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  1. Any Comment? If you have been thinking about this too like i have been for the pass three years, lets discuss it. What are your thoughts exactly. Anyone cares to? anyone!!!?
  2. Hey, I was thinking about trying out for the colts. I know they aren't finalist but I would still like to be there working hard in order to get the desired result. However, since they arent a high ranking corps I was wondering if their guard would be a challenge for me.(im tossing 5's and 6's)
  3. You keep announcing the Blue Devils as being founded in 1970. This is wrong. They were founded in 1957 as a drum and bell corps. In 1970 they started a drum and bugle corps. I think the way you are explaining it does not make sense. I know that you understand the history but are explaining it wrong. Thank you.
  4. Posted here by DCI. Based on San Antonio scores, shuffled as usual in groups of three. 2:30 p.m. – Carolina Gold (All Age) 2:47 p.m. – Atlanta CorpsVets (All Age) 3:04 p.m. – Pioneer 3:21 p.m. – Jersey Surf 3:38 p.m. – Cascades 3:55 p.m. – Mandarins 4:12 p.m. – Pacific Crest 4:29 p.m. – Oregon Crusaders 4:46 p.m. – Intermission 5:37 p.m. – The Academy 5:54 p.m. – Troopers 6:11 p.m. – Spirit of Atlanta 6:28 p.m. – Colts 6:45 p.m. – Madison Scouts 7:02 p.m. – Blue Stars 7:19 p.m. – Crossmen 7:36 p.m. – Phantom Regiment 7:53 p.m. – Intermission 8:10 p.m. – Boston Crusaders 8:27 p.m. – Blue Knights 8:44 p.m. – The Cavaliers 9:01 p.m. – Carolina Crown 9:18 p.m. – Santa Clara Vanguard 9:35 p.m. – Blue Devils 9:52 p.m. – Bluecoats 10:09 p.m. – The Cadets
  5. If you are looking for something fun to do on Sunday of the Allentown weekend, please consider joining the Crossmen members, staff, supporters, alumni, volunteers and fans for a great lunch time banquet. Come mingle with other drum corps fans and support a great cause. Wednesday July 23 is the last day to order tickets, there is plenty of seating available so act fast! Click the link below to buy tickets, they are $50 per person. Crossmen/CAA 40th Anniversary Banquet Sunday, August 3, 2014, 11:30 am Holiday Inn Center City Allentown 904 West Hamilton Street Allentown, PA 18101 You're invited to the 40th Anniversary Banquet of the Crossmen on Sunday, August 3, 2014. The entire 2014 corps will be there too. Join us on Sunday, August 3, 2014 for the 40th Anniversary Banquet to be held at Holiday Inn, in downtown Allentown. Cocktail hour (cash bar) will begin at 11:30 am with the lunch banquet following. Ticket price for the banquet is $50.00 per person and can be ordered at the bottom of this page. Extend your DCI East weekend to join us on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 for the 40th Anniversary Banquet & Silent Auction. The event, to be held at Holiday Inn Downtown Allentown , will begin at 11:30am with a meet and greet cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres, silent auction, videos, memorabilia and much more. Dress code is semi-formal. A block of rooms have also been reserved at a discounted rate. Rooms are available now, but will go quickly. Need tickets for Saturday's Allentown show? Box Office is open now! The corps is offering tickets for select DCI Shows (including Allentown) which can be purchased on their website. Get your show tickets here
  6. I feel like this question needs to be asked. What's your favorite vocal or vocal passage? I really dug the fast 1234 vocal with leg swings in the middle of crowns show last year. It made me uncomfortable in more of a curious way? Anyway the colts this season seem to be pushing the limits of their vocal cords with a constant stream of vocals to keep me interested. I heard that past presidents are even giving the vocals a shot in some shows. Having them in the show really makes it all the more genuine and official. Well the question still stands....tell me your favorite vocal! Everyone's opinion is invited and I want to hear many different voices!
  7. I don't see a thread for this show, which should be about half over now. Schedule as per From the Pressbox (CDT): 7:15 Legends 7:32 Colt Cadets 7:49 Genesis 8:26 Colts 8:43 Troopers 9:00 Phantom Regiment 9:17 Cavaliers It looks like a little rain is about to roll through, although I don't think it will last. If you're there, or after you're there, chime in here!
  8. Week 1 [June 18 - June 21] (74.075) - The Cadets (73.700) - Blue Devils (73.016) - Carolina Crown (72.800) - Bluecoats (70.525) - Santa Clara Vanguard (70.250) - Phantom Regiment (69.266) - The Cavaliers (66.775) - Madison Scouts (66.400) - Boston Crusaders (65.550) - Blue Knights (64.250) - Blue Stars (63.075) - Crossmen (61.633) - Troopers (60.450) - Spirit of Atlanta (60.400) - Colts (59.975) - Pacific Crest (58.575) - Mandarins (47.350) - Pioneer - The Academy - Cascades - Jersey Surf - Oregon Crusaders *Rankings are determined by averaging the corps' scores from Sunday through Saturday.
  9. I'm interested to see if DCP posters are generally negative and critical of DCI or are, instead. generally positive and complimentary of DCI. Not about a specific topic, just about DCI, the organization, in general. Please answer two questions from your own perspective. Poll is not public, and comments are welcome. Since, obviously, the broader the votes the more valid the poll, so I'll likely bump as the season picks up and fans circle in for a view.
  10. In Corps at the Crest San Diego at Oceanside. I think this is the earliest that's happened for a while. Four of them are making their season debut (Gold, Impulse, Incognito, Watchmen). Three of them so new that DCP has no Topic Tags for them (Golden Empire, Incognito, Watchmen)--maybe it's time to swap out the tags for Forte and Revolution? Golden Empire got off to a strong start last week. Gold has been the third-best California O.C. corps the past two years. How will they stack up? If you're there, let us know how they're doing!
  11. I see that DCI has announced that Patria Drum and Bugle Corps from Guatemala will present Todos es Posible (Anything Is Possible). A quick Google search indicates there are nine Hispanic radio stations in Chicago, which is only about an hour from Michigan City: does this offer a new marketing opportunity? Also, if North Eastern Technology from Thailand is still traveling to the U.S., as DCI announced in December, that would make sixteen corps at Open Class prelims.
  12. Akron Cinecast Review Let’s start off with some disclaimers. I’m a guard person, and I’m much more active in the winter than in the summer. I have no musical training, so I can’t comment much on brass or percussion. I mostly watched the color guard and overall visual effect. With that out of the way, here we go. Cavaliers: I just could not get into this show because of the cheesiness factor. My guess is this show looks and feels much different under the lights, because during the day it felt comical and forced from the guard. The guard characterization was not right for me – I know that’s what they were given, but as an overall concept I think it was wrong. Also, didn’t Crossmen do this a few years back? Positively, the marimba feature is awesome. I enjoyed the drill; lots of visual impact and some clean moments from a guard perspective. The guard relies heavily on the 8 weapon boys – kind of obvious that there are some flag members that are struggling. Cavies have a high upside with their visual, but there needs to be a more mature vibe from the color guard. Scouts: The commentators nailed it at the end of the performance: what was the significance of the actor who walks from one corner to the other corner, does a tumbling routine, and then show’s over? I know this characterization will be added in, but they’ve created so many moments around him that to not explain him or his role was criminal. They even had a show designer talking about the show who made no mention of it. I like the progression from black and white to psychedelic. The guard has a lot to clean and clarify, but I was underwhelmed by vocabulary and impact. Another reviewer said there weren’t a lot of impact moments, and I agree. What’s memorable about this show? Corps proper uniforms weren’t impressive, but the guard looked good. Overall, I would have put them last tonight. Boston: Okay, I liked this show, and I’m trying to separate bias. Michael Lentz show design is all over this production, and it’s obviously something new to DCI, let alone Boston. The corps struggled through their first performance. The visual demand is sky-high, and achievement is way behind. BAC has so much work ahead of them to clean up visually. That said, I love the moments. I am familiar with Lentz’s style in the winter, and it’s clear they went visual first (as opposed to Bluecoats/Scouts music first). The guard personifies the show, and I thought they struggled to meet a high-demand show. Weapons probably had the most drops of all corps. The last minute or two of work still needs to be filled in. But again, I like this show. I didn’t need a storyline, and clearly they know where their moments are. I thought they should have been closer to Cavies, but obviously a lot of dirt to be cleaned and filled in. I am looking forward to seeing where this show is at the end of July. Phantom: Totally opposite from Boston in terms of readability and cleanliness. This is probably my favorite PR production in sometime. Clear storyline that’s not totally hokey. PR’s guard puts a lot of emphasis on clean, readable work; although to me it looked like harder work than last year. They need to work on some of the transition stuff, especially uniform changes because it was just way too forced instead of an impactful change. The music was very enjoyable, and complimented the visual. PR has a history of adding onto their visual over the summer, so I look forward to the additions. As it stands now, they just look safe. Solidly middle of the finalist pack, and only ahead because of clarity. Very similar to last year, and I could see them getting passed by a corps or three. The white guard costumes were correct, but not totally flattering to the girls. Characterization was spot on – they expressed themselves wonderfully and believably. My favorite moment might have been the wing-flapping free arms under a toss. I’m not sure what more beef can be added to this show, so it will really be up to other corps to see if they can catch up to PR’s polished show. Cadets: I saw their run-through they posted as a live feed, so I spent a lot of time watching my friend who was featured in a lot of parts. Great overall show, and felt more traditional than the corps around them. Music was great as I love Copland. Guard was performing at a high level. I am wondering about the costume changes and hoping that adds more to the visual program. I don’t really like the blue costumes – they don’t seem to be the right shade to evoke Americana and lore. My other big criticism was the long phrases of ensemble work. I wanted to see something a little more interesting instead of the whole guard spinning the same work. That style is great for an effect, but after a while loses its luster. I see why the corps is winning; there is not a down section of the show. But I do struggle to come up with a memorable or signature moment besides the ending, which is mostly memorable for being a big musical hit. I could see this show leveling off and falling out of a medal. Crown: This was a hard show for me to consider. At times, the show was championship caliber – pushing boundaries, creating amazing visual impact, and interesting and entertaining music. But, there were also moments of nothing – no impact, no emotion, and using props/equipment just to be using props/equipment. And so I am not sure if I like this show or not. I don’t think the trampolines add much – there wasn’t anything super cool being done with them. I liked the Frisbees, but did not like the hoops the guard danced with. I hated the guard costumes – looked very high school and not like mature performers (exception: the face mask was interesting). If Crown can resolve the dead portions of their show and eliminate some of the cheesiness I would be much more on board. A lot of high achievement from the guard, but the costumes made them look young. I had similar feelings about the corps proper uniforms – I think it makes the corps look short (or maybe it was a bad camera angle). There’s a lot to play around with in this show, so I am looking forward to seeing where the show evolves. Bluecoats: Another show where I spent a lot of time looking for my friend in the guard. As an aside, I have no idea how the DCI judges stay focused for the whole show. There’s a lot of tenacity there. Back to Bloo, this show was great, but still a step behind Crown/Cadets. The problem with moving up in the rankings is you have to knock someone out, and I’m not sure if they can dislodge Crown/Cadets/BD for a medalist spot. The programming was great – I really enjoy the concept of tilt with the props and the altered field. One example – when the guard spins around the perimeter, it’s a great effect as opposed to when Madison did it which looked thin and too spread out. I appreciate a lot of the nuance, but I think they need to dial it up to take a crack at the corps above them. I love where the show is going so I hope they can pull it off.
  13. Been off DCP for a while, but I saw this... ...back when DCI first put it up. Can someone direct me to the forum on here where it was no doubt discussed into oblivion? Thanks!
  14. Text the keyphrase "gdbc" to the number "70000". It is FREE! To signup online, please visit the following signup page: HERE. Help welcome the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps to the competitive Drum Corps International stage by supporting the corps... FOR FREE! For more information about this fundraiser, visit our webpage HERE. What total numbers of subscribers would pay for: Current Subscribers: 583 150: Stick/Drum Heads for year 400: Drumline Equipment 600: All Meals for the Season 1,000: All travel costs for the Season 1,200: 150 Brand New Uniforms 1,500: All Front Ensemble Equipment 1,700: Full Hornline 5,100: Entire Operating Budget for 2014
  15. I just noticed that DCI's schedule has them double-booked on Tuesday, July 29: both at the "Lake Erie Fanfare" in Erie, PA and the "Legends Drum Corps Invitational" in Troy, MI. Presumably the latter is correct--but does anyone know for sure?
  16. This is our last weekend to add members!!! We need 4 more brass to complete the hornline. 1-Trumpet, 1-Tuba, 2-Baritone/Euph's.
  17. City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps has an openings!!! City Sound is looking for 2 experienced snares and a top bass with hands. If you are interested call (323) 228-7231 or write Call asap, this opportunity wont last.
  18. City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps has an openings!!! City Sound is looking for 2 experienced snares and a top bass with hands. If you are interested call (323) 228-7231 or write Call asap, this opportunity wont last.
  19. Hello DCP Community, My name is Justin Wilkins I am in my fourth and age out year with the Blue Stars Color guard, The past three years that I have spent with the Blue Stars have been the most inspiring, challenging, and overall greatest years of my life. The organization means so much to me for it has not only made me a stronger performer but a stronger, well rounded person. To let you know a little more about myself I am full time and senior student at Columbia College Chicago studying Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management with a concentration in touring and producing live music. With my degree and my love for the life of living on the road my future career goal is to be a tour manager for a performing artist. Going on tour not only gives me the wonderful experience of drum corps but also experience that can help me in my future career goals. Aside from attending school full time I also a coach the Lake Park High School color guard in Roselle, Illinois. Who just finished their 2014 winter season finishing 24th in Scholastic A. On top of school tuition and rent it is becoming very difficult for myself to make payments for my age out summer. This why I am reaching out to you for any help you could possibly offer. After 3 years of hard work, passion, and dedication I could not explain how much this corps and activity has truly left an impact on my life. Which is why I cannot simply let myself miss out on what is expected to be the most rewarding, emotional, and unforgettable summer yet. I completely understand that times are difficult for everyone but I cannot stress enough that any donation regardless of how big or small is more than appreciated. I cannot do this without your help. Finis Coronat Opus; The end crowns the work. I understand that my post is not a discussion topic that is typically posted on this site. I am desperate in finding any funds that I possibly can so I can march my age out summer. When I say anything is appreciated I mean ANYTHING. If you are interested there are a couple of ways to sponsor a member. With the chance that I receive any donations from this site in order to prevent flooding the office with invoices I have made a GoFundMe account ( It is understandable if you don't want to donate through this site but is just an easier option for the office as well as for me to keep track of what is being donated. 1) A direct sponsorship By sending a check to: Blue Stars P.O. Box 2523 La Crosse, WI 54602-2523 **While writing the check please be sure to put Justin Wilkins Sponsorship in the Memo/For line. ** 2) By Credit Card Visit: (Enter the amount you want donate for dues in the "Quantity" field.) 3) Via telephone Call the office at 608-782-3219 to pay via credit card. Thank you for your time. Justin Wilkins
  20. City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps has an opening for an experienced bass drummer. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested call (323) 228-7231 or write Call asap, this opportunity wont last.
  21. City Sound Drum and Bugle Corps has an opening for an experienced bass drummer. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested call (323) 228-7231 or write Call asap, this opportunity wont last.
  22. City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps would like to invite you to our 2014 Color Guard Workshop SUNDAY MARCH 23, 2014 9 AM to 5 PM Our rehearsals will be at: CSU DOMINGUEZ HILLS (meet for registration in Parking Lot 4A) 1000 E Victoria St Carson, CA 90747 City Sound will be competing in the DCI Open Class Division and will be appearing at the following shows: June 27 - Oceanside, CA June 28 - Glendora, CA June 29 - Riverside, CA July 5 - Sacramento, CA July 6 - Pleasant Hill, CA July 12 - Laguna Hills, CA July 13 - Bellflower, CA (More performances to be added) If you want to grow as a color guard performer and have fun join us for what looks to be a very fun summer! Invite your friends! For more information contact: Bobby Vega
  23. City Sound Color Guard Workshop Sunday March 23, 2014 9 AM to 5 PM CSU DOMINGUEZ HILLS (meet for registration in Parking Lot 4A) 1000 E Victoria St Carson, CA 90747 For more information email Hope to see you there! (Send this flyer to all your friends!)
  24. Mark your calendars... March 29, 2014, City Sound is hosting a "FREE" benefit concert, and they would love for you to attend. Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center, 3000 Shoshonean Road, San Pedro, 90731. ( Please invite your friends and family. (See attached flyer) See you there
  25. Mark your calendars... March 29, 2014, City Sound is hosting a "FREE" benefit concert, and they would love for you to attend. Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center, 3000 Shoshonean Road, San Pedro, 90731. ( Please invite your friends and family. (See attached flyer) See you there