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  1. good to see female snare line folks. back in the day -- the snare line " veterans" could make it hard for them. I do see far more focus on true drum line instruction at the high school level than back when I marched. Good feeder programs and instruction starting in Junior high too.
  2. First marched in drum corps in 1981...and times have changed. Participating in DCI did two things for me -- made me a better musician and resulted in new friendships and relationships. Those two valuable things still occur today for members so I am still "in" and enthusiastic. And supportive. That being said, my opinion is that WGI is rat poison to true drum corps; the overuse, emphasis, and discussion of props is silly : use of amplification for anything other than mallet instruments in the pit and a minor dose of vocal overlay now and again is distracting and artificial, and that the true art of marching and maneuvering has disappeared. Oh -- and general effect scores are a bunch of BS, and way - overweighted. But... I ain't leavin the activity as a fan or as an alumni. Still a good expreience for the marching members -- oh yeah -- cell phones should be banned on tour. 🙂
  3. Not sure. But I count 23 on their percussion staff per the website. That is a whole lot compared to most other corps. Way more than I ever saw on tour when I marched. I think we had 6 in total for percussion or something like that.
  4. A lot of the results at the very top of DCI corps may have to do with staff hiring below the top level in each caption. I say this because after listening to the SCV drumline in 2018, I looked at their percussion staff. I found they had 6 instructors listed for multi-tenors( quads). Of course they only marched five. Now I get that not all of those instructors toured all summer, but if you have the resources to hire basically one to one instruction, you are going to be pretty darn good.
  5. I was happy and relieved to see the energy and enthusiasm of the individual corps members this year, particularly as the year progressed. They held their heads high and worked hard. They made friends. This really should be respected. When I first saw this year's show, internally it was a disturbing experience for me; but it was also one of the moment's where you just smile and say " Thank you very much you have a very nice drum corps." And sit back, enjoy the ride, and experience the rest of the season, knowing the placement result as a given. Next year? I suspect the show design will actually be something watchable, something that can be listened to, and something that can be enjoyed. Kinda hard to see any real placement changes' maybe one to two spots, but I have confidence things will be far better overall than this year. I found the level of quality overall in DCI as far as shows has gone up a bit, and corps like Mandarins and Pacific Crest make things interesting, a lthough I know very little about them at the organizational level. Hope they too, can maintain and improve on momentum.
  6. Really excellent post at the top! As the CEO of a start up, I am actually going to print it and be a little more agressive in instituting some of the concepts you have outlined. I agree in motivation/empowerment/control-change in one;s own job environment but your post is even more searing and on target. As far as the Cadets, you make some key points. The mantle of past victimhood is on the diminishing returns side. And, in what is a good thing, the Cadets HAVE hit rock bottom. Achieving the future energy of true embracement of inclusion is a skill I would be stunned if the Cadets leadership could truly pull off, despite very excellent sincerity and effort. Maybe they should "hire " you as an outside/inside consultant. I suspect the need for the Cadets includes an energized staff full of ideas with a director that is more of a skilled organizational psychologist of sorts than skills of a band director; someone who knows how to draw out talent and fit the pieces in a comfortable way for all, so that latent skills are maximized and very learns from everyone else and actually listens. There are many ideas regarding leadership/membership ideal chacteristics and someone really needs to evaluate these type of things formally and via objective process. It is easy to say the whole is greater than the sum of the parts but much harder to move the organizational bell curve to the right as a unit. Why? Because the dots on the inside of the curve need to move together. Thanks for the free consult. BTW- you get bonus points for being an 87Cadet...oh that show... so....perfect.
  7. Cadets are fine. Going through a transition. It is a marathon not a race. And Tom Aungst is part of the solution for sure. This year a great group is carrying.. our torch... for the future. Turning a corps around requires money after a large hole dug over many years due to fiscal mismanagment in a tough niche entertainment market where resources can be limited but turned around on a dime as well.
  8. Yep. I have watched the videos of these two drum lines closely so far. The technical writing, execution and speed for the bass drum and quad lines greatly favor the Cadets. The gap between the bass drum lines is unusually large - its kinda like the Cadets have a great snare line playing bass drums. Just listen to that bass line. They are on top of their book which is tough. The snare line overall execution is about even as far as I can tell between the Bluecoats and the Cadets, but the Cadet snare book also is tougher and faster in my opinion, but closer than the quads and bass lines, which favor the Cadets easily. Both lines are fun and both move while playing, which is good to see. But oh that Cadet bass drum line......wow.
  9. I'll take a different route. I'd like to see GE scores re-assigned as one part visual and one part music. GE with 4 judges and its own over-weighted category isn't the right balance for scoring. I enjoy the vocals, amplification can make some sense ( especially for pit percussion mallet instruments) and props can be interesting, but at the end of the day, the best corps should have awesome brass, awesome percussion, awesome feet, and an awesome guard. The core of the corps should carry the day with regards to scoring. And yes I know GE is more than what I just listed. But too much emphasis as separate category.
  10. On Legacy Stadium versus Berry center; Please lets keep the show at Legacy Stadium. The Upper Deck doesn't have the railing visual obstruction that Berry center has. There is far more room to move around in the concession area -- there is a grass area that anyone can lay down or hangout in and watch the show. And the positioning of the upper deck seats is closer to the field than how Berry Center is set up. Also the height and slight overhang of the sky boxes and media spaces keeps direct sunlight off of the spectators on the home field side. The parking was mismanaged last night for sure. They tried to funnel everyone into one entrance through a controlled intersection at Franz road and a minor cross-street -- complete disaster. When they made the on the spot decision to route everyone back through the corps entrance - it all cleared up quickly. The unannounced $5 parking fee was an annoyance however. That stadiums has a lot of entrances for parking - next year they just need to use more of them.
  11. I really enjoyed the Cadets show this year and tonight. It was a pleasure to see and hear. And, amazingly, I loved the vocals! Did I just say that? Woa. Hats off to front ensemble percussion too. Really sweet writing and performance.
  12. Just got back from the show! Loved the evening! What a great thing it is to live close to a TOC show every year. enjoyed all corps. The horn lines overall seem better than previous years as well. Gotta say though - Santa Clara was seriously impressive tonight. Wow. Lots of great stuff from ALL the other corps as well. I am feeling thankful.
  13. 308,237 people The Katy area's call to "move over, Pittsburgh" came a year earlier than anticipated. The suburb west of Houston - with 309,556 residents inside the Katy ISD boundaries - edged out the Pennsylvania city's dwindling population of 308,237 people, according to numbers provided by analytics company Alteryx.Sep 19, 2015
  14. Tonight is going to be awesome! I'll also have to drive 20 minutes instead of the 5-6 minutes to Berry center. Just for trivia -- the Legacy stadium that the show is being held at tonight stirred some controversy because it was( and is) the most expensive high school stadium ever built in Texas-- 70 million. I'll be curious to see it. Also, the stadium is closer to San Antonio and is a quick escape to I-10 to get up there.