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  1. Bridgemen - 1980 Suncoast Sound - 1988 Freelancers 1983 Sky Ryders 1987 Knights of Geneseo - 1983
  2. I would have to say: 1. Boston's Witch burning, and also the acting in Wicked Game 2. BD's Off-the-Line beginning 3. Mandarins' awesome take on Sound of Silence 4. Cavaliers running "joke"
  3. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of fans who absolutely loved this show! It was, hands down, one of the best live drum corps experiences I've ever had - and, given that I've been involved with this activity for over 30 years, says something. Looking back, there are only a handful of shows that stirred my emotions like Wicked Games. The commitment to character, talent of all sections, and stunning production values all combined to put 12 minutes of pure magic on the field. Then, if that wasn't enough, that absolutely brilliant "burn at the stakes" effect at the end was, by far, one of the all-time best pieces of visual mastery that will be talked about for years to come. Thank you, BAC, for Wicked Games...a show I will talk about and savor for many, many years.
  4. OK - I truly think that it's important to separate the two issues - that way both the current financial urgency can be addressed, and the long-term solvency of the corps as a whole can be dealt with afterwards. First - I have known Ibe for about 10 years and I have never questioned his dedication to the kids, or the organization. While there have been previous organizations who have made a similar plea (only to have it turn out to be b.s.), Ibe is not the sort of person who would put out a distress call unless it was truly an emergency. Also, the paramount issue at hand is making sure those kids are taken care of...and, right now, letting them complete their season is at the top of the list. Why? Because they have put everything they've got into the corps...and to have it cut short with nowhere to go at this late juncture just isn't fair to them. As for the other issue - this can, and should be, addressed after the season. The organization will need to review what happened, determine how or if it could have been prevented, and determine whether they can recover...or cease operations. That's my $.02
  5. Shadow has loads of potential, as well as an extremely well organized and established booster group - something that many new corps lack their first year. Add to that an infrastructure that already understands touring to a certain degree, and you have an administrative base that's light year's ahead of most first-year corps. Also, they were one of MACBDA's more successful groups, so they also have a strong performance/competitive history. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this group brings, this year.
  6. OH someone who studied Shakespeare in college, this has me giddy with anticipation and excitement!!! While BD has never been at the top of favorites list, this show has the potential for converting me.
  7. Yes, indeed, there will be a second percussion judge - which was voted on by the instructors and passed on to the Directors, who approved it. The reason was centered on safety. With only one field judge, there were several instances where that judge caused, or nearly caused, collisions with performers - mainly because they had to cover so much downstairs and were practically running all over the field - between battery and pit. However, the second judge will be primarily upstairs and will observe the front whenever the field judge is focusing on the battery...thus making it so the on-field judge doesn't have to run through sections, but rather can maneuver more cautiously. Initially this will only be at regionals and championships, but eventually should go full-season.
  8. I live in Columbus and know the Director, Marshall Cheathum. He's been leading the Saints drum line since their inception 11 years ago and is committed to making the drum & bugle corps a locally focused group. If the corps is anywhere near as successful as the drum line has been - both competitively, as well as with developing their members; most of whom have no other outlet - then this corps will be fantastic. Best of luck, Saints!
  9. The 2013 Racine Scouts are having auditions for color guard. WHEN: Saturday, May 4 REGISTRATION: 9:00am CAMP: 9:30am-7:30pm WHERE: Church of the Nativity 3658 E Plankinton Ave Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110 RSVP, or MORE INFO: Matt Mackowiak 574-514-3266
  10. Music City is a no show...anyone know what's up?
  11. Strange...because DCI schedule has them going to Indy, along with several shows en-route.
  12. Another lightning warning. Stands about to be cleared until further notice.
  13. Hey there... I'm interested in fielding a corps and have some questions before I declare my intention. 1. What's the difference between the divisions? 2. Would I have to start in D-3 and work up to D-1, or could I start in D-1? 3. Is there any cost to register? That should be a good start...and I'm looking forward to participating in the circuit...
  14. Actually, that guy was me . Regarding the theater experience... Overall - sound wasn't too bad...of course, Blue Stars sounded the loudest of all the groups because of their staging and extremely mic'd pit. OK - some observations: Overall - some interesting productions. Yes, some had more dirt than others, and the fact that they were all either 100% completed, or #### close. Great job, everyone. Blue Stars: Move the ramp/platform thingy further back, or situate it so that you can use more of the field. SCV: Way too esoteric and bland for me. Some intricate drill, but the concept of escaping from Hell does not come across at all. Phantom: I really wanted to like this show, but I just couldn't. This show is seriously lacking impact moments, which makes the show flat. I'm really hoping they add and tweak A LOT, or this will not be a good year for Phantom. Bluecoats: Love the first 1-2 minutes of the show. Unfortunately, the show is 11 minutes long. Percussion is the strongest section and they play the heck out their book. However, the concept of the show is lost behind the overall muddled musical selections. Crown: Far and away my favorite show. I NEED to see this show live because, if I loved it in the theater, I can't imagine how WOWED I'll be when I see it in-person. Contrary to a lot of other observations, this show has a lot of demand, but it's executed well. This show is why I love Crown - it's an audience accessible show with a great concept that they sell 100%. Blue Devils: OK, I've made smarta** comments about BD's new uniforms, as well as their shows for the past several years. I won't here, but I need to ask fans of this year's BD production; what am I missing? My thoughts when seeing/hearing this show is that it's not a top-5 show in any way. There is no demand, it's lacking in even medium-velocity drill, and I don't understand any of what they're trying to convey. So, I ask again; what am I missing? because I just don't see how this show is even breaking a 70. Cadets: Love the concept, am BLOWN AWAY at their drill (they are seriously bookin'), and really love how the entire corps is conveying the product. The two separate colored uniforms work incredibly well with the drill design, and they look really good, too. When they clean this up, they'll be contending for the title. Cavaliers: These are the Cavies I've come to know and love. The drill is tight, the guard is performing at a higher level than this part of the season usually affords, and the concept/design works! Could easily win the title. My Favorite Corps / How I Saw the Placement: 8. SCV / Blue Stars 7. Blue Devils / SCV 6. Phantom / Blue Devils 5. Bluecoats / Phantom 4. Blue Stars / Bluecoats 3. Cadets / Cadets 2. Cavaliers / Crown 1. Crown / Cavaliers I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone improves and transforms throughout the season.
  15. Hmmm...this is a thread on 2011 uniforms, which is a topic geared towards offering opinions about said uniforms. I stated my opinions, but obviously you disagree. That's fine. However, you also think dissenting opinions aren't worth expressing. Sorry if you're offended, but get over it. Until this site becomes a one-opinion only forum, my opinions are worth just as much as yours.
  16., for what my 2 cents are worth (yes, I know, 2 cents...)... Cascades - Pretty nice, especially the lighter shades of green. I always thought the dark/forest green got lost on the field, so this is a nice change. Colts - hmmmmm. I think it's better than what they've been wearing since '07, but that's not saying too much. While the bolty thingy is intresting, I don't know how well it's going to read on the field. Cadets - nice concept, but need to see it on the field. However, they are a nice variation on the traditional Cadets look. Phantom - I really love this new uniform. A nice change of style without completely going off the deep end. However, I'm still one of those rare creatures who thought the Khaki uniforms were the best...and I still do. Trooper - I like the way the uniform looks, but not on the Troopers. I'm a fan of the concretely defined the corps and gave them their identity. Academy - uh, excuse me, but your corps is based in Arizona, the summer around the rest of the United States is generally hot to scorching...AND YOU HAVE BLACK-FREAKING UNIFORMS? I love the way they look, BUT IT'S A BLACK-FREAKING UNIFORM. 'nuff said. Blue Devils - two words: EPIC FAIL! I know some of the drum corps universe thinks this is the quintessential, state-of-the-art piece of brilliance that makes BD the gold-standard of the activity (you also probably thought Constantly Risking Absurdity was the all-time best show)...and, that's the great thing about a subjective activity - their will never be 100% agreement, or vice-versa. However, this uniform is bordering on vomit-inducing. I don't care that it supposedly fits their show. In my opinion, it ranks as one of the worst ever...not that I have an opinion.
  17. The drum corps universe grew a person smaller yesterday as Rich Skare, alum of SCV, BD, Renegades & Frontier, passed away. Rich didn't revolutionize the activity, didn't set new standards for a particular section, or wasn't even a legend (for most of y'all here, at-least). Rich was, however, someone I believe was somewhat of a poster child for the drum corps life: he played his instrument good n loud, had a great time doing it, insisted that everyone else do the same, and had the kind of infectious attitude that just made you want to be around him. He gave drum corps everything he had...and didn't regret it for a second. I marched with Rich in the SCV Tournament of Roses Parade corps in 2004. I consider myself fortunate that we were able to meet and begin a friendship (yeah, it was occasional chatting on Facebook, but we always had a blast). So, I just want to say to left us before we wanted you to. You're going to be missed, but not forgotten. Please say hi to G.R. for all of us Vanguard alumni...and, most importantly, rest in peace. May You Never Walk Alone...May Your Sound Always Be Heard.
  18. I also saw the brothers at OSU...I had no idea they were going to be there. For some reason, I decided that I was going to have my morning coffee while walking around campus. When I arrived at Ohio Stadium, I was pleasantly surprised to find the equipment truck parked just outside. Guess I picked the right day to walk around campus... Great rehearsal, and amazing run through. I'm proud to be an alum, and really can't wait 'til they march onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday night...go get 'em, brothers! May You Never Walk Alone!!!
  19. Hey, dude...why the rude comment? Alright, so this isn't about the BK non-penalty, but that was the catalyst for this thread in the first place, so back off the kid. So sorry you didn't approve of his post...I never realized that you alone are the judge of topic post relevancy.
  20. To address a few of the issues listed above - At the 2-minute mark of the corps entering the field, the announcer is supposed to announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the field, from (insert hometown here), (insert corps name here). Then, at the 30-second mark (I believe), the announcer asks if the corps is ready - at which point, the d.m. salutes and the announcer says, "presenting their show, 'blah, blah, blah,' Drum Corps International is proud to present," etc. Now, because pre-shows seem to have different timing so that they can have maximum impact, a staff member usually prompts the announcer so that everything times to the corps' actual beginning, which opens up the problem of actual timed judging. I wish everything would be consistent...but, because the pre-show has now taken on a much more integrated part of the overall design, this concept has pretty much gone the way of the 2-valve bugle. As for penalties assessed because a corps is late - shows are scheduled to the minute so that they can have ample time for the entire competition, but also not start so early that fans can't be there in-time for the start. In addition, noise ordinances are much more strict these days, with many cities having curfews that begin as early as 10pm. Because of this, if a corps is late, it really messes with the overall timing and puts the show sponsors in jeopardy of violating city law and receiving their own penalty/fine. Yes, it sucks that a corps receives a penalty for being late, but it is a rule that was voted on by the Board of Directors. Regardless of the reason for being late, the penalty needs to be enforced across the board.
  21. There are some clarity issues in this show...that I will agree with other posters/reviewers. However, when I saw/heard the show, the clarity issues - in my opinion - were minor. In this day of themed shows, I look at shows from a theater director's perspective; does the product have an understandable beginning/middle/end, do the performers deliver the story line successfully, and does the show produce an emotional response. For me, these answers were all yes, to varying degrees. I will agree with other folks in that this is a show that you either love, or hate. There is no like about it. But, as you said, everyone interprets art in different ways...and, I love that folks have been respectfully giving their comments.
  22. HAIRBEAR... I was probably a bit harsh and too "smartassy" with that comment...I'm sure that y'all will make considerable and fantastic progress as the season continues. Oh, and just for the record, my spouse - who has zero drum corps background, but who probably gives the best commentary on the corps - said that you guys have a show that he'd love to see later on this summer. All the best as you guys continue...and, I'm definitely going to avoid stadium nachos from now on...
  23. Alright, I just got home from the Emerald City Artistry in Motion show in Dublin (suburb of Columbus), and I'm quite jazzed about the shows I saw tonight (for the most part)...and, with that, here is my take... VENUE - This stadium is a great drum corps stadium. The stands rise nearly 50 rows high, and are on a nice/steep pitch. I was on side 1, at about the 30-35 yard line in row NN (basically - row 40) and had a fantastic view of the drills...I loved it, and a great value at $19. SHOWS - Cincinnati Tradition (all-age): I'm pretty much guessing this was their Opening Night show...and it was pretty obvious. Show was a Latin-style show that featured, "One More Time Chuck Corea," that was practically the same arrangement, note for note, played by BD in 1982 (complete with pelvic thrust and audible grunt). Musically this show was very hard to digest (and the nachos I had a few minutes earlier didn't help matters). Horns hacked/fracked and were trying to find notes the entire time (soloists somehow thought they were in BD and tried to play that way with, let's just say less than successful results). Guard was small, and it was clear that they only had work for about 2/3 of the show. They spent the entire closer on the front sideline with handheld fans, which they used the entire time (and, with the really hot temperature at showtime, may have helped to keep them cooler). Overall - this was a tough first show for them. And, if somehow this wasn't their first show, well then all I can say is, "OY!" Legends (Open Class): The title of their show (Ruins), their choice of music (Vesuvius, Eruption [from ELP's Tarkus], Selections from Pines of Rome, Unstoppable, and Prelude-Main Title from Ben Hur, and what I heard/saw on the field...None of It Made Sense. I couldn't make out the music they were supposed to be playing, their performance didn't evoke any of what it was supposed to, and the overall concept was completely lost on me. That said, the kids are doing everything they can with what they've been given. Execution wasn't bad, but it's obvious they can't convey the emotion of the show when I'm sure they don't know what that emotion is supposed to be. This has been a running theme with this corps. I've always found that they have talented kids, but they aren't being given a product where they can show off and maximize to their fullest. I've always found that the design team creates overly esoteric shows that sound great to them, but don't translate to the field. Overall - Kids did everything they could, but the show design and concept just prevented them from showing off their talent. Teal Sound: Let me state right up front, I really like this show. Well created/designed, it has a clear theme throughout, and it's something that I want to see again as the season continues. For their first statement in WC, they're making it a strong one! Some folks have commented on DCP that their guitars were too loud and distracting. Tonight, they were at all. Balance wasn't a major issue, and their electronics weren't a negative. The big thing holding them back right now is execution. Individual performer problems abound (especially in the visual department), their hornline was quiet reserved (which in this show should be the opposite), and they suffer from some stamina issues. But, nothing is too severe that they can't fix throughout the season. Overall - this is a show/corps that has a lot of untapped potential. If they get it clean and fix the individuals, they can slip into semis. Madison Scouts: I'm a Scout alum, I'm biased, and I admit that. I marched in the corps the last time they played Rhapsody in Blue (1985), and I was looking forward to seeing/hearing this year's rendition. Simply - THIS SHOW ROCKED!!! It's good ol' fashioned drum cutesy title, no having to explain what's supposed to be happening...none of that. They enter the stadium, the play full arrangements of Slaughter on 10th Avenue and Rhapsody in Blue (not momentary excerpts), they're powerful, they have the swagger/aura back, and I LOVE IT! Dirt? Of course. But everything about this year's corps feels like a blast from the past - retro style uniforms, familiar music, all sections strong...or, to sum it up: MADISON!!! Overall - they're back in the top-12 this year. This show is really good...but, they do need to work on the little things - especially in the visual department - if they're going to get back to the upper-echelons of the drum corps world. Blue Stars: The Houdini show is cute. However, it's one of the shows where there is so much happening from start to finish that you miss a lot. And, from what I can interpret, there is going to be more coming to help tell their story. The problem with that, however, is that there's just going to be more things to miss seeing from a fan's perspective. However, there are some absolutely beautiful moments - the ballad is really nice, and the guard spinning silks with a key on them adds a nice touch. Overall - this show is nice, but I just don't see it going any further - competitively, or otherwise. Cavaliers: This is another show that has a lot of stuff going on. BUT, they do a much better job telling the story, "Mad World." This is another show that I really like because it has a clear theme, a clear beginning/middle/end, and is wonderfully performed. The all three sections mix/mingle throughout the show (the entire hornline joining the guard on rifles was a great moment) and compliment each other's strengths. Overall - The Cavies are, once again, a solid corps with a great show. I don't agree with their score/placement tonight, but I have no doubt that they'll be solidly in contention for a medal. Carolina Crown: To quote Dom DeLuise in the movie, History of the World Part 1, this show is "Nice. Not wonderful, not incredible, Nice." There is nothing bad about this show - I like the music, the performance, and the performers...but, there really isn't any true WOW moments at any point. They had an OK run, but I disagree with their placement tonight...I don't think their performance tonight warranted First Place. Overall - It could easily win the whole thing this year, but I personally don't believe this show will medal in Indy. Bluecoats: There is something about this show that clicks for me in a way no other drum corps show in this era of electronics/synths/etc. has. I can't really describe. I personally thought they had a Gold Medal performance tonight. The show flowed well and was engaging from start to finish, and for me is one of the best Bluecoats corps in a long time. I can see why they've been scoring as high as they have, and why the reviews on here have been raving...they deserve it, and tonight's performance just added to that list of positive reviews. Overall - I can see Bluecoats as a dark horse for the title because this show is the real deal. FINAL THOUGHTS: I'm glad I was able to attend because there's some #### good stuff happening this year. Every show has a lot more choreography with ALL the elements, not just guard...the entertainment factor is considerably higher than in previous years, and the quality of performers overall is fantastic.