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  1. _______________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: “Andy Cross” ACCEPTS 2014 POSITION AS COLORGUARD INSTRUCTOR WITH CITY SOUND Andy attended Bernardo Yorba M.S. and Esperanza H.S. playing flute & bassoon and performing in orchestra, wind ensemble, marching band, & as drum major. After graduation, he studied Dance at Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa), Mt. San Antonio College (Pomona)
  2. ________________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: “Murray Gusseck” 2014 PERCUSSION ARRANGER FOR CITY SOUND DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Murray Gusseck is considered an innovator and trend setter in the world of marching percussion. He has been a musician since the age of 7 when he studied piano and violin. At age 15 he took up playing the drums and has been performing in bands ever since. Murray
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City Sound Drum & Bugle Corps Los Angeles, CA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nathaniel Lewis Tel: 323-228-7231 email: CHARLIE GROH ACCEPTS VISUAL MANAGER POSITION WITH CITY SOUND Born to itinerant beet farmers from North Dakota during the dust-bowl of the 1930's, Charles Nelson Groh has been a creative force since shortly after his birth. As the 10th (and last-born) of the Groh siblings, much of young Charles' formative years we
  4. Lately I saw a high school marching band do quite a credible job with one of my favorite pieces of music, Maurice Ravel's Pavane pour une infante defunte ("Pavane for a Dead Princess"). Thus was I reminded that this song is supposedly part of the repertoire of the Blue Stars' 2008 show "Le Tour: Every Second Counts". While I adore that show and have listened to it a couple dozen times, at least, I've never been able to pick out that particular tune in their mix. (This work should not be confused with Gabriel Faure's lovely Pavane that was used in the Stars' preshow that year.) Did they in fac
  5. ALLIANCE Drum & Bugle Corps in Atlanta, GA has just released our 2014 production entitled: "DOOMSDAY" We are a DCA all-age corps and pride ourselves on being a greatly satisfying alternative to DCI for the following individuals: those who cannot commit the time and/or money to a full DCI summer tour those who aspire to march with a DCI corps, but may need a stepping stone before they make the leap those who have recently aged out of DCI and are looking to reconnect with a DCI-like environment and show design We also welcome those who have never marched drum corps at all, but have an in
  6. Have any of you ever toured with a mental illness? If so, what helped you through the summer? My first two summers of drum corps were really awful, I had hallucinations, disorganized thoughts, mood swings, paranoia, etc. I took a summer off and I finally got diagnosed and medicated so I'm doing much better. I'm wondering if any of you have advice for touring with mental illnesses. Any tips or thoughts will be appreciated! (:
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Juan and I'm a music education major at HCC. Last summer I had the opportunity to march contra with the Boston Crusaders. It was one of the best experiences of my life! This upcoming summer will be my last chance to march with the Boston Crusaders ever because I will be aging out. This year's tuition fee is $3,500 and this is very hard to pay being a full time college student. I really need all of your help to make my age out year a reality. I wish nothing more that to have the opportunity to age out with such an amazing organization doing what I love most. Anything
  8. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT from the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble:
  9. Nicely done, DCI. But couldn't you find a Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, or Thief? At least you included a Sailor.
  10. Anybody take a look at their staff this year? Their design team alone is already killer. Crown's main designer and their music arranger, and one of the Blue Devils drill writers. That alone is a great start. They have a great visual staff coming in, brass staff is almost identical to previous years so the technique should be the same. Most of the perc staff is coming back, which means Ike is returning for his 3rd year, should be AWESOME!
  11. I was excited to see that we are getting closer to the 2013 merchandise becoming available, what I was not excited to see was what looked like a huge price increase. It seems to me that the CD/DVDs are substantially more expensive than any previous recent year; $43.00 for an audio CD? Are you kidding me, and $132.00 for a Blu-ray two disc set? DCI, the price of the storage media is becoming cheaper every year and I know what the replies are going to be, the licensing fees are expensive, but this is becoming a bit much you think? I am not an economics major, but to me the costs to produce are f
  12. I'm in my third year marching top bass at my high school's marching band, and because of my worsening scoliosis, I'm moving to the pit next year to play rack percussion. I'm hoping that this year off will benefit and strengthen my back so that I can come back after high school to march bass for Minnesota Brass and then hopefully DCI. But if this doesn't work out, I would definitely consider auditioning for rack/timpani/drum set for drum corps. Any advice from past or current rack/timpani/drum set players in the drum corps circuit? What are auditions like and how do they differ from the keyboar