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  1. I agree. I was initially very disappointed that the show was a standstill but it sure was great to hear them blast at you from the arc without feet in the sound. Really glad I opted for the facemelter seats instead of the nosebleeds this year!
  2. Just got home. Sucks that it was a standstill, but on the plus side all the hornlines sounded terrific (helps when you don't have to run all over the place). Felt like a drum corps greatest hits show out there: Firebird, Planets, Turandot, Rite of Spring, Pines of Rome... no complaints from me!! Major props to BK for doing their full show in the rain and totally killing it (and almost killing themselves in the process!). Also, 7.50 for a lemonade with a shot of Svekda in it? Blerrghh.
  3. Well, at least my seat is under the balcony. :) Edit: Just saw a mega bolt of lightning.
  4. I'm starting to wonder if it's worth dropping the 10 bucks on parking.
  5. Downpour has started a few miles out. We're doomed.
  6. Gotta echo the others and vote for BD 95. Love that show. Edit: also Colts 99. Can't get darker than Dies Irae.
  7. I work evenings and am not a fan of navigating twitter so I was extremely appreciative of everyone's play-by-plays on DCP. It's impossible to type everything correctly when you're on a phone, especially when liveblogging, so I definitely didn't give a crap about proper spelling and grammar. It was just great to get any kind of updates at all. Hopefully some of you will keep it up for next year and beyond, because you made my boring worknights a lot better. :)
  8. somehow 40 dollars for VOD last year was reasonable but i just can't bring myself to spend 50 this year. oh, well.
  9. Sioux Falls is my hometown, and I marched in one of those high school bands. Wish I could be there!!
  10. I can see some blue sky on the horizon so we might be OK.
  11. Rain has cleared up here. Gonna leave in a few and bring an umbrella. :)
  12. I'm in Glendale now, which is about 6 miles south of Invesco. Rain is coming down hard.