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  1. Hmm. Hard to see how drum corps can return while a contagious disease is still being spread by the fundamental nature of the activity. Could take awhile to vaccinate the entire country. Full swing back into DCI? 2023. And yes, any DCI involvement with political matters would not be wise for the financial health and well being of the organization in my opinion. Staying apolitical is the best course.
  2. Just as reminder, the vaccine trials so far has not included anyone over 65 years of age or any chidren..only adults. This could cause a delay in certain re=opening settings. Vaccine will have to be out for awhile before we return/achieve a new normal wahtever that will look like. It is hard to see a 2021 DCI season in the way that we are used to experiencing. Insurance will cover as an FYI, and it will not be expensive. Yes there will be enough and distribution channels will be through typical wholesalers for doc office locations ( like McKesson) or large pharmacies for pharmacy locations. Tr
  3. So as far as what will DCI look like or even be necessary in the future....I have no idea. When there is an opportunity to regroup for...something... I do not know what the something will be. I do know that drum corps are a collection of very creative minds. And that is what will be needed. No school districts will ever let a bus drive up and have a bunch of kids from another state simply unload and use the school facilities for starters. Just one change of many. Best guess? slow comback start with a handful of corps figuring something out..and after a few years.. a need for a gen
  4. As was said before, lets see if and when drum corps gets back on the field or if DCI even exists in three years after significant inactivity. The Cadets can keep the same type of look and just change the material to something far lighter in weight and more comfortable. At the end of the day, alumni money will decide the issue.
  5. well yes. I am curious as to folks opinion as to what everyone thinks about whether or not the changes we see now in peoples choices to gather will stay the same or change over time. The conrete comments are obvious, but I am not that interested in re-affirming that 1 + 1 = 2. 🙂
  6. So I guess I should have been more specific. Regardless of testing, many people right now have altered their habits as far as large indoor events and attendance. Heck won't go back to a theater even when this all gets to a better place. If 20% of the population changes their habits, and says " NO thanks, I'm good" and eschews going out much for public entertainment. Will these changes of choice stick, or will they pretty much go away?
  7. What is your opinion about a permanent societal behavorial change with regards to indoor gatherings with large amounts of people? I am not looking for an all or nothing answer, but curious as to your opinion.
  8. This one. WGI as a measureing stick. Not too early here though? To predict length of a DCI summer tour. Nothing wrong with a discussion. My opinion is we will be starting from scratch in many ways. Just one opinion of many. Given the dangers of indoor over outdoor as far as Covid-19 transmission--WGI would come back AFTER an outdoor alternative( however crippled). Nobody is going into anything indoors sitting next to strangers for a long long time. WGI will not be able to hold a single indoor event for years.
  9. Alrighty...so lets go 10 years forward. AI. Robotics, and Automation now offers a life of part time work for a large segment of the population...financially suported by a universal basic income that allows for some semblance of choice in life as opposed to anxiety provoking how will I pay the next bill without a job mentality-- and a refocus on culture, the arts, and music for a segment of the population -- and then there is us. with time. perhaps a little money, some creativity, and a bit of a network so to speak. And drive...and knowledge of what can be let us not underestimate
  10. Any attempt to resurrrect drum corps in the future will have local members. They are there in numbers...but not in quality. The " standard" would be something quite different. Think local VFW type stuff , just not sourced from veterans associated organizations. And people like you and me would have to make it happen..or at least have a role. Starting over really. Tough for me to see right now...but hey...I plan on being around for awhile and still dig drum corps stuff. Its OK to dream....and wait.
  11. My only positive outlook comment on this is that I agree with the jwillis post on Friday where he/she mentions some sort of limited local exhibition stuff...maybe in 2024 by my estimate. So some semblance of a corps recreation that can reach a " regional" by direct travel and back same day or very controlled one night paid for housing. As far as seeing something like an SCV 2018 Babylon type way out in the stratosphere super show? Ain't gonna happen. Lastly -- Covid-19 will not be the last of the viruses for us in our lifetimes. SARS, MERS, Zika, Ebola...all in a very short time f
  12. I read through the beginning of this thread and a few replies, but not the whole thing. here is my question: Why would the presence or abscence of a WGI season be a determinant for the presence or abscence of a DCI summer season? No, BTW, there will not be a 2021 DCI season. IN addition, I'll take it a step further, drum corps competitions and touring are over as far as we have known it for the foreseeable future far past 2021. Living on buses and schools together for months on end? That situation alone will never be back. Even with Covid-19 vaccines and even if it/they actual
  13. Alrighty--so NEXT 1985 story of misbehaving.... this one goes to the 1985 Blue Devils drumline. Now this group of gentlemen were very very competitive back in the day. They thought they were the best at all times...and tended to "poke fun" lets just say of the Garfield drumline in 1985 a bit. They really took winning VERY seriously. So in the 1985 video for score announcing at finals...you can see the BD drumline all holding hands anxiously awaiting the announcement of scores...and when they get announced in third place as a corps, you can see some of them kind of collapse and others get angry
  14. True! And 9th in field drums that year. ( 4th in ensemble). !!!