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  1. Sorry, yes. It is ,25 to 10. I Meant the feel and ambiguity of the 6.0 system is alive and well. ISU is great at putting out educational videos on PC, but there is still much left up to individual interperpretation in that part of the scoring. Even the Techincal Score GOE - grade of execution, can be a wonky at times.
  2. HI, The old 6.0 system is alive and well in a certain part of the International Judging System. It can be found in the Program Component Scores. That includes, transitions, choreography, skating skills and so on. In many cases it can sink or elevate a skaters placement. I personally prefer the IJS system to 6.0. Each competition is like getting a report card from the judges . The 6.0 system was too vague. The big difference i feel is that DCI and the marching arts don't have set elements that are judged. For example, if everyone had the same Mello sustain and the judges awarded a score based on that same feature in every corps. I think back in the very old days they might have something like this in Drumcorps?? even before my time in the 80's :-)
  3. I speak Icelandic. Either it's the audio of the videos or the actual singing, but it sounds very "english" to me. They need more of that lofty, accent on the first syllable, what the hell are they saying feeling. That's Icelandic :-)
  4. The were' in 12th in prelims and finals in '79.
  5. Brought back some good memories. Thanks for posting!!!
  6. So, it becomes or will become the visual equivalent of "Thunderous Goo" :-(
  7. HI all, this topic might have been beaten to death somewhere else on here, but I couldn't find it. My question is when did spacing, staying in step and form recognition become a thing of the past? I was looking at the stills from Allentown and wow. I was amazed that even the top performing corps .. especially ones that in the past had a great reputation for the old M and M were very much a bit of a mess. I would find it embarrassing to have still pictures on a major website of a cluster of my corps errors. So, is this just me being a dinosaur? Is this all a thing of the past? Thanks, John XMen 80-81
  8. HI, Well, thanks for cheering up this old skating coach. I'm impressed at the knowledge you guys have :-) You should all hope that DCI never adopts a scoring system like the ISU ( International Skating Union). While it is supposed to be more transparent, it still has many grey areas and does indeed lead to cookie cutter programs. AND, it can be tough for the average bear to understand. There's only so many ways to get a level 4 spin and even fewer to get a level 4 step sequence. I do miss the old 6.0 system at times, but it still has some presence in the component scores. On that note... Bluecoats.. WOW! Can;t wait to see the Crossfoot Spinners and the Santa Clara Salchows :-) I do miss figures... compulsories, but they compulsories wouldn't work in the drumcorps activity. Appreciate diversity, not sameness. Best Regards, John Crossmen '80 and '81 Former Head Coach, Skautafelag Reykjavikur, Iceland.
  9. DCI isn't exactly broken. It continues to change and try to keep up with the ever changing financial and social climate. I'm sure DCI has rules, bylaws or something in regards to corps folding and financial situations. Someone should post them if allowed. This isn't the first corps nor will it be the last. I agree that it's sad for the marching members and staff that put so much hard work into this season and have to stop. Should DCI swoop in and solve the financial situation? They can't. Can they prevent this from ever happening again? They can try, but they are limited by what their board agrees to. So, maybe they'll take a look at the grass roots of the whole thing, go back to basic and rebuild. So many things could be done here. But it does cost. Gymnastics is taking a hit right now from the judging system and figure skating is still trying to be more accessible...more youth activities that are having some issues in the finance, judging and popularity sense. Hard to get some people off the couch and off the net! Just my two cents, John Crossmen '80 & '81 and yes, a skating coach
  10. Pretty much the same spread as where they left off last year.
  11. There is a severe weather alert for the whole area. Best use of their time is indoors.
  12. I'm Aghast!!! I read the articel and at the bottom I see Michael really wrote a book on figure skating!!! And here I thought I was the only figure skater/drum corps guy in the village. John Crossmen '80/'81 Master Rated skating coach
  13. HI, Does anyone know if there is a Crossmen Alumni Corps this year? I went to the Xtreme homepage but no updates. E-mailed Jim Cossetti and no reply. Anyone have contact information for this group? Thanks, John
  14. I agree with alot of what you said. I have to admit though, practicing my French Horn never compared to skating training. A competitive skater spends 15 to 20 hours a week on ice and at least an additional 5 to 10 hours a week in off ice training. Oh umm equipment??? one skate boot is much heavier than a soprano. Some can weigh up to 5lbs each. The fact that you reach an anaerobic threshold in skating in usually less than 30 seconds into a skating program compared to going through an entire hmm what was it.. 13 minutes? LOL I can't remember.....field show. It's sort of like comparing apples and oranges. They just aren't the same..good bad or indifferent. Dc is Dc and skating is skating. I loved my years in corps and they really helped my work ethic as a skater and now as a coach. Back to the original topic, there are certain criteria tha have to be met. Skating has many more members world wide than DCI. The money in skating far exceeds what there is in DCI. My parents were more than happy to send me to drumcorps, it saved them a ton of money. Feel free to ask any skating questions. John
  15. OK, enough with the figure skating references. Being a skating coach who was in corps (Crossmen) I can tell you there is a world of difference in judging systems and training (of athletes and judges). Our new judging system is more complex than ever and the amount of time an athlete spends in training is much more than anyone does in corps. Having said that, I wish corps could be in an Olympic style or true world style competition. It would require some of the things people have listed on here..LOL I can see a compulsory program...same music for everyone and same drill. Synchro skating does come close to what a corps does on the field. In our sport, music is secondary to the demonstration of skills so the similarities are more from a drill perspective. Ok..just had to add my two cents.... John