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    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Usually $10 fills up fast though

    Blue Devils 2018

    Gone already?

    2017 DATR

    Thank you for the review! Good stuff
  4. Yeah, the monthly subscription just went from $30 to $50. Very sneaky. Looks like at the end of the day they want you to pay $100 to watch the whole season. It would not surprise one bit if the monthly price went up to $100 around July 10th...
  5. Sorry, I'm really late to the party here. One question: If I purchase a 30$ month long subscription late in July, Finals will be included in the base subscription price? Wasn't it $80 just to watch finals last year? That's a heck of a mark down...
  6. Ebay - Like New Condition $70 Starting bid. Free Shipping in USA (For comparison, new from DCI costs $132 after tax/shipping) 2015 World Championship Finals Blu-Ray Up for sale is a used, but in perfect working condition 2015 DCI World Championship Finals Blu-Ray. Featuring Performances of the top-12 scoring corps from the DCI World Championship Finals, August 8, 2015 DISC 1 1. Blue Devils - "Ink 2. Carolina Crown - "Inferno" 3. Bluecoats - "Kinetic Noise" 4. The Cadets – “The Power of 10” 5. Santa Clara Vanguard – “The Spark of Invention” 6. Blue Knights – “Because...” DISC 2 7. Phantom Regiment – “City of Light” 8. Madison Scouts – “78th & Madison” 9. The Cavaliers – “Game On” 10. Boston Crusaders – “Conquest” 11. Blue Stars – “Side Show” 12. Crossmen – “Above & Beyond” Free shipping to the United States
  7. It's not a perfect solution but you can use the free trial of DVDFab 9 and rip the videos (individual performances) to your hard drive. Though, because it's a trial, you will have a watermark in the upper left corner...
  8. Thank you for all the hard work Tom!
  9. Cool! how do they look / sound?

    San Antonio Tickets

    On sale this Wednesday 4/6

    2016 DCI Live!

    Makes me wonder what the final price will end up being for the 'all shows and finals' bundle. A hundred bucks seems like a good value. I'd guess it will jump up to $120-ish at some point.

    DCI Audio/Video

    I did. And in the comment box at the end I suggested they do a better job communicating with the fans / customers about the status of the 2015 audio / video products.