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  1. Thanks for posting the song about the death camp in Boulder Co., Brad! It was still being passed around in 90 and 91 when I marched Sky, so I knew it at one time. I had forgotten the words. Sky wasn't the cleanest corps on the field but they defintely put on some great entertaining shows. I even loved the 89 show. It wasn't entertaining like the broadway based shows were, but the musical book was kick butt!
  2. Did you just plagerize your own liner notes?
  3. I loved BKs 91 show, but I was never a big fan of the 92 show. I guess I'll have to go back and give it another listen!
  4. I haven't actually seen the 2000 7-12 DVD specifically, but the DCI DVDs do not contain "DVD quality" video. By that, I mean that the video on the discs are compressed to a much higher extent than what you typically see in standard DVDs of movies. The higher compression means lower quality video. I assume they are using the higher compression in order to fit more material on to the discs. In my opinion, the video quality on the DVDs is not much better (if at all) than the video on the VHS tapes.
  5. A man's gotta defend his home you know. Chris - I miss you man! I haven't seen you in 15 years and the only time we talk is when we swap posts once a year when I have to defend Jackson in the annual "What's the worst venue" thread - haha!
  6. That's my home man! You don't talk about a man's home like that! In all seriousness though - I aged out in Jackson so from a members perspective I can say that it was erm... less than ideal? We had to walk past crumbling crack houses to get to our practice field all week if that tells you anything. But one thing that I have to disagree on - again, from a member's perspective - I thought the field itself is one of the nicest I've ever marched on. The turf was perfect. There was nice hedging around the perimeter of the field. And I guess DCI had the field painted or something and it had a ni
  7. I know this is meant as a joke, but if a similar statement were made (even in jest) about jews, blacks, gays, muslims, etc, it would not be tolerated. So the guy has some crazy idea about using the word "Devil" - so what? He wasn't rude or hateful towards anyone about it - he just stated his opinion. And then all the so called tolerant people come in and proceed to beat him up and say all kinds of mean-spirited things about him. If the guy had made some crack about people going to hell for using the word "Devil" then he would be fair game in my opinion, but like I said - he wasn't rude or ha
  8. Yeah - I've always wondered about that. The only people that call them Regiment are former members. Everyone else calls them Phantom. Even Rondo calls 'em Phantom. Why do they insist on calling themselves Regiment?
  9. The ideas of the guy in the comments thread were pretty bizarre, but he certainly didn't deserve the verbal beat-down he got from other commenters. At least he wasn't rude. Some of those replies were pretty mean spirited.
  10. As a former brass player, I can't give you much help as far as auditioning for precussion specifically. But I would say generally, just go try out where you want to go. You won't know for sure how well you can hang until you try it. If you go to a camp and they're way out of your league, then step down a little and try another corps that's not so highly placed. When you find a group where you think you're in the same league as the other auditionees, then make sure you make it to all the camps. Show up to the camps prepared and knowing what they've told you to know and having practiced what th
  11. Not an acceptable excuse. Why would you not want to convince your friend to not make the biggest mistake of their life? I don't understand this thought process. There are no age limits at University. It's not an either-or proposition. If you want to march corps, march corps now and do university later. The school can wait. I took fewer credits per semester, stretched my schooling out to five years, and worked my a## off in the off-season so that I could afford to march. Like I said before, putting your "regular life" on hold for 10 weeks is not going to have any impact on "regular l
  12. How many people regret not marching their age-out year? How many people regret marching their age-out year? You can probably guess how the responses to these two questions would compare. You can't get it back. Do it while you can. Most everything else in life can wait 10 more weeks.
  13. I don't think it will be as bad as people think in the long run. When something new is allowed, the corps tend to experiment with it so it's used alot in the beginning. But with time they tend to reign it in and figure out how to use it more effectively. To point - did you notice the use of vocals this year? There wasn't much. And what was done was used effectively and not overdone in my opinion.
  14. In general, returning vets will have a spot assuming they 1) weren't slackers during the summer, 2) aren't slackers during the off-season, but most corps will never outwardly guarentee anyone a spot. I have heard of cases where vets were cut solely on the basis of talent in favor of more talented rookies (which I think is absolute crap) but that's probably rare if true. If you're a brass player, I wouldn't worry too much about open spots. There should be plenty in each corps. Colorguard is probably a little tougher competition because there are less spots overall. Percussion will probably t
  15. A caveat to this - you may end up being offered a spot as an alternate if you do this. And this is just my opinion but I would never join a corps as an alternate when I could go somewhere else and actually march. I would rather march a non-finalist corps than be an alternate in a winning corps.
  16. Man - that brought back some memories. When I marched Sky Ryders in 1991, we just barely slipped into finals so I know how they're feeling. Making that 12th place spot is probably sweeter than winning it all.
  17. My guess is that DCI will give Indy a year - maybe two to try and fix the acoustics. If it still sucks then DCI will be able to exit the contract (according the article I posted above). The positive reviews of the experience at IU last year and the close proximity to DCI headquarters in Indy leads me to believe that if LOS doesn't work out, IU will be the new Madison.
  18. Also found this article from “The (building authority) always had money in the budget to address acoustical issues, once we identified them,” said John Klipsch, executive director of the building authority. “We knew we wouldn’t identify them until after the building opened and a concert played here.” So while the article refers to the Chesney concert, the same may be true for DCI. This may have been a sort of experiemental year to gauge the existing acoustics to see how to best improve them. In light of the artic
  19. From a August 9, 2006 article concerning the move to Indy: "How can DCI do this, without knowing what drum corps will sound like inside the stadium? [...snip...] The experience DCI has had now in three domes gives the organization significant confidence that a hard structure retractable roof will allow for a successful acoustical event, sight unseen. If the acoustics are indeed a problem at Lucas Oil Stadium, remedies to DCI’s satisfaction are included as a part of the agreement."
  20. You misspelled "gawking". So what do you feel is an appropriate punishment for a ruthless, unsympathetic perfectionist?
  21. The risk/reward system is that you should get more credit for performing a more difficult program than a less difficult program. It's not a rules problem, it's a judging problem. It seems that the risk/reward system is not being taken into account by the judges. People think the judges are giving too much credit to a show that appears to be a less demanding show compared to the other top corps. So it's not that people dislike the corps or even the show - they dislike the judging of the show.
  22. I'm sure there's some disappointment with the placement but that should wear off. PRs show this year is one of my favorites. And when I'm watching/listening to my favorite shows, I could care less about placement. I'd guess that most people feel that way. In my opinion Regiment had a great year. So congrats!!!
  23. Bluecoats had a similar experience. They dropped out of finals in 1999 after having been a solid finalist for the previous 12 years. It was a wakeup call that the status quo was no longer acceptable. I don't know what specific changes were made but I know there was a serious reassesment of the organization.