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  1. Stylistically this Irving Berlin piece takes a lot of finesse, and they're getting there.
  2. I want to say Bushwackers first performed it several years ago. Nice run from Arsenal...lots of notes!
  3. I have two DCA Finals tickets in row L on the 50 yard line (Section C, seats 16 and 17) for sale. A wedding came up on Sunday and we can't make it. Great seats, face value $45.00. Please PM me or email if interested.
  4. The storm is quasi-stationary. Let's hope it dissipates soon...
  5. Well, that one guy on the aisle in about row 6 really enjoyed the show snippet!
  6. I had the same thought. They'll get it in before the rain starts, but a stray lightning strike could spoil the party.
  7. The show is will help when they fill the holes. Hard to even tell how many they have at this point...a bunch.
  8. Aqueous Phrygian Gates - John Adams Without Warning - Stephen Melillo Sanctuary - Frank Ticheli The Wind River - Joseph Curiale
  9. I love the enthusiasm of a good Midwest crowd...
  10. CIncinnati Tradition has really grown the last few years. They're on their way to being a medal contender in DCA.
  11. Sounds like a pretty decent crowd on hand. Nice venue.
  12. A short burst of rain at the show site in 2-3 hours, if the system holds together as is. A narrow line of storms is traveling up I-70. There's been some weakening of systems passing through SE Illinois today, but I expect the line to remain intact to Indy/Zionsville.
  13. Forecast radar is also not to be trusted all that much. It can give you an idea, but it will often miss interactions between boundaries and other small-scale features that are important.
  14. From the concert at Woodruff Performing Arts Center, it was announced that over 700 students auditioned for Spirit this year. 1) They're doing something right to be attracting that much attention, and 2) they must have quite a bit of talent with those kind of numbers to draw from.