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  1. Capital Sound Recruiting New Staff for 2007 Madison, WI - With the 2007 drum corps just around the corner, Capital Sound announces an open call for staff in all captions to be a part of the Division 3 corps from Wisconsin. Under the leadership of new corps director, Marc Gofstein, the corps is looking for the best and brightest to work with a talented group of kids. “I want to give our kids some of the best instruction in the activity,” says Gofstein. “We might be a Division 3 corps, but there is no reason why our kids can’t have D-I instruction.” With the corps recruiting members throughout the Madison area, along with the rest of Wisconsin, and the Midwest, Capital Sound is looking to take its new mission and vision onto the drum corps field this upcoming season. Key to this will be a staff that has the drive, enthusiasm and talent to create a wonderful drum corps experience for our members. For more information, or to submit your resume, send an email to: , or: Marc Gofstein – Corps Director, Capital Sound – po box 7773, Madison, WI, 53707. Be a part of a great 2007…be a part of Capital Sound.
  2. "We cannot claim the reward unless we have over 50% of the carcass."
  3. I actually think Academy's powers-that-be should put together a manual on this issue...not just for future drum corps, but for marching bands, and even non-marching related organizations. They have methodically and steadily progressed their way up the ladder, and have refused to divert from their plans to move slowly through their development. Mark Richardson and his corps should be proud of how they've progressed, and the strength of their infrastructure should be commended, bottle-up, and sold to every new/developing groups as a "how to" on how to...
  4. Gee, Steph... No need to get defensive. I agree, but you're also talking about a totally separate issue. And, while I think having a full stand of patrons for every corps would be the best thing (especially for the kids who are forced to go on while the sun is still shining)...and, I for one, make it to shows for the National Anthem, there are folks who choose not to see D-III... I don't happen to agree with those who choose not to see the "smallest, crappiest Div III corp" but it's their individual choice...and that has nothing to do with this issue about retreats.
  5. You shouldn't discount it just because you haven't experienced it. As someone who had the opportunity to experience it, it was a tremendously emotional time, and we still had the chance to see our friends in other corps, albeit in the parking lot...and, as for what is played, there are many corps who played their corps song - most of the time facing the champion in tribute - and this just added to the emotion and excitement. And, on finals night, the age-outs would leave their shoes (as a symbol of leaving a piece of them forever on the drum corps field) with notes summing up their careers in drum corps...I remember seeing some of those and, I still get chills (and with the new format, the leaving of shoes is no longer allowed)... I have no doubt you're happy with finals retreat as they currently are, but you should talk to some of us who experienced it the other way...believe's something that truly embodies the drum corps experience.
  6. From the shows I've been too, "retreats" actually start earlier now...and, it takes about the same amount of time to get the drum majors on the field, along with the corps (singular or plural) playing AOC or CF, then which ever corps is doing the victory concert, as it would to get the entire lineup onto the field and have a victory concert (at least within a few minutes).... Like I said in the original post, I think it's time to bring back full retreats...
  7. OK... I've seen the arguments for America/O Canada... I've seen the arguments for Champions Fanfare... Frankly, I think they should do away with both and bring back REAL RETREATS...let the corps play themselves off the field with their corps song, or part of their show. REAL RETREATS..."There not just for us old-schoolers anymore!!!" OK gang...give the universe your thoughts...
  8. Don't know Jeff, personally...but, have heard nothing but great things about him... I'll echo previous sentiments: CURRENT BROTHERS: HOLD ON TIGHT AND ENJOY THE RIDE...the tradition and history will carry on, and I'm sure it will be fun and exciting!
  9. "On the field, from Concord, California...performing their 2007 show, 'Shake, Rattle and Roll,' Drum Corps International is proud to present, THE BLUE DEVILS!"
  10. AH...and, thanks KungFu... Then I say...1977 BRIDGEMEN...
  11. AIN'T IN TIME WE CLOSE THIS ONE? The original post was obviously an attempt to get people's dander up...and, it obviously succeeded... However, as most people here know, Madison's Alumni are tremendously supportive of the organization, and show it with their, the Alumni Corps did more to stir the emotions and show the history of good ol' fashioned drum, give the fans what they wanted...
  12. Ah, yes...the Countdown speculation is in full swing...and, so... MY VOTES: 70's BRIDGEMEN - 1977 (or was it 78?) the year of the insanely good show that got disqualified. TROOPERS - 1974 80's GARFIELD - 1983 SUNCOAST - 1985 (while 86's hornline was better, the 85 show was awesome) SCV - 1987 VK - 1988 90's PHANTOM - 1993 BD - 1994 BLUECOATS - 1995 (the military show was incredible) MADISON - 1995 00's CAVALIERS - 2000 (2004 is just not far enough in the past for me to vote for) CROSSMEN - 2003
  13. FAVORITE: Cavaliers - very appropriate to their theme, and not outlandish... LEAST FAVORITE: Madison - while it was also appropriate, the first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Oh great, Madison is doing the Lion King this year." Not the reaction one should have - unless you're actually doing the Lion King.
  14. An excellent piece, David...never quite realized a lot of this. However, after reading through it, I'm now more impressed with what the Cadets have attempted during their history...and, I would have to agree with almost everything you said... Nice work!
  15. Yeah, I was positive that would have had the job posting by now... Gee, I guess I must have missed it. Dang it...and, here I want the job of being scrutinized by an entire on-line community, only to be eventually terminated... Pity... <sarcasm off>
  16. <**> With all due respect, you should actually read an entire post before commenting...our friend from ECJ was saying that what he was saying was his own opinions and observations, and not representing the ECJ organization... Sounds like he actually DID think before he spoke.
  17. This was actually announced at the meetings that took place earlier this year in Pasadena (which all corps directors/staffs, plus show sponsors/tour event partners were supposed to attend). In fact, the directors and staffs were taken to both the Rose Bowl and Pasadena City College to inspect the sites and give feed back. Someone from Capital Sound should have been there (I would assume they were) and would have had this information. Focus shows might be clarified next month when DCI has it's winter meetings in Chicago, and housing is going to be in the Southern California area (there are a plethora of high schools and middle schools to satisfy housing within a tight radius to Pasadena). Hope this helps a bit...
  18. Not most businesses, you don't have a successor lined up before removing/terminating/not renewing a contract of someone. The move is made, then interviews take place to replace that person. Now, seeing that the BoD has narrowed down their choices (their words, not mine), I would say that had ideas for successors (narrowing down a list in one week is a major accomplishment)... Of course, now the speculation gets more intense: Who exactly is in the running? I will say that, at least on paper, the BoD seems to have the right idea in their search...not that I necessarily agree with this needing to happen. I do like Sal, and liked what he was doing with the corps...especially behind the scenes (The Nail Project, etc) choices are a different story (and something to be discussed in another forum)... Long story short, it is going to be an interesting...regardless.
  19. Well, after reading all the above (including Mr. Pearson's eloquent quotes...and, btw: BART - "Don't you see, that's the last act of a dying man?" HOWARD JOHNSON - "Well, I don't care if it's the first act of Henry V, we're leaving.") Anyway, I digress... I, like so many others here - both alumni, and not - are concerned about the current state of affairs in Madison. There is nothing more I can add to this topic, other than simply this (and I can't think of anything more appropriate at this time): When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be affraid of the dark At the end of the storm There's a golden sky And the sweet, silver song of a lark Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown Walk on, Walk on with hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone... You'll never walk alone.
  20. I don't know what Academy you ran into, but it's definitely NOT the Academy from Arizona. I've never seen anything close to rudeness, and know for a fact (after dealing with them as a staff member from another corps, and as a fan talking with the kids, staff and supporter crew) that their kids would never be rude, disrespectful, or bad in anyway...they've been taught from day one to respect the activity and those involved with it. In fact, that is one of the first things the kids learn when they join.
  21. :OT: Seriously, without getting into the MAC vs PC debate... I have always considered drum corps a sport, also musical pagentry...I don't believe the two have to be/are mutually exclusive. To me, drum corps is truly the consumate team one can be off, or else the entire team/corps suffers. Conversely, when everyone is on, higher placements/audience euphoria is heightened. I'm sure one could go on for pages on this subject but, in short, I definitely subscribe to the sport theory.
  22. Not necessarily, but it would have allowed for more personized feelings and interpretation...which, I feel, would have garnered greater effect and emotion, which I think was the goal of this show. Not that I didn't like it...just the opposite, but the vocals just came off as too "forced down my throat."
  23. Saw the Colts early on and felt that it top-12 written all over it. However, by the time they got to Madison, I felt they hadn't done enough to lift the show up to the level it needed to be in order to make finals...a shame, cause I did like this show. Blue Stars...was great and goosebump-inspiring to see them march back onto the D-I field. That said, this show could have without any vocals and been a more inspiring show. They could have simply had banners (ala BAC a couple of years ago) that titled their individual freedoms...without vocalizing a single word...simply allowing the audience to interpret and imagine...and it would have been light years more emotional...the vocals just came off as phoney patriotism...not good. Crossmen was the total 180 of that...the vocals worked beautifully to support/enhance the show concept. Loved this show, and would like them to continue down this path. However, as was previously mentioned, continuity & design flaws made this show cute, but not stunning. Just my 2 cents.
  24. The standard stuff: Uniform choices sometimes look good on paper, but don't translate on the field; a show idea might seem like a great idea, but doesn't work when implemented (and, lord knows I have had my share of them)... What I am getting at is, Sal attempted some wonderful stuff; The Cirque du Soleil show was a great show, but I didn't care for Madisonic; the Carmen Project was a great concept that was executed quite nicely, Primal Forces just didn't seem to translate the way it was probably intended... Now, I know Madison has attempted to modernize the uniforms the past three years...I loved last years (green with silver trim), and the 2006 was a great update on the '83/'84 design...the first go on it (2004's version) seemed to lack that certain something... I have no idea about what some folks here have elluded to regarding supposed mismanagement, but there is no way I could ever believe that Sal was a part of any such thing...