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  1. rysa4

    The State of Drum Corps

    I'll take a different route. I'd like to see GE scores re-assigned as one part visual and one part music. GE with 4 judges and its own over-weighted category isn't the right balance for scoring. I enjoy the vocals, amplification can make some sense ( especially for pit percussion mallet instruments) and props can be interesting, but at the end of the day, the best corps should have awesome brass, awesome percussion, awesome feet, and an awesome guard. The core of the corps should carry the day with regards to scoring. And yes I know GE is more than what I just listed. But too much emphasis as separate category.
  2. On Legacy Stadium versus Berry center; Please lets keep the show at Legacy Stadium. The Upper Deck doesn't have the railing visual obstruction that Berry center has. There is far more room to move around in the concession area -- there is a grass area that anyone can lay down or hangout in and watch the show. And the positioning of the upper deck seats is closer to the field than how Berry Center is set up. Also the height and slight overhang of the sky boxes and media spaces keeps direct sunlight off of the spectators on the home field side. The parking was mismanaged last night for sure. They tried to funnel everyone into one entrance through a controlled intersection at Franz road and a minor cross-street -- complete disaster. When they made the on the spot decision to route everyone back through the corps entrance - it all cleared up quickly. The unannounced $5 parking fee was an annoyance however. That stadiums has a lot of entrances for parking - next year they just need to use more of them.
  3. rysa4

    Cadets 2018

    I really enjoyed the Cadets show this year and tonight. It was a pleasure to see and hear. And, amazingly, I loved the vocals! Did I just say that? Woa. Hats off to front ensemble percussion too. Really sweet writing and performance.
  4. Just got back from the show! Loved the evening! What a great thing it is to live close to a TOC show every year. enjoyed all corps. The horn lines overall seem better than previous years as well. Gotta say though - Santa Clara was seriously impressive tonight. Wow. Lots of great stuff from ALL the other corps as well. I am feeling thankful.
  5. 308,237 people The Katy area's call to "move over, Pittsburgh" came a year earlier than anticipated. The suburb west of Houston - with 309,556 residents inside the Katy ISD boundaries - edged out the Pennsylvania city's dwindling population of 308,237 people, according to numbers provided by analytics company Alteryx.Sep 19, 2015
  6. Tonight is going to be awesome! I'll also have to drive 20 minutes instead of the 5-6 minutes to Berry center. Just for trivia -- the Legacy stadium that the show is being held at tonight stirred some controversy because it was( and is) the most expensive high school stadium ever built in Texas-- 70 million. I'll be curious to see it. Also, the stadium is closer to San Antonio and is a quick escape to I-10 to get up there.
  7. Hi, One of the other posters hit the nail on the head -- in the past Crown's percussion book from a technical writing standpoint was behind better drum lines by quite a bit. When a percussion judge grades "content", this is where that applies; achievement basically reflects execution of that book. I have never found Crown's line to lack in achievement or be "bad" -- but their challenge/content bar was set fairly low , despite the obvious effort and intensity put in. Now percussion as a whole in DCI as far as scores is more than what I am stating; but at the end of the day, the snare book primarily with strong nod to tenors and bass defines the percussion section for that year - front ensemble is critical too -- but for them either you have the mallet book and execution or you don't. Effects with gongs, cymbals and everything else only gets you so far. Percussionists/drummers at the end of the day are listening to be blown away by an awesome book and top notch execution. In the past Crown hasn't been competitive at this level with the likes of many other corps. That said, I am looking forward to tomorrow night in Katy Texas to hear Crown and all of the other corps. And no, they were never "bad."
  8. rysa4

    YEA board resigns

    Hey Eric, I know I'm one of those 300. By the way, I work 5 miles south of you on I-45. Strange co-incidence.
  9. rysa4

    YEA board resigns

    Good move. Timely and effective. Correct prioritization and a pro-active response.
  10. Ok I have collected my wits about me a bit after learning all of this this afternoon; 1. The Cadets as an organization ( and YEA) need to try and get out in front on this. 2. The board does need to announce their resignation effective as soon as a functional caretaker board is in place. 3. The interim board needs a new leader. The focus would be on a known and trusted character from someone in the world of marching bands who is impeccable and a demonstrated all around leader. I already have one such person in mind. 4. I did read the list of current board members - are they all men? I might be wrong - but we do need a board that actually represents the activity as a cohesive whole. 5. There does need to be a reaching out to the women who have come forward - our extended Cadets family needs to try and be one. Healing. Perhaps as the season draws near a meaningful gathering can occur to demonstrate that the historical whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Fear of legal action is a fools gold. Open the conversation - work with our extended injured family and lets see what all of us want for the corps in the future. Open idea exchange. What needs to happen going forward? 6. Obviously the previous ED must be kept far far away from the organization permanently except for any long distance keys to the castle issues. No self-serving psychological catharsis this time. None. And no attendance at any DCI/marching band shows for life. Complete banishment. Any remaining dual relationship reminders need to leave the Cadets as well. Sorry color guard. The reminders will be too painful. 7. Finally, the Cadets are going to need to make a "burnt offering" to the drum corps world. This doesn't need to be a bad thing, but it is time for humility, humbleness, and equanimity by those of us around long enough to show it. My thoughts only.
  11. The chinese character for crisis and the one for opportunity are almost identical. Yes the Cadets can maintain dignity via a carefully chosen show and message and shed a lot of tears. I suspect many of us will be figuring out what it will take from us as alumni to make this happen. I would also add that a marvelous season for the Cadets this year will not be related to final placement. Personally, I am a bit confused at the moment.
  12. Yes I would hope this is the outcome. In fact, the entire activity will need to pull together and DCI will need to stand up too as one.
  13. You are correct. I don't have a crystal ball. But we have all seen the outcomes of these exact situations in recent times. We aren't special as an activity, and are far less powerful. I am highly concerned.
  14. My support has never been in question and will continue. But in no way does support equate to silence or defense of this type of behavior. I respect the court system and understand innocent until proven guilty. Harvey Weinstein hasn't been found guilty of anything and neither had Joe Paterno, but the outcomes already seen won't be dissimilar to this instance in my opinion. Why would they be? Except our activity involves children in the eyes of society.
  15. You may be right. But if I am a music educator for my career and I have a position with the Cadets for this summer - I am saving my reputation and looking for another gig. One other thing - DCI will levy a fine against the Cadets too. I doubt it will be small.