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  1. Just saw Madison's run through... I'm not gonna review it now...but will wait for the show tonight. HOWEVER, as someone who marched with Scouts the last time they played Rhapsody in Blue (1985), I gotta admit that I felt like I was in a time machine. There were a lot of similarities in the arrangements - right 'til the end. I had goosebumps, and even shed a few tears (seriously). Now, I can't wait to see 'em in the new (retro) should be even more magical. Thanks,'re doing the uniform, and those of us who came before you, proud. MYNWA...
  2. This will be my first time attending this show, and was wondering who all in the DCP universe will be attending? 7:00pm Dublin Coffman High School 6780 Coffman Rd Dublin, OH 43017 It looks like a great lineup: Cincinnati Tradition Legends Teal Sound Madison Scouts Blue Stars Cavaliers Carolina Crown Bluecoats Would love to meet some of you who I've seen post on here.
  3. The corps is traveling to California (Northern AND Southern), which is going to cost plenty. And, while they are not doing the full tour, there will still a significant number of other performances that will make for an active and full summer, in-spite of the July ending. It's going to be a great return for Thunder...and a great way for anyone/everyone who wants to march, but simply can't participate for the entire summer.
  4. Brandt Crocker....You may take your rightful place in the DCI Hall of Fame!! (I could never announce it as good as, "The Voice.") Congratulations!!!
  5. I was talking with Bill Clark, Brass Caption Head at Spokane Thunder, and he told me that there are still some available spots for this season (especially brass and guard). I'm sure there are a lot of kids who really want to march this summer, but can't take the entire summer off. Thunder is for you! Their tour goes until July 17, which allows for anyone who wants to do drum corps, and who also needs to do other stuff (work/school). Also - DCP UNIVERSE...pass this on. The corps is back, and building a great who march will have a great experience! For more information, contact: Director - Rich Harvey: Brass Caption Head - Bill Clark: Percussion Caption Head - Zac Robason: Color Guard Caption Head - Kathryn Lagge: There are definitely a lot of great things developing in Spokane!!!
  6. Tom - The local angle is definitely something I wish we could have done better...though it wasn't for lack of trying. While we did make outreach to local schools, it was something that hadn't truly been done for some time. One of the biggest problems was that a lot of schools/directors had a bad taste in their mouths about drum corps...not because of anything that was done by Capital Sound/Madison Scouts, but rather by other groups who housed their for shows. In trying to extend the proverbial olive branch, I was the recipient of many harsh words by directors who wanted nothing to do with the activity. Hence, getting the opportunity to recruit kids by visiting schools was practically non-existent. To augment this hurdle, I worked hard to attract kids from outside of the area. The 2008 season drew a large number of kids from out of state, which at the time was a great thing. However, I'll be the first to admit that we didn't work hard enough to secure the necessary support for the kids to relocate here for the summer. This was one of those major issues that I mentioned in the previous post. In the past, local corps members housed the kids from out-of-the-area, and it worked quite well because the majority of members were from the immediate geographical area. However, in '08 the ratio of locals to out-of state members switched dramatically as we approached move-ins, and we were presented with a housing problem that pretty much hit us late. I won't go into any further specifics. However, I really wish we could have made stronger in-roads with the local band directors/programs. That being said, it was only one of the factors that led to the eventual decision to go inactive.
  7. As the Director when we made the decision to go inactive, let me address the question. We (myself and the Board of Directors) collectively made the difficult decision because several unfortunate situations all came together prior the Memorial Day camp in 2008 to create a major problem. After looking at every possible scenario, we could/would not go out onto the road with so many potential obstacles that could have seriously jeopardized the well-being of our membership and organization. As for DCI fining the corps. DCI has every corps sign a participation agreement stating that they commit to the finalized schedule. As Sam stated above, this is done so the show sponsors can go ahead with advertising, print programs, and preparing housing for the groups. If a corps withdraws after that agreement is signed, they are fined for each show missed. Capital Sound did not get fined at that time, rather the fine would be assessed should the corps reapply for DCI participation.
  8. Oh, we've met, Maggie - I marched in the TOR corps (contra). Yeah, I've spoken with Rich, plus Bill Clark was my staff coordinator/brass caption head/arranger when I was with Capital Sound. Everyone is really jazzed about getting back onto the field. I can't wait!!!
  9. Maggie - I heard great things about this weekend's camp from Bill Clark, and I'm excited that I'm going to be joining him to work with the corps starting at the next camp. There's definitely some wonderful energy coming from Spokane, and I'm looking forward to being a part of that excitement...and, I hope to see you when I'm out there.
  10. My favorites: Phantom '08 & Crown '07 - Both of these shows went beyond simply telling a "story;" they literally WERE a story (as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary: "a narrative, either true or fictitious, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader.") If these two shows were films, they could easily be nominated for Best Live Short Feature. I would also add Blue Stars 2008 (Le Tour: Every Second Counts). And, just to put 'em out there, my pre-Y2K favorites: Suncoast Sound '88 (Symphonic Dances for the Contemporary Child), SCV '89 (Phantom of the Opera), and Bluecoats '95 (Homefront: 1945). (WARNING: Commentary relating to this topic ahead) Now, someone previously mentioned, regarding Blue Devils '09, that if you watch Scott Chandler's interview on The Fan Network, the story of their show begins to makes sense. I have a problem with this, and I believe it's becoming a growing problem with the design aspect of drum corps these days. To me, a drum corps show should NEVER have to be explained. Either the design is conveyed by the performers, or it isn't...I shouldn't need a designer to explain it to me. This has led to, what I believe are, mediocre shows getting judged more favorably simply because a designer had to explain what the concept was because the judges, "couldn't figure it out for themselves," and, as an extension, neither could the fans. A story shouldn't have to be should be conveyed in a way that almost everyone will understand it. If that can't happen on its own, then the designers failed in their mission.
  11. I'd like to present an entirely different take on this... In the several years that I've been an instructor/director, I've always told kids who indicated a desire to audition for D-I/World Class corps to go audition anywhere they wanted...regardless of what talent level they possessed. Yes, I was up front about what the most likely result would be, but I also told them that they'd learn a great deal about how the "big boys" approached the activity...and, that they'd benefit by the process. Telling anyone they don't deserve to even audition really is a slap in the face. A kid can have a bad video presentation...for any number of reasons, but now they're not going to get a chance to present themselves in-person. I can speak from personal experience. When I auditioned for Madison back in '84 (for the '85 season), I went in not expecting to make it because I knew my talent level was not nearly as strong as a lot of other guys. And, my actual playing audition truly sucked. However, during the process, the staff was able to see me in-person, and was able to see how I worked during the entire audition weekend. I was rewarded with a spot that season, and it's something that I still remember fondly, and share with kids I work with. I honestly don't like this, "video audition just for the right to audition in-person," garbage. It's another demonstration of how this activity just seems to getting more and more elitist. I'm sure there will be plenty of disagreement here, but it's my honest opinion and feeling.
  12. I never liked the Mass Brass concept for a variety of reasons, for which I won't go into here (however, I will say that after last year's display at finals, I'm even more happy that this was done away with). I'd love to see a return to the tradition of the full retreat: corps leave the field in the reverse order of placement - saluting the champions with either their corps song, or another piece. And, then, one of my favorite drum corps quotes: "(insert name of champion), the field is yours." This was always a great experience, and to see shoes with notes left by the age-outs, was always emotional. Modernizing the activity with instrumentation, electronics, synths, etc., I'll live with. However, I sure as heck wish they'd bring back at least ONE tradition...the Full-Corps Retreat!
  13. I'm feeling torn - on one hand, it's absolutely AWESOME to have the Troopers back in the Top-12!!! Welcome back to the land where you belong. On the other, I'm quite bummed Colts just missed. Several former members of Capital Sound, whom I had the pleasure of directing, are marching there and I really wanted them to feel the magic of Saturday night on the field. Regardless - I'm sure Jim Jones is smiling down upon Indianapolis tonight.
  14. HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY...We'll be seeing those classic Freelancer uniforms back on the field soon? Always loved 'em...and looking forward to seeing them again!!!
  15. I just noticed on the Colts site about the passing of Greg Orwoll's father, Dean, this past week. From what I can see from the write up, I can understand where Greg got his dedication and commitment to kids and their development. COLTS.ORG Just wanted to put this out into the drum corps universe...and, my prayers and well wishes, Greg.
  16. As an alum of SCV, I just received this in my facebook message box...I'm truly sadden by the loss, and mad because of the circumstances... To his family, May You Never Walk Alone. The following letter was sent to SCV today to notifiy of this sad news about a fellow alum. It is with a deep sadness that we report that SoCal Dream has lost one of our 2008 battery members in a senseless gangland shooting. Robert Rodwell, who marched snare with Dream, was shot last night just after returning home from a City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Rehearsal. He was running an errand to the store for items to celebrate his daughter's birthday when a gang member dressed in black with hooded mask ran up to the car and asked him if he was a gang member. Robert repeatedly told him "NO I'm not a gang Member", the assailant didn't like his answer and shot him in the chest 2 times. Robert, who just recently celebrated his 29th birthday, passed away early this morning. Robert was a former student of our director, Nate Lewis, marching in the City Sound Winter Drumline. He went on to play snare for the Santa Clara Vanguard and just last year joined SoCal Dream. He returned to City Sound this year as an instructor. Ironically, it was his dream to give young kids in his community alternatives to gang violence through music. We only got to know Robert last year, but his huge smile, friendly personality, and love of music are the things I will always remember about him. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family and his extended drum corps family. Rest in Peace my brother. We will hear your drumming in the heavens.
  17. Quite an interesting statement. I would be interested in hearing what you think are the flaws in the Colts organization. Flaws? You mean like how they have an organization that brings nearly 400 kids every year into the world of performing arts (Colts, Colt Cadets, their summer band program, and youth choirs)? Or maybe you are referring to the corps marching in the Presidential Inaugural Parade representing Iowa. Wait, I know, it's that a vast majority of kids who march at Colts choose to age-out with them, rather than go ring chasing. I've been extremely impressed by how this group is run. Greg Orwoll continues to be a prime example on how to run a corps. They are competitive without sacrificing their identity or mission, and if that means tetering on the edge of the top-12, so be it. However, I also know that there have been some tweeking of staff and design, which should translate into a product that balances competitiveness with maintaining their overall identity. My point: I hope the Colts continue their mission of putting together a first-class organization where kids can develop, grow, and prosper in art...and, into their future. To paraphrase the Outback Steakhouse slogan: No Flaws...Just Right.
  18. I was also able to make it to this performance and I have to honestly say that this year's Colts & Colt Cadets both are flying out of the gate...especially the Colts. As mentioned above, they played throught the entire show and it was quite good for April. Their show, Fathoms, is not simply another drum corps show with a water theme. Even in this early stage, the music was able to conjure actual water/ocean/sea voyage images that were quite exciting (I like music that can get both my emotions and thoughts stimulated). Now, I'm looking forward to seeing the visual package because, if it's up to par with the music, the Colts should have a competitively successful year...and they are DEFINITELY going to be entertaining. Just my 2 cents...
  19. You need to get facts before making a post like this. The Open Class completely erased their deficit last Summer. There initial target was two years, and they did it in one. There were the only entity within DCI that was in the black. Along with their decision in '08 to become Open Class, they chose to make the move to reduce judging panels at certain shows...a move that was, then, echoed by World Class. This allowed Open Class to, a) reduce the budget required for judges (without having an adverse effect on scores or judging commentary) and, b)demonstrate to DCI that the Open Class was truly willing to make bold decisions for the good of the entire organization. While Open Class is considerably more difficult to operate because attendance at Open Class only shows is weak, to say the least. Promotion of Open Class shows is even weaker...and, with the attitudes of a lot of the drum corps community (not directed at you, HardCorp) that going to an Open Class show is beneath them, Open Class will continue to struggle until people wake up and realize that the Open Class product isn't the chumm of the's a great product that is delievered by members who work their collective butts off just as hard as their WC peers. OK...Rant over!
  20. The evaluation process involves a site visit by DCI to a camp, and that isn't usually scheduled until after the January meetings so that the groups being evaluated are able to get a few camps under their belt before being visited by DCI's evaluation team. Then, there is a recommendation sent to the Open Class Advisory Board for a final vote. I'm guessing it will be mid-April before any announcements are made.
  21. I'd definitely like to see/hear a show based on Henry V (the Kenneth Branaugh/Patrick Doyle version)...some great music, and some wonderful visual opportunities.
  22. Had the chance to meet Nathaniel at the DCI meeting this past weekend. A great guy who has a good grasp on putting together a new unit. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them this summer (or, since I'll be on the road, hearing about their progress). Best of luck...and, welcome to the Open Class family.
  23. Cozy is now with the other greats of drum corps...and being welcomed with open arms... Those of us down here will forever miss one of the best! Rest in peace, Cozy...May you never walk alone.