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  2. <------- This is a picture of me in 92 when I marched Coats.
  3. Not sure, but I think the OP may have been referring to the fact that many of the members are from Texas. Bluecoats holds rehersals (in the Dallas area, I believe) for those members from Texas and the surrounding areas as well as their regular camps in the northeast Ohio area.
  4. Not trying to take the wind out of your sails, but even if Coats were officially from Texas, they're not the first to make top 12. That was Sky Ryders (from Desoto, TX) in 91. Still.... Go BLOOOOOOOO!!!! Bart Yount Sky Ryders 90, 91 Bluecoats 92, 93
  5. Uhhh.... nice to see you too? Um. Do I know you? I don't recall anyone named Elmo Blatch. (Sorry!) If you're referring to my Bluecoats webpage at Olemiss, I haven't had access to that sight since 2000 after I graduated. I'm amazed it hasn't been removed by now. Unfortunately, I have no means of accessing it to update or do anything to it. I can't even remove it.
  6. I think it's basically the same show as Broadway and London. Don't know about Disney's CA Adventure since I've never heard of it.
  7. Perhaps we should flood Steve Melillo Publishers with some gentle but firm letters and email expressing our disappointment with them not being supportive of a non-profit youth activity and how they'll burn in #### for what they're doing. Ok - maybe not that last part. Anybody got an address - snail or email?
  8. Hey Chris, Since you're in the cast, I wanted to ask you if it's possible to come backstage (or wherever) after the show to meet the cast. I marched Sky Ryders and Bluecoats and am just interested in meeting some of the people and finding out what corps backgrounds people have. If you were a cast member for the US tour after London, you might remember Wes Moorhead who plays Bari/Trombone. He lives in Jackson, MS (where I'm from), so I'm sure he'll be at the show here on Sept 20/21. Hey I also saw in your bio on DCP that you like flying. That's cool! Are you a pilot? I got my licen
  9. The Blast! tour is coming to my town in September and I'm getting ready to get my tix and I'm wondering where I should sit. I'm thinking balcony so you can see the "drill", but I dunno. Anyone who has seen it got an opinion? Also, anyone know the (drum corps) backgrounds of anyone on this year's tour? Thanks, Bart
  10. Birmingham had one glitch where the sound was garbled for Spirit's opener and then lost the picture (which did not make the big Spirit crowd at the theater very happy). However, the picture was only out for about 30 seconds. Once we got the signal back, we were problem free for the rest of the night. Great shows all! And all the placement flip flopping was exciting! The only corps from top 12 that didn't change placement from Indy were Crossmen and Phantom. I'm hoping my boys Bluecoats can hang on to 6th although it's anybody's game at this point with 6th through 9th being only a 0.1 spread!