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  1. I'm not sure where this thread got all sideways with my USMC D&B comments. I'm well aware of the differences between DCI and the military. The USMC D&B corps is a job - they are paid musicians that travel the world as amassadors of U.S. culture. They never see a battlefield. I've easily seen them 30 times in my lifetime, and their show is always the same. There is no question of talent. They're amazing musicians. I'd really like to see them mix-it-up - play a new book, or add some new drill moves. Don't you think it would be cool if they commissioned some pieces from some well-know Ame
  2. To put things in context, I'm always comparing drum corps today to when I marched with Bluecoats in 1991. This was not a particularly impressive year for us, but at least we were top 12 (11th). This was also the year we saw Star of Indiana take it all in a special and emotional farewell to Zingali. Speed drill, body sculpting, and marching "outside the box" were all the rage. Madison Scouts were hot, Phantom & the Cavaliers had yet to win a title, Velvet Knights & Crossmen were competitive, Sky Ryders and Freelancers still existed, and the Blue Devils and Cadets placed 5th and 6th, res
  3. 1. HOLY NAME CADETS - Tighten the ending up a little bit more and its a winner - suggest adding a "Z" pull for posterity 2. CAROLINA CROWN - Add some purple - please. Just off-set the green! Robot dance bugs me. Change final set to a crown. Winner! 3. BLUE DEVILS - Not my favorite show, but there's no denying it's clean. The brass book is difficult and played well. New ending adds nothing. 4. CAVALIERS - This should be lower (zzz), but they execute so well. 5. BLUECOATS - Just add one more phrase to the ending and presto magic! One more speed drill set wouldn't hurt. 6. SVC - Having a har
  4. Hmmm... Yes, purchased PPV. But still don't see it. Probably still too early given that it's a Pacific time show.
  5. Help!!! Does anyone have the link? I don't see it when I login. I'm not a platinum member. Jim
  6. Bluecoats horn book is amazing. This show is amazing! Drill is a little dirty, but within' striking distance. Prediction, BD is going 3rd tonight.
  7. * Bluecoats * Blue Devils * Blue Knights * BlueStars
  8. Going for the throat with true innovation will make it happen. They play it too safe right now. I'd love to see an evil and nasty side emerge.
  9. The last minute of the show is smokin'! Seems like all the right pieces are in place. The innovation is real. Without question, their horn line is top 9-12 material (in-tune, on rythm, nice balance -- aka no heroes). Has anyone seen them in person? Are these guys legit?