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  1. The show was art, class, poetry, and musicality in motion. A sophisticated, mature show that may not be fully appreciated by non musicians. They made some really difficult musical moments look sooooo easy, fluid and flawless!!! Great Job Blue Stars!!!
  2. This thread should be at the top of everything. No matter the score, shows, good bad and everything in between, this is what drum corps is REALLY all about in my opinion; nothing else really matters, . .... teaching life experiences, learning about yourself, finding and following your passion. All else really doesn't matter. Drum corps is merely just the vehicle.
  3. Hopefully the show is not cancelled due to rain/storms. Would be nice to have one more score going into Indianapolis. Cadets have had a show last night and again tonight. Would be nice to see where judges would put Blue Stars going into finals week.
  4. I don't think Blue Stars taking 6th is a slight possibility or delusional at all. I think Blue Stars have a really decent chance of overtaking Cadets finals week. Less than half a point separates them currently and each time they have met head to head throughout the season Blue Stars have narrowed the gap!
  5. For now!!! I will take Blue Stars within less than a half point going into Indi. There is still a week left, a lot can happen. I believe this battle will go down right to the end/last day
  6. Well, time will tell regardless of what happens tonight. There is still a week left and think this may go down to the last show between the Blue Stars and Cadets. All is fun, and all are truly winners in the end. The talent and fortitude of all the corps are outstanding and champs in my book!
  7. could not disagree more, i think it is a step up for Cadets and Blue Stars. Could not agree more it is a really good set up for Blue Stars!!! and others
  8. agreed, and every section in different colored uniforms, some build alliances with each other, along with the back and forth of the horns playing from one side to the other. You cant really hear the battling horns side to side unless you are there live, it really sticks out vs. hearing it on line.
  9. the end zone to end zone coverage several times in the show is something to behold when hearing it live, surround sound wall of sound, gorgeous!
  10. Well, everyone else is fighting upward and still progressing as well!!! Good luck to all!!
  11. No, Im looking in the right direction..... clearly straight ahead. Im not looking in the back seat for anyone or anything... The only thing you get when distracted with something in the back seat and not keeping your eyes on the road ahead of you is an accident/crash!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the Cavies, hope they are able to hold their own and come out on top of the Mandarin, Phantom, Cavies battle.
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