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  1. Not big on the Schilke, never liked the shape of the cup or the way it sealed to my embouchure, but I understand that many legit pros use them and a few drum corps too. I started on a Bach 12C in 5th grade for my student Holton tbn. Once I joined VK (faking that I knew how to play the G Baritone Bugle), they required all lead baritones to play on a 6 1/2 AL, which took some getting used too, but it's darker and louder and helps me navigate from pedals to the triple register. It's fantastically versatile. At SCV they required us to use a 5G, which also took some adjustment. The horn sgt. w
  2. "Cal Chords" is the [band] term for a typical I-IV-V-I progression. In drum corps we call it "C tuning" or [thumbs up] "F tuning" (depending- note that "C tuning" is actually I-i-IV-V-I) Unless my historical basis is way off (and I've lived a good bit of it), "Space Chords" "Cal Chords" "Shotgun Sequence" et al. were developed by Jack Meehan* along with his hand-signaling system for chords, progressions, tuning, articulation, slurs, exercises, fingerings and dynamics (and a ton of other stuff). I have no idea why it's called that, other than it's normally played quickly and ends lou
  3. Since I'm taking a more official step back (not a consultant or a cook or both this year...M&M staff) in general my opinions regarding DCI 2017, especially div2; will be subdued or non-existent.  

  4. Drum corps needs players that can march & marchers that can play. Learn from the best this year .... HoFers, Legit Pros, the cream of the amateur world and Hacks extraordinaire will be there to send this corps into the Stratosphere. SoCal students don't miss out. Capo, Mission, San Clemente, PCC, Poway, RCC, LBSU, Redlands, Etiwanda, CSUN.... you know who you are let's bring SoCal back for good.
  5. Bump. Rob p0wns on snare. West Coast style on the upswing! Next camp Feb 11-13 Bell High School.... SoCal CG, Battery and Brass let's do it.
  6. congrats. I was there on Saturday Night....my 1st DCI as a fan. Canton was absolutely sensational. Well-deserved and good for the activity. In this decade alone we've added 2 names to the list of World Champs.....more drum corps = more gooder therefore Canton's win good for all suppporters, fans and participants in this great thing of ours!
  7. I am aware of two individuals busted pretending to be BD alumni (both were cut) at least one SCV poseur... And I marched in a Sr. Corps to remain nameless alongside an individual claiming to have marched Rosemont, his talent was quite suspect, we looked into it and could find no record of his ever being a member. I guess it's sort of a compliment that it's such a big deal to be a part of a championship level corps that we've got as many poseurs pretending to be DCI alums as politicians claiming to be "veterans" of one form or another. Also a handful that conveniently leave out that they never
  8. I've had a lot of important things stolen, but none do wish I could get back than my SCV jacket. I fell asleep at a bus station for 15 minutes (trying to stay awake, fearing theft, after a looooong volunteer weekend in 2014) The theif took a bag containing the jacket. I hawked over craigslist and eBay for months but it became apparent that the thief likely had no idea how important or historically valuable the jacket is, with great regret I've come to peace with it being gone and that is most likely at the bottom of a landfill. What people may not realize are the three components this jacket r
  9. to put it even simpler - you might notice that your local baseball team isnt on TV when they are in town. There's a reason they do that --> it's not even 100 percent money-motivated. Blackout = GO TO THE STADIUM, BUY A TICKET AND ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES THE WAY GOD INTENDED!!!! on the legal side, YT bootlegs are infringing copyright of dci and the corps. On the financial side it hurts the bottom line of the corps. If your cpu is an adequate stand-in (maybe there wont be any shows near you), well thats why they invented the 'season pass' which I believe gets you a livestream
  10. i think that means I made a small edit recently and the time stamp changed to the post. I initially wrote and posted to a 2015 thread (which is where it appears) We use WordPress to power the BBS's CMS...Ill look into it and submit a bug report if this happens again. Are you sure that my 2015 review is posted in a 2016 thread?
  11. 'Welcome to this West Side,..... We love you Madison. Can't wait to see you at The Rose Bowl and planning to buy schwag. (How do they say it on 'Silicon Valley'?.....shhhhhwwwwaaaaaggg!!!) Especially the "Through the Years" CD set I which wore out entirely. Please Californians; show Madison some love. Any idea about the cost and logistics of moving a corps from Whitewater to Oceanside? Thank you so much for coming out Scouts. Avoiding all the YT stuff, want to hear you LIVE! Also .... BUMP!
  12. There will be an alumni mixer before the Rose Bowl show. I am not an alumni of this group so I'm not going to say which corps (heh heh) or where the mixer will be held. If you can put 2+2 together you can figure out where and when. I'm bringing lots of booze and brew-dizzogs. So come party with Tapper at an undisclosed location and time AT/NEAR the Rose Bowl, then join me for a little bit of Madison in my life and and smattering of Devs super sweet! //end cryptic rant... Oh yeah BUMP! Go Concord!!!!
  13. To clarify; Impulse is going on a FULL Tour this year, as opposed to the avg West Coast div2 corps season that ends ...about now. Traditionally, this is when corps that ARE "going all the way" make a big go at members of smaller corps who will essentially be "done" in a few days. Reason? = fill the drill spots before leaving for DCI tour. Every corps has had holes for a myriad of reasons, even the big guys; that's where the differential in tour length comes in and all "full tour" corps ...are able to get, well.. FULL. So consider that if you are in one of those corps, you can make the jump ne
  14. I missed Golden Empire thru Academy due to prior commitments with SCV and BD. BK-watched them do basics. 8s&8s. Looked like a MB. OUT OF STEPNESS! In July? Academy looked good on a practice field. PC-sigh I love this corps and I know about 100 people who marched over the years; the weekend only model just doesn't a competitive corps make. Rockford - traditional uniforms; even a Sgt. Chevron as opening set. Sweet horn line as usual. Clair de Lune and Gershwin a treat. Daring drill being in all white. Santa Clara- as they took the field, a passive (bored) fan said "they look tired" t