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  1. agree 100%, how can we contain the new electronic/mixing board/microphone/professional mixing board staff, arms race, with some reasonable parameters,
  2. very excited about this team for Blue Stars, With Wunderlich writing both brass and front ensemble, and the new brass staff... yes
  3. Woodwinds? bahhh yesterdays news... what about strings??? Blue Devils won this year with an electronic about an electronic string ensemble?? (amplified string base, cello, viola ?) a marching string section, yeah baby!! Be sure to keep your interval or risk getting your eye poked out with a vigorously playing violin bow
  4. I honestly like the direction things are going. This past years top 12 was one of the most entertaining shows top to bottom I have ever seen in drum corps. I say bring on guard innovation. I am looking forward to the day when objects other than rifles/guns/swords are thrown up in the air and pikes with flags on them are used. I cant wait until new things are thrown around in unison and coordination to great effect. Drum corps is no longer a spectacle paying homage to the military and the American flag.... it has not been since the break with the VFW/ American Legion and the formation of
  5. No particular order, these stick in my mind the most Blue Stars Bluecoats Crown Boston Blue Devils
  6. Women of the 2019 Blue Stars battery!!!
  7. Great year Blue Stars. Dynamics, power, grace, Congratulations!!! The corps overall seems to be in a better place than it was last year at this time....improved in all sections and areas both on an off the field. Cant wait to see how you build upon this year for next!!
  8. Show them what your made of today, and keep the pedal to the metal from here until the end. Good Luck Blue Stars!!!
  9. Devils and Coats in their 2some and Vanguard mastur****** by themselves in 3rd
  10. Im not sure about cavies in that pack.... I think Boston and Crown are in their own 2some
  11. Keep your eye on the trail Blue Stars!!! Don't look back and keep the focus on your own sled going forward. Widening the gap between Blue Knights, closing the gap between Cavaliers. Cant wait to see this show as it continues to polish and when it is complete in Indianapolis. Now, may the dog race continue, MUSH!! to the finish line. FCO!
  12. and when the entire package is out there come finals week, along with continued cleaning, watch out!
  13. And there is so much more to be added to this show yet!!! Will be very interesting to see where this ends up. And if the horn score tonight was where it should have been, (and has been) even a higher score for sure
  14. Great show this year, Blue Stars. Horns and GUARD!!! and that DRILL.....YOZA!!! Keep the peddle to the metal!!! FCO Good luck to all!