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  1. Oregon Crusaders has their preview performance this evening in Wilsonville, OR. it will be interesting to see what they reveal tonight!
  2. Brass line numbers since 2010 2010: 36 2011: 56 2012: 64 2013: 64 2014: 80 2015: 72 2016: 72 Color Guard 2010: 12 2011: 20 2012: 28 2013: 30 2014: 30 2015: 28 2016: 36
  3. Yes, all corps had to go through this same process and build it into their schedules.
  4. Oregon Crusaders made some changes prior to the April camp. Here's the new selections: Cinderella Suite by Sergie Profofiev "Who is She" (From Cinderella) by Patrick Doyle "Pumpkin Pursuit (From Cinderella) by Patrick Doyle
  5. Oregon Crusaders have made some major changes to their music selections since their March 4th announcement. They are no longer doing "Cantus" and "Wild Nights". Instead, they are now doing selections from the new Cinderella movie - "Who is She?" and "Pumpkin Pursuit". So, the rep is now: Cinderella Suite by Sergie Profofiev "Who is She" (From Cinderella) by Patrick Doyle "Pumpkin Pursuit (From Cinderella) by Patrick Doyle The design team turned this around quickly before the April camp and did a full music run on Sunday.
  6. And Oregon Crusaders over BK and Vanguard as well. They are also close to Cavaliers.
  7. Trombones are not required for this show so, no trombones will be used.
  8. The Oregon Crusaders is pleased to present its 2015 program “The Midnight Garden”, with musical selections including Prokofiev’s "Cinderella Suite", Doss’s "Cantus" and Adams’ "Wild Nights". Join us when the clock strikes twelve and this mystical garden comes to life! We're also excited to debut our new website at The new modern-responsive design enables all forms to have a great view into the artistry and performance of one of the up-and-coming DCI World Class Corps. Learn more about the Oregon Crusaders organization today at
  9. OC had 61 members in 2008, 72 in 2009, 79 in 2010, 114 in 2011, 134 in 2012, and 140 in 2013.
  10. Oregon Crusaders played it this past year for their closer!
  11. Just like the topic says, OC13 has a few brass spots open for the 2013 season. The drum line is full and smokin' this year. Guard is nearly full and also improved. Brass is a step up as well; just need to fill some spots to make it all complete. See our Youtube Multimedia channel for videos about who we are and blip about our Brass Line: We have rehearsals and camps May 4-5, May 17-19, May 24-27, and June 7-9. Move-in on June 14th. Come be a part of DCI's newest and exciting World Class drum corps! If interested, contact the Director,
  12. If you know of ANY openings in ANY corps, whether it be DCI World Class, DCI Open Class, DCA Open Class, DCA Class A, please post it here and/or message me so I can forward that info on to the people that need it most now. Sorry to hear about this and hope that their members can land someplace. There are openings at Oregon Crusaders in the Front Ensemble, Brass, and Color Guard. Contact the Director, Mike Quillen, at
  13. Oregon Crusaders buses leaving the warm-up area here. This was in 2011. 39.765027,-86.171571