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  2. I am sorry to hear this news. Jerry was a great enough soloist to get Maynard Ferguson's attention with his performance at the 1979 DCI finals.
  3. And, unfortunately, a black member of the Argonne Rebels was attacked by some white men in an Alabama restaurant while the corps was traveling to Miami for those American Legion Nationals.
  4. Best story about drum corps in Vegas....when Las Vegas hosted the 1962 American Legion Nationals, they actually wanted to set off an atomic explosion to signal the start of the contest. DCI did hold an outdoor show in Vegas in the summer of 1981.
  5. In the thousands of contests I have documented over the years, I did see a contest with a 3-way tie for first place. I seem to recall it was in the early 60s, possibly in Wisconsin. Searching for it would be quite time-consuming.
  6. The two corps merged in 1976, becoming the Buckeye Caballaros. They were known by that name until they folded after 1984.
  7. Here you go, Keith: August 9, 1972 Marion Cadets--78.20 Cardinals--69.40 Grenadiers--62.45 Mello-Dears--59.60 Royal Coachmen--49.20
  8. Thanks for your involvement in this, Peter. I have been interested in Jackie's case ever since I read about it in a 1968 issue of Drum Corps News.
  9. Here you go, Jim: Dear Reader, It has come to our attention that there are broken video links in the article “Drum Corps Japan Championship showcases 22 corps in three divisions” that begins on page 8 of the January 2020, Volume 48, Number 15, issue transmitted on Friday, December 20. Please be advised that you can view the entire performances of each of the 22 competitors and several guest corps directly at, courtesy of "Drum Corps Fun” (#drumcorpsfun). The photos within the article are also attl
  10. If you look at the last few pages of the monthly Drum Corps World online issues, you'll see they have a cd with the Royal Coachmen from the 1973 U. S. Open.
  11. I sat next to Tom Root 50 years ago at the Minnesota All-State Band Camp. He played tuba, and was fresh out of the University of Minnesota as a student clinician. I was a trombone player, a few years younger than Tom. You can always appreciate the good memories you had when you enjoyed drum corps some years back.