knew they would become champions within the next four years, I was off by a year, so what!" Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  6. Outstanding review. Can't wait to see both Chops and MBI soon. Again, Thanks. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  7. Thanks for the review. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  8. Quality will remain the issue long after the bleeding. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  9. and so are you Skid! Some tales I could tell. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  10. I don't even know what this person looks like, Jeff. Never have been introduced. Nor will I clink glasses. Don't want Vincents angina. Later... Jim "Insaniy" Schehr
  11. Thank you. Now move along. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  12. Your right! Lets hope they all stay afloat. I know I'll never go down with the ship, not when there are plenty of life rafts around. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  13. And anyone not participating with the Royal Airs is missing the boat. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr
  14. It will be nice to see all of you, watching us. After all, isn't that what we enjoy the most. Entertaining others. Later... Jim "Insanity" Schehr