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  1. I believe this was Dan Farrels first year as an instructor. This was a very bold step in the evolution of drum-corp as we see it today! While the story telling seemed like a great direction for the activity as a whole, looking back I'm not so sure it helped do anything for the music itself. Today's activity seems to be dominated by props and snippets of musical selections.
  2. Growing into his role??? Was it the 20 year plan...I would agree that he was in over his head and rushed into the position, he will mature into a great arranger some day but not today. Continental I have great memories of marching that show, this is the first time I've seen a video of finals that year. Comparing it to today's shows is like night and day.
  3. It's not like Rockford or Illinois are financially stable parts of the country, assuming Phantom would be is a ridiculous assumption. Pouring water into a bucket full of holes can't last forever. I've read some of the comments likening this to the corp world. We'll I've been in the corp world for my entire adult life. When a company fails to perform heads get chopped from the top down up to and including the board members. There have got to be people within the organization that see the fire burning. Maybe they're in the minority and can't speak out. This forum provides an outlet to voice those concerns publically. We now live in a society that fights verbal wars, what makes Phantoms situation any different. If enough people voice their concern things will change but until that happens you can count on Phantom fading into the sunset. Call it doom & gloom or whatever...I would much rather be chastised and ridiculed than sit by and watch the failure continue. I look at this as I do any business challenge , you find an eliminate the issues. If that means replacing people then so be it,. The problem won't fix itself no matter how patient you are. Bottom line...we all want Phantom to succeed we just have different opinions on how to get there.
  4. Sorry for responding so late...It has been well documented that the decision makers control what happens with any monies that come into the organization. Throwing money at the problem will not fix the problem. (Not suggesting that's where you were going.) Withholding funds will do just as much damage as giving money. I believe this is more about mismanagement. The passive think waiting it out will solve the problem...look where that's gone... We're all on the outside looking in...Since money won't solve the problem, and none of us have the authority to investigate, we are left with only our voices. Living out of state doesn't help. In my opinion there should be reason for concern. I'm surprised only a hand full are sounding the alarm.
  5. I hardly beat up on anyone. The overly sensitive always play that card. Until enough people get angry enough to make enough noise the situation will continue to worsen until no one will be able to join the corp. because the corp. will have to fold. Only then will people wake up and then it will be too late.
  6. You're thoughts have been answered, and you were wrong. I'm sure you can find a safe space with other deniers.
  7. I'm proud of the kids no matter where they far as the staff and board goes they can take a flying dive off a perforated piece of pastry. Not only have they let the kids down, they're embarrassing the corps proud history.
  8. This is exactly my point. Not donating is one way to have a say in what's going on but at the end of the day I don't want the corp to die, I just want the tough decisions made that will allow the corp to survive. I've said it many times, if the corp consistently remains near the bottom, they will lose marching members and when that happens the flow on money stops. Its not the marching members, it never has been. If enough people complain changes will be made. If the decision makers remain defiant and don't do what is necessary to turn this situation around and it appears as though that's the case, then the marching members will disappear. As an Alumni I can be upset about what has happened. As some of my *removed* friends would say, "Its not fair!" And this is the first time I would agree with their whining cries.
  9. But seriously folks, year after year the same conversations occur, only this year the fans digging the show may only dig it on day one of finals week.
  10. Well it looks like its that time of year again, Time for reality to set in for some, time for the I told you so's to say again I told you so, and time for the praising of the kids efforts to overwhelm all others. It's really time for the ineffective board to resign and a cleaning of the house staff occur. This current group has no imagination and no vision, the kids deserve so much more,
  11. We've heard the statements about how placement doesn't matter but this is a judged competition and not an exhibition. Scores matter, and I see a direct correlation between the musical arrangement, the drill and execution. The music is the driving force for the entire show. Someone mentioned how some staff see a great show in their minds but that to me is a pride thing. If the judges thought they created a show that puts them in position to compete with the top corps they'd reward them for it. Compare the musical arrangements to the top 6 or 7 and its like night and day. This is where I see a basic design compared to a professional design. Phantom is very basic compared to the corps above them. If they continue on this path you won't have to worry about scores or placements.
  12. The difference (IMO) is that most of the other corps above them have effective music, drills and use of props. The scores reflect that. Phantom seems to be doing the very basics to get by. I don't think that's fair to the kids that invest in the program. While making the top 12 is a goal for some corps, I don't think Phantom going in the other direction is something we would have ever expected. Its beyond disappointing. At some point you'd think they'd put pride aside and do what's right for the future of the corp. One can only hope.
  13. Just catching up on everything and took some time to view the show... I'll say it over until I'm blue in the face...The product given to the kids is far below what I would call Regiment Standards. It is very muddy visually and no amount of cleaning will fix it. Its a design issue. (IMO) The music is nowhere near the source music and is presented in such a butchered style that only ardent Phantom Phans will appreciate it. After several years of seeing what some of the staff can do I've come to the conclusion they're in over their heads. Maybe its a confidence issue, but whatever it is, its showing on the field in just about every facet of the show. They are not ready for prime time. Let's take the Fire of Eternal Glory section...and I emphasis (Section). What once was one of the greatest ballads ever created for drumcorp has now become a whisper of what it once me the ensemble lacks any impact and therefore is a waste of time and talent, given the fact that the rest of the corp is in the background doing nothing. It does not redeem itself at the end of the show and leaves the critics like myself yawning. 13th is slowly becoming a reality!
  14. You realize there's only one woman pictured here... Just keeping the ball rolling!