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  1. Any news on why they only have 2 horns? 1 bari and 1 tuba. They have a "full" drumline of 5 basses, 5 snares (with a hole to fill) and 3 tenors. Add to that 8 colorguard, 3 pit and 1 drum major. They also had someone on the sideline in uniform. I don't know if he is injured or is new and hasn't learned any drill yet. That took a lot of balls to take the field last night. I gave them a standing ovation after their opener.
  2. Changed my mind about the jacket. After 24 years, it is no longer white even after a cycle in the washing machine. White t shirt and black Chucks.
  3. I'll be there tonight. Stop by to say hi. I'll be wearing my old LE jacket. Don't judge, we all earned the right to wear em.
  4. Summer of 1990, just graduated high school and knew I had to march. Star was just 2 hours north from where i lived but I was looking for something different. Opened up an issue of DCI Today and went thru the list of corps names. Limited Edition jumped out at me. Opened up an Atlas and estimated Columbus was within driving distance (6 hours). Then i saw that they were only in their 3 season that summer and that was enough to get me to their first winter camp. The friendships i made at that first camp kept me there. I marched 91, 92 and had all intentions of aging out there in 93. We had one camp in the winter of 93 with a new director and staff and a huge turnover in membership. Waited around for info for the second camp that never came. One of my buddies from the previous year eventually called and asked me how i felt about LE folding. I told him that i had not heard anything from the director and had no clue what was going on. I guess i thought it was too late to make some phone calls to other corps nearby to find out of they had any holes to fill in their horn lines because i never did get to age out and i regret that decision to this day.
  5. Just added a lot of old, obscure and percussion stuff. Oldest show is 1949 Holy Name Cadets and newest 2002 Capital Regiment.
  6. The first show i ever saw was Drums on the Ohio, Evansville In. 1987 1 Phantom Regiment 91.900 2 Spirit of Atlanta 88.900 3 Bluecoats 82.900 4 Florida Wave 75.700 5 Dutch Boy 75.600 6 Troopers 73.900 I can only remember the Florida Wave performance.
  7. Close up of a percussion judge running for his life from attacking bass drums.
  8. First show of the season 1992 in Normal, Illinois. The drumline came in 4 counts early during Comedy Tonight making the first half of the tune a train wreck. They eventually recovered and we all ended at the same time. Scored a 39.5 on DCM division 2-3 sheets. It was a rough year for the corps. Mostly rookies marching and most of the staff were rookies also. We actually peaked at just the right time in Wisconsin - division 2 prelims. Missed finals by 1.8
  9. Local t.v. station promoting the return of Drums on the Ohio.
  10. That got me out of my seat to dance! It is what it is and they throw down a great DANCE beat. Why are there so many snobs in the activity that think DCI should be the only marching activity that should ever grace a football field? Can you tap your foot to anything being played by corps today? I know that I can't. Maybe while the percussion is in the lot, but not during the shows.
  11. If you still have the Limited Edition bumper sticker, I'd like to have it.

  12. The name Limited Edition was chosen because the corps wanted a title that showed a change in style from year to year. The name is also the reason why I chose to march there- I LOVED it!