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  1. Michael, welcome to the boards. I marched with you in 96 (one of my six years with the corps).
  2. Yes. It's one section off the 50 and close to the field. The last three years we've sat in section 640 for semis to see the overall package then either 139 or 141 for finals to be closer to the energy coming off the performers for their last performance of the season.
  3. There's definitely been some kind of shift in judging. BD was absolutely dominant until 2016.. which makes a streak of four years they haven't won guard. I'm wondering if their tendency to perform all of their features without moving underneath them is a fad that is on the way out.
  4. I marched Cavaliers 1995 and this may sound odd but if there's any show I would like to see from the stands it would be that one. I remember our horn sergeant getting injured on a free day mid season. He got to watch us perform a few times and I was so jealous lol.
  5. Crown played his theme from "LOST" in their space show. Probably my favorite thing they did that year
  6. The Cavaliers ballad was a showstopper and my musical and emotional highlight of the summer. When they reached the climax, with the guard spread endzone to endzone performing some truly incredible flag work.. well it was just stunning.
  7. How long has that been an option? We used to get the yellow carbon paper copy of judges sheets that had specific #'s and comments on them.
  8. The judges have given BD 10's in rep a few times in the last six years even when they performed second to last. And Boston got a 10 in guard rep going on 6th to last this year. Makes no sense, but that's DCI judging for you.
  9. First time I've seen them in person but some of the flag work was a little sloppy :(
  10. Better to get the heads up tonight instead of Saturday I guess
  11. Is it the yellow line? Cause one of the Crown guard girls definitely toed it at the end of their show