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  1. Just in time for the Holiday season..... The Govenaires souvie online store is now open! www.govenaires.org/index.php?pg=souvies Happy Shopping ~
  2. Govies Guard score @ St. Peter show was 17.8
  3. Ah, re-check your math...... Govies had 39 marching members on the field tonight..... and that was with some that were not able to make it to the shows due to a death in the family and other conflicts!
  4. Govies had last weekend off to enjoy time with our families (or work.....) Saturday - rehearsal and pool party Sunday - parade and concert
  5. Govies 2010 show is "Road Trip" Music of: On the Road Again Mo-town Medley Night in Tunisia Tiger Rag/ When the Saints go Marching In
  6. It may be frigid in St. Peter MN at the present time but not for long..... Govies are about to begin their "Road Trip"! 1st Winter Rehearsal is: Saturday, January 16th (Brass and Percussion only) Noon - 6pm Sunday, January 17th (Brass and Percussion only) 10am - 4pm Site = MN State Univ - Mankato The Govies Winterguard had completed auditions and have been rehearsing the Retro..... If you are in the area, feel free to check out the always entertaining guard ;) 1st Winterguard show will be held Saturday, January 30th. For more updates and information, please visit the Govies website @ www.govenaires.org
  7. Govies had: 16 brass 11 field battery 6 front percussion 14 guard
  8. Congrats Vigilantes!!!! It has been an enjoyable spring/ summer watching the growth of the new corps! You guys are great "sports".... All year you were looking for a way to hit a home run! whether it was: *** Allowing me to visit during a rehearsal camp *** Run the bases with the few suggestions that I had made *** Supporting the other corps in the region I could go on and on, but I need some sleep ;) Congrats again - so proud of you!!! Can't wait to see what is in store for 2010!
  9. WOW, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Fran!!! It was great seeing Fran and Barbara back in Rochester this weekend! Wish I was able to chat longer.........
  10. Ha - funny ;) I would never do that to Spandy! That's what happens on a fun filled exhausting weekends do to ya!
  11. There is no such thing as too much fun ;) We are having a blast on the field again this year! Sometimes I wonder how we are so productive at rehearsals when we have sooo much fun.
  12. Ok Guys and Gals...... Take a deep breath, cool Down!!!! My question to you all that are being so negative........... Why are you trying so hard to hurt a drum corps? There have been so many corps that have become inactive due to so many reasons, we don't need to have more corps go down due to negativity on DCP!!!! We need to keep this activity that we love dearly growing! With that being said - go Vigilantes!!!!
  13. If you mean tough as in having a fly away softball hit the ankle during evaluation tough - then yep I am ;)
  14. Wow - that is a heat wave!!! I don't know if I remember how warm that feels :) It was a whoppin -1 this am when I went to work!
  15. Thanks Dick! That is a great question, but don't think there will be a meeting that soon..... Anyways - the winter p-rades are a ton of fun ;) Yes we are crazy!
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