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  1. And this is what happens when music majors run regression analysis.
  2. Does the typical CNN reader care to remember a relatively obscure article from over a month ago? The resolution is important to those in this world, but I would be surprised if CNN followed up on this.
  3. I've known Gordon and Ralph to work independently as consultants, so maybe they'll just scale it back to that level?
  4. Most corps go to non marching vets, people they know personally, people with experience, and the original audition list. There are spots that exist for rookies that late but those individuals usually had conflicts clear up or some other change of plans that prevented them from marching in the first place. If the plan is to show up late and miss early season camps because of a fear of lack of talent, that could create some blow-back from other members. You want more talented people to show up late, not less. Go to the original auditions, see how it works out. If it's not to be at Corps X, it's not to be. But there are spots (low brass) all winter/spring if you look around. Just don't use that as the primary plan.
  5. More dance, more toe down movement in brass/drumline. More crab stepping in hornline, which allows for much much faster tempos when combined with toe down on forwards. Continued and expanded diversity in visual movement beyond simple body movement and sculpting and towards real dance movement - BD '10.
  6. If he's talented and motivated, staff will not care about the quality of the program he comes from. Work ethic, playing chops and keeping your feet in time are the bare essentials to make most corps. Have him try out where he wants to march
  7. This. Not all students are equal - some respond purely to intrinsic motivation established by the culture of the group; some respond to this with some degree of physical accountability; others respond only to physical accountability. If this character isn't a fraud and truly has a group that doesn't run/pushups (yet is still capable of finishing a high tempo 8+ minute MB show) and is free of ticks/shows improvements day to day, congrats, you have a very special group of kids at this time. But I have serious doubts about the elite nature of your group. It's a physical activity. Kids need to be in shape, for their own safety and the safety of those around them. Running helps.
  8. Drum corps rehearsals run 4+ hours continuous. Typical maximum attention span (uninterrupted mental train of thought) is <10 minutes. Do the math.
  9. So very wrong. But its the internet, its an anonymous place - you don't need to know who I am or where I come from beyond that I marched. That is my prerogative. And as to the first part of what I quoted - its moving AWAY from this direction. I am not aware of the situation you speak of, but it is presumptuous to assume the broken leg was a direct result of difficult basics blocks with punishment for not being up to par.
  10. I misread your line about the staff failing to change other parts of the show; agreed that is crazy. But the most common line I heard from staff when people were ******* all over themselves was "If its not working, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT." Running was often a good way to quickly hold people responsible for their actions; and depending on how its executed understand that your actions affect the whole group.
  11. Most of the people running are the ones who subscribe to that type of crazy, not the staff. It gets results, running gets the kids in shape, and everyone recognizes it for what it is: being truthfully accountable for mistakes. Also non-punishment pre-rep running was very common; particularly before ballads. Run, pick up instruments, play the ballad - not a punishment, just a way to simulate the tired feeling at that point in the show and difficulty in controlling slow tempo with a high heart rate. And to the fatigue/broken pony comments: I never saw anyone finish the season broken. Its a break down during spring training and a rebuild that starts before the first batch of shows.
  12. I know that in BD 99, guard clapping in rhythm was docked from the perc. score for not being together enough. Body movement counts towards visual performance and (depending) visual ensemble. It contributes to vis/music GE through showing variety and enhancing the musical phrase in a similar way to guard work, but its a unique entity. Guard caption is focused on the guard the whole time, whatever they are doing (Don't know how that affects the Cavies brass/Scouts guards during those special features)
  13. From DCI.org today: A $14.95 pay-per-view option will grant one-time access to see all of the performing corps at the Open Class Semifinals while the World Class will be available for $29.95 pay-per-view. Alternatively, you can buy a Fan Network Plus, Premium SD or Premium HD subscription for complete access to 2010 webcasts, on-demand replays of select DCI Tour events, discounts on downloadable media, and more! Hopefully that means that we are all in the clear; still a little confusing that I can still have the option for purchasing the pay per view even while logged in
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