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  1. Yes, too bad about colorguard and BOA. Avon's guard was a visual effect in and of itself. Of course, they have the same team leading them up as BAC.
  2. And why not ? Its also not about "creating a problem where one does not exist". Every person has their own unique experience, its just another perspective. I agree that being gay and in drum corps is nonissue, but as my dad always told me, "Not everyone thinks like you do, nor do they see the world the same way you do, Not everyone fits nicely into the same square box like you think they should sometimes."
  3. I feel a surprise again indeed. I was surprised when I went to Spring Training and heard the Beatles !!!!!
  4. I don’t necessarily associate cheese = bad. At the same time I love to witness the creativity of one’s mind or even collaboration. The beauty in art is how it makes you think and feel as an individual. Sometimes one creation resonates with a lot of us, sometimes only a few. We will always have critics in the arts, but no one can take away your experience. I think we all can be guilty of trying that( to be critical of an opinion or taste) and not leaving it alone as someone’s opiinion.
  5. I know it is not about the fans, but if we did not show up there would be a lot less $$$$. What I would think would be cool one year would be for fans to come up with themes, take a poll - cull that number, and then the top 25 (or the number of WC corps) would pick a theme drawn out of hat. Corps gets to pick the music to represent said theme.
  6. Avon HS did one several years ago that was quite good
  7. Not sure what music you would pair with it, but a show at least with a visual concept based on the art and life of Yayoi Kusama. With her fascination with polka dots and her infinity mirrored rooms...….I could see a few corps doing this.....BK comes to mind
  8. 9th place is still finals. I am sure a few corps who have never been there would be happy.
  9. I would argue it is how they are telling that story. The music, for one, did not draw me in. I felt that ideas were not developed or realized to make an impact. I would say that BD has a formula that is somewhat repetitive yet they manage to keep it fresh and at an extremely high level of performance.
  10. While the old school in me loves a lot of drill. staging and doing the body movement in synchronization is not easy and has demand to do it well. Bloo and other corps do it well. I am going to clap wildly for some awesome drill still- Crown(especially), Madison(they were not flashy with GE but you just have to loved their closing drill.). I do appreciate the changes. I can say one thing that has taken getting used to is the "lets run to the next set".
  11. I'm not worried about Boston figuring things out. There were a few things that fell flat story wise, but woven with moments of wow. They will be the next newest DCI champ. I don't think we can discuss Drum Corps without cheese......yes BAC had some too.. I think every corps does.
  12. I do believe Phantom could go for some changes.
  13. Tried calling/texttinh.several people-no answer. Columbus police: slow
  14. Ugh. I want to stay, but we got a call from our alarm company in Columbus. Pretty sure our house got broken into.😡