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  1. Yeah, silly me! We can find fault in about 50% of the shows out there, if we want to take a Puritanical stance. But it is art. And art is sometimes edgy. And even though you and I made fun of this in our posts, there are people who might actually take these things seriously. Especially the Kilties cross-dressing. Darn those Scots! ;) Anyway, happy 4th to everyone.....even though you think that Spartacus should have simply held peaceful protests.
  2. 1990 Freelancers promoted vigilante justice with Batman. 1992 Blue Devils promoted "deviant" sex acts (in at least 37 states) with "When a Man Loves A Woman". 1999 SCV promoted minimalism (which led to techno, which we know is the work of the Devil) 1995 Blue Devils promoted Satanic worship and cult worship of a skull 2006 Cadets promoted mushroom use in "Through the Looking Glass" 2004 Cavaliers supported assassination and international intrigue with "007" 1994 Cavies promoted paganism (as is Pacific Crest this year, the heathens!!!) 1990 Star of Indiana promoted a Judeo-Christian age
  3. So about that money...... Well, I just stumbled upon this recently, again.... And, yeah, all corps need money.... But I'm pimpin' for mine.... With the current the VK end in the black.... You know you want to.... .....all of the cool kids do.... DONATE TO VK. :) (Oh...and "Highway" had to go. AC/DC refused the copyright.....) Thank you all for your support. Thank you!
  4. Yeah, great job, Yamato! Although we (VK) are after you! ;) Come on, I needed to say that! It was close!!!! :) In all seriousness, best of luck to you guys!!! I personally think DCI is better with you back. (OH, and thank you for letting us use your trailer last year. Even though we caught it on fire before our first show last year.....but that wasn't against you....we just really wanted to steal Academy's horns before the first show.) Best of luck Yamato!!!!! ....and MANY more successful years to come.....
  5. I just want to point out the great positive comments that this review had. Everyone points out negatives, but this review really put everyone in a great light. We need more positive comments and reviews like this for the kids who work so hard for the activity. Thanks, PeeWee!!!
  6. Post edited as VK management is handling the issue.
  7. And for me, these days, I interchange both. Which irritates both my band kids and Dream. Whatdoyado?
  8. Did you really just say can-can? Dunno if we can fit that into the show this year. Right now, we are musically overtime as it is. ;) See ya soon!!!!
  9. Actually, I think not. Thanks for all of the support. I KNOW the kids love it......
  10. Well, and I blame the cat. Oh, and insomnia. You need to get an IM I can chat with you, Nancy.