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  1. DANG...You're right - I guess my ADHD really kicked in. I'd actually keep Bluecoats and move to Blue Devils 2003 - The Phenomenon of Cool. As for the 1-Star? This is why I love the subjectivity of drum corps, and art in general...they just happen to wrong πŸ˜‰
  2. I had to do some major cutting just to make it a Top-12. I chose these corps because they generated incredible crowd emotion, response, and entertainment. I also felt that a mix of all five decades was necessary in order to get the evolution of the activity (yes, I know I didn't get the piston/rotor years). SCV 2018 – Babylon Boston Crusaders 2017 – Wicked Games Bluecoats 2016 – Tilt Carolina Crown 2015 – Inferno Blue Devils 2014 – Felliniesque Phantom Regiment 2008 – Spartacus Madison Scouts 1995 – A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream Velvet Knights 1992 – Magica
  3. Bridgemen - 1980 Suncoast Sound - 1988 Freelancers 1983 Sky Ryders 1987 Knights of Geneseo - 1983
  4. I would have to say: 1. Boston's Witch burning, and also the acting in Wicked Game 2. BD's Off-the-Line beginning 3. Mandarins' awesome take on Sound of Silence 4. Cavaliers running "joke"
  5. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of fans who absolutely loved this show! It was, hands down, one of the best live drum corps experiences I've ever had - and, given that I've been involved with this activity for over 30 years, says something. Looking back, there are only a handful of shows that stirred my emotions like Wicked Games. The commitment to character, talent of all sections, and stunning production values all combined to put 12 minutes of pure magic on the field. Then, if that wasn't enough, that absolutely brilliant "burn at the stakes" effect at the end was, by far
  6. OK - I truly think that it's important to separate the two issues - that way both the current financial urgency can be addressed, and the long-term solvency of the corps as a whole can be dealt with afterwards. First - I have known Ibe for about 10 years and I have never questioned his dedication to the kids, or the organization. While there have been previous organizations who have made a similar plea (only to have it turn out to be b.s.), Ibe is not the sort of person who would put out a distress call unless it was truly an emergency. Also, the paramount issue at hand is making su
  7. Shadow has loads of potential, as well as an extremely well organized and established booster group - something that many new corps lack their first year. Add to that an infrastructure that already understands touring to a certain degree, and you have an administrative base that's light year's ahead of most first-year corps. Also, they were one of MACBDA's more successful groups, so they also have a strong performance/competitive history. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this group brings, this year.
  8. OH someone who studied Shakespeare in college, this has me giddy with anticipation and excitement!!! While BD has never been at the top of favorites list, this show has the potential for converting me.
  9. Yes, indeed, there will be a second percussion judge - which was voted on by the instructors and passed on to the Directors, who approved it. The reason was centered on safety. With only one field judge, there were several instances where that judge caused, or nearly caused, collisions with performers - mainly because they had to cover so much downstairs and were practically running all over the field - between battery and pit. However, the second judge will be primarily upstairs and will observe the front whenever the field judge is focusing on the battery...thus making it so the on-field
  10. I live in Columbus and know the Director, Marshall Cheathum. He's been leading the Saints drum line since their inception 11 years ago and is committed to making the drum & bugle corps a locally focused group. If the corps is anywhere near as successful as the drum line has been - both competitively, as well as with developing their members; most of whom have no other outlet - then this corps will be fantastic. Best of luck, Saints!
  11. The 2013 Racine Scouts are having auditions for color guard. WHEN: Saturday, May 4 REGISTRATION: 9:00am CAMP: 9:30am-7:30pm WHERE: Church of the Nativity 3658 E Plankinton Ave Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110 RSVP, or MORE INFO: Matt Mackowiak 574-514-3266
  12. Music City is a no show...anyone know what's up?
  13. Strange...because DCI schedule has them going to Indy, along with several shows en-route.
  14. Another lightning warning. Stands about to be cleared until further notice.