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  1. I know there were recordings of Crossmen, SCV, 27th and I think either Garfield or Blue Devils. Yes, the were of prelims and of finals ( McGill and the Olympic Stadium) They floated around for awhile, some placed in defunct archives. You might want to ask on Facebook group 80's drumcorps.
  2. Yes, skaters listen to their music. There is an interpretation score they receive in program components. As a skating coach and Crossmen Alum, I understand what you are saying, but I can see the same mismatch thing on the field. In skating, we have to fit things in. Timing of a jump or a sequence of turns required for higher scoring may not naturally fit the music. Every person and element has a unique timing. You can't stay up in the air longer or hold an entrance longer just to accomplish landing on the beat.
  3. I lived there. Tutor 9 hours a week plus speaking it on the job. The language is a beast. But on a related note. while I was there they had a cultural shift. 6 year old kids could walk safely 5 blocks to home in pitch black and alone. I think it as my 2nd year there they instituted sports safety rules and public safety campaigns. like don't get in the car with strangers, it's not ok for old men to sit and watch young girls training, BUT, there was the whole "Free the ******" campaign here everyone fought for the right to be topless. Talk about awkard coaching teenage girls then! Yes, swear words are aloud in most countries I've been too as is nudity on TV. It's intent that matters to them. Puritan values here in the states not there. Having said all that, I really hope they put some kind of BOD in DCI and in individual corps that have business sense, maybe an HR background... so many resources other than people in the activity. You need people that aren't entrenched in pageantry to move it ahead.
  4. Well, there is ð, æ, þ, and ö and yes, I passed my Icelandic language test to get my citizenship there.
  5. It has. I don't want to stir the pot, but my years in drumcorps were filled with MANY inappropriate happenings. I think that even with all the things going on now, it pales in comparison. So often, the abused became the abusers. The list of things that need to be changed is huge. Even zero tolerance hasn't prevented abuse in other sports and arts.
  6. It happens in figure skating and hockey as well. No matter how much Safesport training we go through. Mandatory yearly education, liability insurance and so on. Some jerks have to make it rough for the rest of us who try to do our best for the athletes. Is there any place that hasn't been troubled by all this crap?? Ok,,,,, maybe curling... maybe... not sure about that.
  7. Yes, even in my day things went on that shouldn't have. In some cases, really bad things. Safesport https://uscenterforsafesport.org/?utm_term=safe sport&utm_campaign=SRCH-BD&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=5032680901&hsa_cam=14300958462&hsa_grp=126837155518&hsa_ad=565799991296&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=kwd-318236685036&hsa_kw=safe sport&hsa_mt=p&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=CjwKCAiAz--OBhBIEiwAG1rIOgnBsTG-NcYM_BEa4Yghmt8TRAFvWaaNNgRLKfs41W_O2qpUWHXKqRoCidYQAvD_BwE was instituted in many sports. We have to comply with that as well as a background checks in my sport. We are also mandatory reporters. Too bad DCI corps couldn't jump on that band wagon instead of trying to police themselves.
  8. A really great guy and amazing musician. RIP Gary.
  9. Oh, ok. So, basically everyone will get it. Just holding off on everyone getting it at once. That does make sense. Better care of the medical community isn"t strained all at once.
  10. I'm confused on the two weeks thing. I understand 2 weeks to clear yourself and if everyone was doing it at the same time, that makes sense. Everyone on a different two weeks? Kind of like a scatter drill. Can someone edumacate me? Seems like a ways that won't work.
  11. Sorry, yes. It is ,25 to 10. I Meant the feel and ambiguity of the 6.0 system is alive and well. ISU is great at putting out educational videos on PC, but there is still much left up to individual interperpretation in that part of the scoring. Even the Techincal Score GOE - grade of execution, can be a wonky at times.
  12. HI, The old 6.0 system is alive and well in a certain part of the International Judging System. It can be found in the Program Component Scores. That includes, transitions, choreography, skating skills and so on. In many cases it can sink or elevate a skaters placement. I personally prefer the IJS system to 6.0. Each competition is like getting a report card from the judges . The 6.0 system was too vague. The big difference i feel is that DCI and the marching arts don't have set elements that are judged. For example, if everyone had the same Mello sustain and the judges awarded a score based on that same feature in every corps. I think back in the very old days they might have something like this in Drumcorps?? even before my time in the 80's :-)
  13. I speak Icelandic. Either it's the audio of the videos or the actual singing, but it sounds very "english" to me. They need more of that lofty, accent on the first syllable, what the hell are they saying feeling. That's Icelandic :-)
  14. The were' in 12th in prelims and finals in '79.
  15. Brought back some good memories. Thanks for posting!!!
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