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  1. Ok, leaving finals and my ears are still ringing. Not because of all the great music we just heard but because of Boston's amps. We were on side 2, 35 yard line five rows from the field. The level of sound they were pumping out of those speakers actually made my ears pop. A good number of the people around me had their fingers in their ears. They are a great corps but the that was just ridiculous, I'm sorry
  2. They're so sparkly they looked lit up from the upper deck
  3. She's the drum major for Colts who is a music performance and education major. I thought she was great
  4. That's what the lady working the booth at the stadium said as well 😞
  5. Most corps drill it into you how far away the pro hashes are from college/high school. Also it looks like they had both marked anyways (along with the midpoints from the front sidelines
  6. I like having stuff to watch on the jumbotron during breaks. And I'm glad BD released this early because there's a Ben's Pretzels right behind our seats and it'll be the perfect time to grab a few.
  7. As opposed to the church choir robes or the pink and black zebra stripe things?
  8. I get that. I was just confused because the post said the BD video was premiering today. Also, Cadets and Phantom are definitely getting great reactions this year and going on ninth from last or whatever won't change that. Plus the corps going on after them are all having amazing years as well.
  9. I don't know what this has to do with Phantom. This says August 11th. Phantom doesn't perform again until the 12th.
  10. I've sent them detailed messages, multiple links of people complaining about the issues and even a short clip of The Cavaliers from Cedarsburg. They have never apologized, say they will pass on the information and just always tell me to let them know if there are any other issues. One time they tried to say it was my fault because I wasn't using the app (which I explained to them I was). Bottom line is they don't care.
  11. That doesn't excuse the abysmal overblown sound from Cedarburg or the practically muted sound tonight in Centerville. I asked them in one of my many emails if they have people monitoring these broadcasts for quality and they said yes. There is no way anyone with ears could listen to that and think it was acceptable.
  12. If they lined the front of the attic with strobe lights then it would be an accurate comparison
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