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  1. Skywhopper, nice analysis. I did one too that was less complete, but still took me some time. BD was slight favorite Friday (0.05) as well as Saturday (not giving that number, because I now see that McGrath had judged Music Analysis in Atlanta, and Carlson hadn't judged Crown or BD in the CG caption yet this year.) When I saw one judge had seen both later in the season, my Friday analysis flipped by .1 to push towards BD. How close it was! After BD's .15 win Thursday, I was curious myself what Crown needed to do. Get .15 obviously, but where would it come from? I'd have done this for more corps, but just to compare two corps takes enough time. Given the Finals recap of such close spreads, I now wish I had done more, probably over the course of the season, though.
  2. on Panels judges have had these caption assignments in fairly recent shows. looking over some of the 2013 recaps, Lee Carlson has not judged Color Guard, but may have judged other Visual captions. David McGrath judged Music Analysis way back in Stanford. Just in case you wanted that information.
  3. Fan Network Update To get the page I saw, you may also go to Fan Network, click the Live Webcast tab then click on Information about Championships Week on the DCI Fan Network. Cool! Thanks, DCI!
  4. What if I told you that I have been to the DCI Fan Network site. If I interpret the message correctly, The Open Class corps, and the first World Class corps group (Pioneer through Colts) will be on the Fan Network for FREE. I just signed up.. now, if I only could see all the corps. Unfortunately, I'll probably only see tail end of Open Class, and the first couple of World Class corps. I'll be lucky to see the Cinecast in the theaters. the link I saw. Thanks, DCI!
  5. has '88 Blue Devils, Since I Fell For You been mentioned ? does it qualify as a ballad?
  6. for some of these years, I am unqualified to give an opinion. It's hard to get into these years that I'm not familiar with. the poll won't allow me to cast an undecided vote for the 1970s. For those decades I was alive, introduced to drum corps, and saw at least some shows in person, I have to go with '87 and '93. '87: SCV and Garfield were incredible. '93: so, '92 BD had a hot show, but '93 isn't too shabby. I could watch '93's top four for days. I actually am more familiar with the 1987 shows lower than the top 2 due to the PBS highlights show that was produced. Sorry for my lack of planning and buying only individual webcasts this year. So, no Fan Network for me. from memory, '94 SCV was Red Poppy... loved Russian Sailor's Dance. Miss Saigon was wonderful, though. OK, guess I figured out that SCV '97 was back to championship caliber, as close as a tie in Quarterfinals and .2 from BD one week before finals that summer. there are some great shows. Crossmen are one of my favorites from that summer... Glassmen with Carmen, and Farandole. BD: Night in Tunisia. Awesomeness. '91 and '93 are close for me. '93 gets the nod. '91 purely for doing Pagliacci, and repeating Bacchanale from S&D from 1990, Phantom is a favorite of mine. I saw this show in person from a very low angle to appreciate visual, but definitely appreciate the music. On an unrelated note, I sat at approximately same stadium, same angle to watch '92 Star of Indiana rehearsal.
  7. Forgive me if I take this a little off course. Basketball warmups: I make it a point every year to attend the high school state championship basketball games not just attend, but arrive early. Especially this year, for unknown reasons, it was emotional for me. A state championship girls pre game -- emotional. "such and such college/university" #1 team in America announcement -- very memorable/emotional for me. Anyway, parents sometimes more than students get all riled up. For the state final games, the season culminates in a great atmosphere. For most players, the state championship game is their last chance to be a star. Like drum corps, though, players on the teams may not go onto division 1 or professional careers, basketball teams still do drills of which the coordination impresses me. The same is true for drum corps warmup exercises, in general. My favorites in the lot in my years were Star of Indiana's hornline (breathing exercises); BD's tuning exercises, particularly after their slurring, were awesome. I guess there's something to developing a focus necessary for a field show. Oh, I hear past stories of BD's onfield warmup getting standing ovations. Corps songs/past hits in the lot are great. Not a warmup, I thank the Bluecoats who played/sang? Autumn Leaves in the lot back in the year I aged out. That brought back the memories of the very beginnings of my time following drum corps. My age out year was the 25th anniversary of DCI, so lots of corps performed music that I remembered from various spots in my marching career/time following high school band or drum corps, to name a few, "Night in Tunisia," "God Bless The Child", "Birdland," (very first corps tune I/we performed) "Sunshine," "Crown Imperial"... btw, I voted hornline warmups. Judging by my mp3 listening habits and how emotional I was at Big Loud and Live, I, too, definitely enjoy the finished product, a whole lot more. Thank you!
  8. more in reference to my additional comments. "The Drum" is another name that I think I've heard Lucas Oil called. I'll look for verification on ESPN, specifically from shows where Chris Berman is the anchor. Well, Bank of America already had the naming rights for the football stadium in Charlotte, NC, so when Fleet was sold to Bank of America, another company took over the name of the former Fleet Center, who brought back the name of the Garden, albeit with the name of TD Banknorth included in the name this time. I only mention this because the new stadium for the NY Mets, already has signs for Citi Field. I couldn't resist. Although I'm not a traditional college student, stadium/arena naming rights and stories will be on my list of possible essay topics. Drum corps and band activities are also something I follow almost as closely as I follow sports. Hopefully, one year, I'll get to see Lucas Oil Stadium. When I was at 2001 BOA National Championships (last third of semis/finals sans introductions), the sound seemed to get lost for some bands, while others blew me away. My hunch is, as with other venues, those in the "Blast Zone" are in for a treat at DCI World Championships, just as some of these bands had a positive effect on me. Also, I cannot forget that visual plays such a part in the activities. Reviews/opinions of these bands are for a different topic, or perhaps, another board or medium. The OP captures the event in his review well, imo, especially that this treat will not be without a price. In 2009, I will again probably attend "Big, Loud, and Live" if it continues. Still, I will be looking forward to the reviews of those in attendance at events like DCI Worlds, or even BOA Nationals. Thank you.
  9. if true, this is great for Indiana tourism! I remember when Montreal bowed out in 1989, somehow Kansas City hosted the finals again. Although there are logistics involved that I won't pretend to know, Madison is the most recent location to host DCI Finals that would be practical. Then again, bad weather hit Wisconsin as well. I've heard something about the Dells (a tourist attraction) on Weather Channel, but don't know if Madison was spared. IIRC, Madison sits between two lakes.
  10. I'd vote, but I haven't purchased the DVDs. Based on the quarterfinals cinecast, BD won in my mind.
  11. Hope this helps! My only worry is getting there this year.
  12. Heard this show again recently: 1988 Suncoast Sound -- the forming of the Vietnam Wall replica and the guard member's portrayal of the Contemporary Child... haunting chords and the ball bounces away at the end of the show. Love this show, listen to it frequently: 2004 Blue Knights -- build up in second movement to high/mid-range chord ... saw this live: 2002 Cavaliers -- another take on a dissolving line Many good moments were mentioned previously with good commentary.
  13. I saw the previous post in which the poster thanked the manager. I think this is a good idea. In Brunswick, Maine, we had a thunderstorm roll through during Blue Stars, which caused us to completely miss Crossmen, Colts, and Spirit. The manager there, too, offered refunds or passes. The thing is, from Glassmen on, the weather cleared, and the show went on. Apparently, many expected this and stayed in the theater. The crowd was bigger than last year, which is to be expected since finals were in Boston last year, and some may have made that trip instead, but that's just my guess. I'd like to see finals back in the Brunswick theater. For me to send a thank you note would be nice. Oh, one observation was the DCI telecast on ESPN is going to be televised at a good time slot. (I believe, 8 p.m. Tuesday September 5) ^OO^
  14. From what I recall last year, there's 1 break, around the 8th or 9th corps. Found the post I was looking for. :) Stepoff of the 17th seed is at 5:12 CDT?. that puts the stepoff of the 1st seeded corps at 11:00 p.m. EDT, assuming 17 minutes per corps, and a 17 minute break. I'm worried I won't get to see the end. Maybe I'll miss the score for the top seed. Hopefully, that's all I'll miss. I remember the thread. Quarterfinals in Theaters: "top 17"?