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  1. Hey Sam... Star actually did have a female DM in '88...I remember her out in CA @ the SoCal shows...wore a long flowing gown for the Porgy & Bess show...
  2. :lolhit: :lolhit: :lolhit: Oh Sam...YES!!!! Almost forgot about THAT one!!!! Will the real Fusion, please stand up!
  3. Ryan...since when do you announce shows? I've never realized... (had to join Jeff in ribbin' ya)...
  4. Just for reference... Anyway, as I stated above, I heard it...and, I remember thinking when he announced Cavaliers in first that it sounded a bit more enthusiastic than normal...but, I also remember he went nuts in '88, too (I was in the stadium and the thundering crowd necessitated it)... But, the '92 crowd was also raucus, being that it was Cavies first win...and, with the history they've had in the activity (consistent VFW champs, then nothing in DCI until '92) it was akin to the excitement when the Boston Red Sox won the championship in baseball a couple of years ago...finally, after a long dry spell, a championship.
  5. Actually, I thought a lot about what I said...because what I wanted to say would have deleted from DCP, and I would have been banned... As stated above, NO NOT EVERYONE is saying Brandt Crocker gets over excited about certain corps...the general opinion from folk who have heard Brandt announcing for longer than you have been in existence is that he gets excited for everyone...Brandt gets excited for the activity. Yes he got excited for the Cavaliers win in 1992 (as did the crowd at Camp Randall)...he got excited for Madison's win in '88 (as did those at Arrowhead Stadium)...he got excited at SCV's banquet in 2004 (which he attended, following SCV's participation in the Rose Parade)...and the list goes on... But, contrary to your screenname here, you don't believe it.
  6. <**> <**> <**> You have no idea what you are talking about!!! Brandt Crocker is one of the all-time greats when it comes to announcing. He, indeed, does give EVERY corps the best he can, and has been doing for well over 30 years... If you have every heard him announce, you would know this.
  7. Actually, VK's best/funniest/most entertaining moments happened when they took serious music and added the gags... 1988: Malaguena - the classical/guitar version, not Madison's...very dramatic & serious, then BAM!!! Here comes the Bull. Best drum corps gag EVER!!! (IMHO)... And, what about JAWS? Not particularly funny, but the genesis for many gags! I never particularly found the cartoon music, or even the David Lee Roth particularly funny. Cute, but not funny. VK's best stuff, like Bridgemen and even Jersey Surf, happened when they were playing serious music, and then hit you with the gags. Kinda like comedy, in general...
  8. Les Eclipes...forgot about them ('85 & '86 both GREAT shows)... '87 Sky Ryders was the WSS show...EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL!!! '70s...Old school style - ANY of 'em would be great, for the history lesson alone... Love what I'm seein' here, so far... Keep 'em comin'...
  9. I can answer THAT one... Vanguard Contras wear their stars on the sash because when your horn is down it occassionally rests against your left chest (only during lazy, "dang this horn is heavy" moments) and if the star was there, you'd most likely scratch your horn. Besides, being a contra means doing things differently than everyone else... :P :P :P
  10. OK... Maybe it's been done before, maybe it hasn't. REGARDLESS... Of those groups that have folded/disbanded/don't exist anymore, which shows would you like to see on a "Classic Countdown." Keeping with the DCI formula (don't select a single corps for multiple years), with this twist...NO DECADE LIMITATIONS (you want all 70's? go for it...all 2000's, great)...AND, NO PLACEMENT LIMITATION (if they performed, regardless of where they placed, you can vote for them)... FOR STARTERS: KINGSMEN - '72 KILTIES - '74 OAKLAND CRUSADERS - '76 BRIDGEMEN - '77 GUARDSMEN - '79 NORTHSTAR - '79 FREELANCERS - '83 KNIGHTS OF GENESSEO - '83 SKY RYDERS - '87 SUNCOAST - '88 VK - '88 STAR OF INDIANA - '93 Alright, everyone... Have at it!
  11. THAT is one helluva memory...two of the 10 members of the "Old Russian Jew" Contra Line in '86 (which I'm proud to say I was a member of, as well)... When we got our costumes early on first tour, we couldn't stop laughing, cause there really wasn't too much OTHER than Jewish you could portray while wearing this...
  12. This item is not's been in their souvie shop for over a year.
  13. Perhaps, in honor of some the spills and tumbles that have taken place so far... We'll get DRUM CORPS' GREATEST PERFORMANCE FALLS & GAFFS!
  14. I know that MYSTIKAL will be at Michigan City on Sunday (preceded by Cedar Springs, MI on Friday, and Milwaukee, WI on Saturday)... Should be an exciting set of shows...for everyone!
  15. Also remember...this show (05) was not designed with championships in mind, but rather for Denver, which was their last show. Given that their design staff will (most likely) create a show with a greater depth and long-range potential to be cleaned and improved upon all the way to championships week, I'm sure they will have a product that will compete for the D-II title...not that they'll necessarily win it, but at least I believe they'll be in contention...
  16. A good source for Windy City information would be TUBAWARRIOR...a former Mystikal staffer who moved to the Chicago area and was supposed to be a part of their team...
  17. You couldn't just let it go, could ya? How many folks around here, and we all resisted!!!
  18. AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Definitely heard some pieces in there that I'm looking forward to this year...Grover's Corners is a great piece...and Fanfare for the Common Man is one that I haven't heard too much of in the drum corps arena... Best of Luck this year, Blue Stars...sounds like your first year back in D-I is shaping up nicely!!!!
  19. JOE BRUNO!!! The first voice I ever heard associated with drum I watched the 1981 DCI Midwest Regional Finals on PBS (they broadcast that instead of Final in '81 because of DCI's 10th Anniversary celebration in Whitewater)... His voice was god-like as he announced each corps...not simply giving their home town and name, but adding a short bio to each introduction before giving the name... I really miss hearing his voice at shows...
  20. Hey...if drum corps was like college basketball, the recruiting would already be hot & heavy for this kid... How freakin amazing!!!
  21. Regarding the new uniforms & equipment for Phantom this year, it's highly doubtful that they will be shelling out any money for any of the new stuff... Percussion - being a perennial top-5 corps, percussion companies generally will give you new equipment on a regular basis in return for the use of the corps name and pictures in advertising. Plus, it's a good way to field test new designs. Tubas - since this is a new design of a marching tuba (from what I've seen in previous posts), the free use of tubas is likely, to field test them for endurance and playing ability. Uniforms - similar to the percussion, any top corps is likely to get free, or significantly reduced uniforms so that they can promote the uniform company, and the company can likewise use the corps as standard for how good their product is. for preference of Phantom uniform... THE KHAKIS WERE THE my humble opinion.
  22. Thanks, Mr. Paul... Yes, it is SUNDAY, JANUARY 29. All other info is correct.
  23. Well, you well know... An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure. ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ Words to live by this year...
  24. Here's how I'm voting...even though there are so many to choose from, I feel these choices best represent a wonderful, broad-spectrum of what drum has been since DCI came into being. 70's: TROOPERS - 1974 OAKLAND CRUSADERS - 1978 80's: BRIDGEMEN - 1980 GARFIELD CADETS - 1984 SUNCOAST SOUND - 1988 VELVET KNIGHTS - 1988 90's: STAR OF INDIANA - 1993 PHANTOM REGIMENT - 1993 MADISON SCOUTS - 1995 SANTA CLARA VANGUARD - 1999 00's: CAROLINA CROWN - 2003 CAVALIERS - 2004