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Found 38 results

  1. As many of you already know back in 1991 a group of former members of the famed Mighty St. Joe's Junior Corps, Batavia NY, along with several other drum corps nuts got together and started Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps. Their goal was to perform on a non-competitive basis and keep the "good, old times" of drum corps alive. Today, as 2015 arrives, the corps is proudly preparing for it's 25th consecutive year. Over the years MSJ has experienced and survived the true test of time. Even though over 300 drum corps' fanatics have come and gone through the corps' swinging doors many are still working hard at keeping this activity alive and well in WNY. If any of you out there still have the desire to test your chops, play an indoor/outdoor concert to thousands of appreciative fans, march a parade and see all the smiles or just be involved with one of the few real drum corps' experiences left in the Rochester/WNY area visit us on the web at and/or come out to Leroy NY for a rehearsal soon. You certainly won't regret it! Help keep the memories alive, be a part of this great drum and bugle corps today... openings in all sections!
  2. Action Wipes all natural wet wipes is doing a sale for the new year, 20% off with code "FEST2015" This product is really useful for members and spectators all year round, for after rehearsals or at shows. Wet wipes that use all natural ingredients and can be repurposed later on after wash, smell great and don't leave a sticky residue like most baby wipes. Wish I had these when I was marching.
  3. Hello DCP friends. Well, now that the 2014 DCI season has ended, does anyone want to talk about potential new venues that events could be hosted at or moved to for the 2015 season and beyond? We'll rule out talking about finals because that is a hot debate every year. I personally would love to see the DCI East regional moved from Allentown to Lincoln Financial Field. Loads of parking and lot space, plus room to hold the regional in just one day!. And It is not a dome! Yay outdoors! I'm sure this probably will not happen in the near future but it would be fantastic. Any input into this topic would be fantastic, thank you!
  4. A recent thread in this forum asked about whether a map of corps' tour stops was available online. I had built a similar feature for Pacific Crest's website (as their webmaster) and had experience with the Blue Devils Tour Map feature that they've had in place for some time. Each of those pages provide information for the specific corps - but nothing I'm aware of provided tour stop information for ALL DCI corps ... until now. With the TREMENDOUS help of our very own "Garfield", who first expressed the desire for the feature in the thread above, we've put together a 'Tour Map' that allows you to select a particular corps and have its tour mapped for you. Each stop includes information about the venue location, as well as the other corps expected to be at the show. Once scores for the event have been loaded in our Caption Ranking System, we'll remove the schedule and provide a link to the score recap. My thanks to Garfield for taking on the task to assemble the data, while I was getting the code whipped together. We have ideas for future enhancements ... so continue to follow-along. You can access the Tour Map by pressing the "Tour Map" link in the menu at the top of this page ... or by directing your browser to Enjoy! -john
  5. Mark your calendars... March 29, 2014, City Sound is hosting a "FREE" benefit concert, and they would love for you to attend. Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center, 3000 Shoshonean Road, San Pedro, 90731. ( Please invite your friends and family. (See attached flyer) See you there
  6. If you've never seen JDFunCorps on YouTube, you're missing a treat, and some lessons into the sometimes hilarious mind of a current marcher. He has been very creative in his little two-minute videos about drum corp, and in using he creativity to raise tour fees so he can march. Subscribe to his channel. It's well worth it (and maybe send him a buck or two for his tuition to Spirit this summer). In this video he takes a direct shot at the "Old Guys" on DCP who do nothing but complain about today's drum corps. Very funny, very relevant. In honor and support of his love of marching, of his creativity, and of his need for marching funds, I will, beginning today, match dollar-for-dollar every contribution from every public DCP member who donates to Spirit of Atlanta towards his 2014 tour fees, up to $250.* *This offer is valid from February 8th, 2014 through May 30, 2014 and represents my total matching contribution. Proof of contribution required for matching funds. PM me for my email address to send paid online receipt showing contribution to Spirit of Atlanta towards David's tour fees.
  7. Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 1:00 p.m. Rock Falls High School 101 12th Ave. Rock Falls, IL 61071 Featuring Guest Percussionist, Judge, and Clinician Kevin Donka, the 2013 D.C.A. Solo Snare Drum Champion, whose technique and expertise can be found on YouTube. Featuring Guest Percussionist and Clinician Washboard Jo, nationally renown as a washboardist extraordinaire, songwriter, singer, and entertainer. Featuring The Knights Drum and Bugle Corps Alumni Drum Line. Featuring the Crystal Lake, IL, Strikers Drumline Featuring Rhythm-Quest Performance Ensemble Percussion-Palooza is an educational and entertainment event featuring a solo and ensemble competition prior to the state contest for snare drum, melodic percussion, multi-percussion, and drum set for Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12), and Senior (post-secondary) level percussionists. The emphasis will be on performance, and the top three preliminary performances in each category at each level will receive awards. The individual champions will be announced, and perform, at the Percussion-Palooza Premier Showcase, with exhibitions by guest percussionists, guest percussion ensembles, and the Rhythm-Quest Performance Ensemble. Visit our website at
  8. Let me apologize for the length of this post. About me: This is my first post but I am by no means to DCP as I've been following for several years in the shadows, so I know how heated things can get. I never had the opportunity to march(I got into this around my age out year) but I am an avid fan and supporter, and I very much respect the rich history of the Drum Corps movement. For what it matters, I am also a band director. It is my hope that because of these elements that I can be give a different point of view. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the point..... Interestingly enough this idea came to me from studying the evolution of the Nation Football League. Surprisingly, if one were to compare early Drum Corps to the early NFL, you would see a lot of similarities: local, community-based amateur teams competing in local competitions. In both scenarios, a handful of successful teams decided it was in there best interest to get together and form their own organization with specific rules and guidlines. Because of this, both groups changed through the years and are not necessarily very similar to what they were when they first started, i.e transitioning from a rugby-based approach, changing point values for touchdowns and field goals for the NFL and moving away from bugles and military-style precision drill in Drum Corps, to name a few. The point is, things typically change if there is a perception that it will make the activity better. Now let me clarify a few things about my own personal opinions: 1) I am a fan of the all brass set-up. It's a wonderful, powerful sound. 2) I am not someone who preaches that things need to "evolve" just for the sake of change. Change doesn't always make for better. From studying history and seeing how progression comes forward, I do think that eventually woodwind instruments and other typical instruments associated with school bands will make their way into Drum Corps. It's a double edged sword: you lose one of the main things that makes the activity different from a typical marching band but at the same time you open up this great experience up for whole new crop of kids. What if we could have our cake and eat it too? What if DCI modified their Open Class to be a true, anything goes category (and I'm not talking SoundSport here)? The groups that feel like they want to go that direction can now do that without being penalized. Leave a World Class Brass category (forgive my lack of creativity on these) for the traditionalists. In terms of competitions,the divisions should be treated like they would at any other competition and be given their own separate scores. The key really is to not allow these two divisions to compete against each other, as you don't want to get into the issue of either orchestration setup working better and comparing the two. Looking at it from a neutral perspective, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives in terms of letting woodwinds and other instruments into DCI and that's why I see it happening in the future.The move would open up the playing field for many talented musicians who for whatever reason can't/won't learn another instrument and will open up the market value of the DCI brand. It may give credibility and incentive for directors who for some reason don't appreciate what DCI is about to plan trips with their students to shows and purchase DVDs/Blu-rays. A World level Marching Band group would be a great way to get the season started. But most importantly, it provides an educational opportunity and disciplined outlet for more kids. Isn't that what Drum Corps was about when it started? What do you think? Would this setup fly? Do you think this would be in the best interest of DCI?
  9. Hello! I'm new here on this forum and I was just wondering... how are the auditions like for The Blue Devils and how is tour life in the corps? any advice or tips would be great!! Thank you
  10. Hello drum corps fans! I just recently discovered the Waze app and thought it could be very useful for the drum corps community. With all of the driving we do it would be nice to get a heads up about traffic or other hazards on the way to camps or shows. If you don't know what Waze is you can download it on any smartphone platform (for free) or check out their website at The drum corps group is called "Drum Corps Drivers" and it would allow the community to pin point traffic or other hazards and communicate efficiently using GPS and messaging. Hope this helps!
  11. uniqorn2009


    I have someone that creates music soundtracks. This is some epic music that will fit into any drum corps style of playing. They can create and score any type of music you want. Go to this site and listen to some of the clips that's available. You won't be disappointed. They're also on Facebook under Alnilam-Music.
  12. The off-season rules congress is hereby open! Directors wishing to propose a new rule change, nominate a candidate for the DCPI Hall of Fame or submit a bid for season 21's finals location (western region) may do so by creating a thread in the Rules Congress forum. This week is dedicated to discussion only- actual voting will take place next week.