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Found 57 results

  1. Hello Group, Have this crazy idea. I know this info is available on the DCI website but, I'm thinking it could re-posted here in the forums. It could be modeled after Liahona's 2019 Official Programs & Playlist if he does not object to borrowing his post format. It could be a place to announce Shows, times, locations, lineup, ticket price and be a place who may want to request a ride share to attend an event. In my mind, it might be a fair amount of work to maintain the post. It could also be a place where attendee's could post their reviews of a show with scores Any thoughts or interest from someone who wants to tackle this project
  2. Please list some of your most favorite/memorable drill moments from shows in the past. Mine is watching Cadets’ closer in 2008 which I believe to be the most physically demanding and visually appealing moment in DCI history. Cavaliers 2002 also had many memorable moments. Others?
  3. I just discovered something cool: Flo has all of the World Class performances (high cam) from the Rose Bowl show available to watch. But every single one of them has this message below the video: It's a new world, a new activity. Our activity has evolved greatly over the last few years, and we now have the capability to have shows from the current season available on a subscription basis on demand! But this entire function doesn't work because of copyright laws. Now, copyright laws have a place, I'm not debating that at all. But corps need to own their music. It's not a matter of 'just getting through the season' anymore, they're developing marketable content that unfortunately cannot be effectively marketed. And that's because they don't own their music. They basically rent it, and only a part of it. The first solutions is simple: Want more? Spend more! But this is a cash-strapped activity, so that solution doesn't fly. In my mind, this leaves only one solution left: corps need to play all original music every year. Just like how the drill is written for them, just like how the guard work is written for them, the music needs to be written for them! What say you, DCP?
  4. With the availability of various You Tube videos available soon after performances, and the different perspectives they provide as compared to official broadcasts, it seems like the perception of how a show should be judged is highly influenced by the perspective of the viewer. Reading some of the comments about the tour premiere, you get the sense that the same performance elicited vastly different opinions depending on if the viewer was in a theater or watching the show live. In the broadcast, you are so much at the mercy of the director calling for the cuts that your experience may be significantly different than the live viewer. But insta-media seems here to stay. And organizations even have media departments now offering their curated experience to the viewer. I wouldn't mind seeing an award at the end of the season to the best depiction of the show as edited together by the organization itself. That is, each corps gets to edit together the show however it likes and present a visual package made available to the judges that represents how they feel media best presents their show. And an award for the best such presentation. Sort of like the Grammys have the awards for liner notes / packaging, etc. From a perspective of pure selfishness, I as a viewer would enjoy such a product. It would be the corps' respective visions of their own programs, calling the shots on how the remote viewer should see it (rather than making suggestions of cuts / focus of shot / etc. to the broadcaster). Assuming they own the visual media, that is.
  5. Its common for a corp to experience a downfall after winning a championship (except BD of course), but I'm sure am excited to see where the Bluecoats are gonna go this year after falling to 5th last year (2017 )trailing of the Cavies at Finals. As much as I'm hoping they'll jump back to their traditional uniforms, it seems unlikely cause of the dramatic shift Corps are experiencing in visual prospect. I sure am expecting an exciting repertoire this year. What are your hopes, desires, expectations for Bloo this year?
  6. I read in Unpopular Opinions that a few people think Indy is a bit stale compared to the old traveling Finals model. Indy's not going away, that's the home of drum corps Finals now and probably forever. So I'm curious, if you had unlimited resources, what would you do/want to see happen to make an every-year-Indy-Finals as interesting/exciting for out-of-town travelers to help generate some new excitement? I started to reply to a few folks in the Unpopular Opinions thread with this question, but thought this might warrant its own topic.
  7. Every year around this time a bunch of us FMM get together for some good bbq and beverages. WE talk about the times we marched together etc. LOL Usually a fun topic comes up as it did today. What if a corps, say Cadets decided to say, screw it, we are gonna do 1987 App spring as originally done. Devils say, ya know what, we are gonna do 1982 One More Time show. Madison says 1988, bring it to us. How would that score today????? No flash, just old school drum corps. If perfected would these shows score with current corps. It would be interesting if a corps went this direction and just said screw it, I know it is never gonna happen, was just a fun topic that came up.
  8. DCI is a little dry during the off season. I thought it would be cool to start a weekly thread about what performances we loved and didn't love about each corps. I am starting with the Cavaliers because I think they are easy to discuss without things getting out of hand or dying quickly. What are your top 1-5 all time Cavaliers shows? What are your 1-3 least favorites from them? You can go into as much or little detail as possible but please please try to keep things positive!
  9. Just wanted to know what the Drum Corps community thought of the Guardians 2017 program, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". I had a blast this past summer and would like to see things from a different perspective and maybe be able to answer some questions while I'm at it.
  10. When I was in drum corps back in the "good ole days", the 1960's, there were dozens of corps in a 10 mile radius. There were the Blue Point Blue Jays, Holbrook Skylarks, Medford Golden Grenadiers, Selden Cadets, Smithtown Freelancers and Plebes, West Sayville Golden Eagles, Port Jeff Portsman and Bohemia Czechmates to some. Now there are none. What happened to the interest in drum corp. This is not a rant about the corps of today versus the golden age of drum corps. But, it is a question of why interest died and we lost a great activity for the youth to be involved in. Is it that drum corps is just not cool? Is it the fact that it has just got to complicated? Did the evolution into a three valve bugle make it harder to teach kids to play the bugle. I remember instructing the junior members who never played how to play a bugle. Is it the fact the American Legion, VFW, Churches and Fire Departments stop sponsoring? The instrument companies should be interested in promoting local corps. More corps more sales. It is a shame we lost a big part of drum corps, the local corps. Ever go to a parade lately. There used to be dozens of bands and corps. Now it's just fire trucks. Or is a fact that we just lost the feeling of "community"? But it would be nice if we could bring back the small local corps.
  11. Any other forum members march with a Long Island Drum and Bugle Corps. If so, what corps and era did you march with the corps. I marched with the Medford Golden Grenadiers in the 60's. We went from a fire department parade corps with drums, horns and glocks to an M&M corps. Grenadier.
  12. Please answer honestly. If you choose a tie, post for what place it is, and who is involved.
  13. Mine are (sorry for the BD bias): 2017- TBD (but I have a really good feeling) 2016- Blue Devils, show aged like fine wine. I pick up on every new time I watch it. 2015- Blue Devils, Ink is one of the most emotional shows ever. I get all sorts of warm and fuzzy moments all through the show. The silence in the ballad, the intensity in the opener build. It really was a great show. 2014- Do you even need to Felliniask? 2013- Santa Clara Vanguard, I loved seeing Vanguard come back to a "Broadway" style show. It brought out the beauty and the darkness of Les Mis. Some of the best storytelling in DCI. 2012- Crossmen, lots of great stuff in 2012 but I just keep coming back to it. That opener is incredible, but alot of people forget about the closer. Some great drill moments there. 2011- The obligatory Cadets. Everyone was super competitive that year, but Cadets show is a GE monster that I just keep coming back to. Such a physical show, not to mention that brassline was phenomenal. 2010- Blue Devils, Through a Glass Darkly was one of the most misunderstood shows of the decade IMO. Looking back on the past with the mirrors was such a great design feature. The guard was perfect that year, and that opener had the most magical chords. 2009- Blue Devils, more of a fan favorite show and I loved every second of it. Gershwin is one of my favorite composers and the show is riddled with his tunes. 2008- Crown, Finis is one of those "no...we're here to stay" kind of shows. It's a Bloo 2015. Or a Blue Knights 2005. Triple Crown showed they were competitive, 2008 showed they were consistent. The opener was gorgeous and the show overall was straight up beautiful. Everything was executed beautifully. 2007- Cadets, one of the most underrated shows in history. I honestly think it could have won with just a little more cleaning. It was everything I wanted and more.
  14. It is readily becoming apparent this season that the new trend of amplifying entire hornlines (or large ensembles) is not sitting well with the fanbase. I have seen many calls for either the judges to limit rewarding or even penalize amplification of this magnitude, I've seen calls for DCI to change rules to better define what can and can't be done. All this clamoring will not do anything if confined to DCP. Action is what brings change. I ask the community, the fans, parents, and alumni, for help in drafting an open letter to DCI. We obviously have concerns, let us voice them directly. Being able to sign on to the letter will obviously be important, as there is strength in numbers. It should be disseminated as far as possible as well: to Reddit, at shows, etc. I do not know a platform that will facilitate this, so help here is appreciated. Below, I've typed out an example of what this could look like. Please help me flesh it out a bit. I will consider all criticism, as long as it is constructive. And please, keep the subject to amplification and electronics usage, this is not the proper time for an argument about rights, streaming, the fan network, etc.
  15. Over the years, DCI has continued to be a strong part of the performing arts community. With time though, many organizations face issues that stand in the way of creating, innovating and discovering new ways to improve and forward their activity. At this point in time, I would argue the biggest problem with DCI is aquiring the rights to arrange. I am worried DCI and relations with Tresona will only worsen. So what can happen to combat that from happening? I'm not sure there is any way to solve the problem completely, because if their was corps would be doing it. But if corps composed their own music could it be more beneficial than the alternative? Pros: -Could potentially be cheaper, depending on who is hired and to what extent. -Corps could get to work earlier in the season, because composers could do their work year round. -Prevents corps from redoing the same music. -Could bring in new composers we havent seen in the activity. -It seems like Crossmen did well with it, I'm sure other corps have too. Cons: -Good music composers could be monopolised. -Change the faces of who we see in the activity. -Might be expensive too, composers arent cheap. DISCUSS!
  16. Ok - lets have some off-season fun (Is it June yet?): What shows will we never see in DCI competition? I'll start: Springtime for Hitler Swear Words in Braille Josef Stalin's Favorite Love Songs
  17. Because the Show Announcement thread is not for rumors and I want to have a fun place to gather the meme-a-riffic rumors flying around...and perhaps see what our creative, demented collective can come up with for fun as we wait for the real shows. [Let's make the old VK show designers proud!] As gleaned from other threads and perhaps slightly embellished. The Cadets - Selections from Leonard Bernstein's The Lion King It's a licensing nightmare and doesn't really exist but that won't stop them from putting the color guard into costumes that resemble the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks. The Boston Crusaders - Harry Potter and the Deathly G7 After a pact with Dumbledore's Army, BAC has garnered some of the best staff in the business. This years show will capitalize on the Animal Farm theme and correlate one of the G7 corps with each of the Horocruxes and follow an intrepid trio of color guard as they vanquish them in successive order before a late season ending change where they face a George Hopkins stand in. Multiple endings will be rehearsed and revealed from Allentown until Finals night. Who will win in the end? The Cavaliers - Men are from Mars - XtraordinarY 2 Marvin the Martian look alike uniforms will completely reverse any possible trend toward ditching headgear started by the Bluecoats last year by presenting the best headgear DCI has ever seen. Watch for a reprise of the upside down tenors move that uses the brush heads on the headgear to erase the Indianapolis Colts logo from the center of the field as the "finals surprise' move!
  18. Alright 2016 only Oscars: Best Picture: Relentless Best Director: David Gibbs Best Actor in a Leading Role: Shayne O Brien Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Ben Gunnarson Best Actress in a Leading Role: Possibly Possesed Pit Girl Best Actress in a Supporting Role: CrownGUARD Best Cinematography: Cavaliers Best Costume Design: Bluecoats....kidding, Blue Devils Best Documentary Feature: Force of Nature Best Documentary Short Subject: Hero Best Film Editing: DCI- Drum Corpse Bride recording Best Foreign Language Film: El "Stoned" Best Makeup and Hairstyling: since 1981 Best Original Score: Wayne Downey and friends Best Production Design: Downside Up Best Sound Editing: Downside Up Best Sound Mixing: Downside Up Best Visual Effects: Downside Up Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): As Dreams are Made on (The Tempest) Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Relentless Golden Globes (cut out redundants) Best Motion Picture-Cadets Best Drama Series- Clash of the Corps Best Comedy Series- Hoptalk Razzies...kidding
  19. Not sure if this is the right forum but Hi! My name is Irene, and I am a junior in high school. I am in my school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program. As part of getting our diploma, IB students have to write a research paper known as the Extended Essay (EE). I am writing my EE about DCI. For my EE, I writing a comparative essay about the transition between the mediums of musical theater and DCI. The essay will focus on three shows (Sky Ryders 1988, Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 and Santa Clara Vanguard 2013) and will include musical analysis, visual analysis and interviews with staff. Would any of you happen to have the names of the visual coordinator, program coordinator, brass arranger/composer, percussion arranger and color guard designer for Santa Clara Vanguard's 1989 and 2013 shows, or know where I could find them? Thank you so much! :)
  20. Just listened to the Southern University Marching Band, and musically I think the college bands have a better sound then drum corps. With all the changes in the drum corps rules, like allowing xylophones, amplification, and who knows what. Why don't they just allow college bands to compete. Maybe, they don't have the marching down as good, but they could.
  21. Ok, so I was thinking about this a little bit. Honestly, I dont know if there is other people who already do this, but I think this is something I will try for the 2017 season. Im going to forgo watching any 2017 drum corps shows before championships. Scores and show titles are ok to see, but any kind of lot videos or shows will not be. Im not attending any drum corps shows this year, so I think this will be fun to try. Im also looking at forgoing scores as well, and try to guess the placements at championships. I dont know if I will do it, I just wanted to bounce it off you guys, and get your opinions. Is this something that people try often?
  22. Remember those hot summer nights after a parade walking hand with your best girl or boy friend who marched with you in the drum corp. After a parade walking through the fire department fairs, going on the ferris wheel and later going out for pizza. The bus rides home, your best girl or boy friend next to you in the seat on the bus. I was always a sucker for a girl in a skirt and boots with bom, boms. I know of at least two couples who got married and lasted a life time. I didn't end up with the girl who marched in the corps with me. "Thank God" I met a wonderful girl and we've been married for almost 50 years. But, how many of you married a girl in your corps and did it last? Grenadier
  23. This morning I've been listening to a sport psychologist via podcast, and he mentioned the Golden State Warriors (basketball team apparently, I'm out of the loop on that sport) put a huge emphasis on sleep. They realized their team wasn't recovering well from overnight trips and back-to-back out-of-state games, and they retooled how they schedule their travel and practice as a result. They ended up playing better, winning more, and saw significantly fewer injuries. (one of many articles for the interested). Meanwhile, just yesterday on Reddit I read about a drum corps last season (didn't say which corps) that had a show, traveled 3 hours by bus and then did 2 hours of floor time, and then started rehearsal bright and early the next day, also a show day. The Reddit user said it was their worst day of drum corps in memory. So I guess I'm wondering, we hear more and more about corps putting emphasis on hiring physical therapists and movement coaches to prevent injury and help them perform at their optimum, but is anything being done to ensure corps get better sleep?
  24. How did you get involved in drum corps? What was your corps like? I became interested in drum corps indirectly through my parents. My farther and mother were part of the greatest generation. My father fought in WWII. Drove a tank through France into Germany. Came home. Didn't talk about it much. He and my mother settle back on Long Island, NY and he joined the local volunteer fire department. Our home town fire department had one of the best bands (not drum corps) in the state. As a kid, I went to all the local fire department parades and fairs. In the summer, there must have been at least two a week. The left me by the fire department finish line as the marched in the parade. I got to hear the local corps like the Selden Cadets, and Smithtown Freelancers. From as far back as I can remember, I wanted to march with a drum corp. I joined a local corps sponsored by a fire department, in the next town. I joined because I wanted to march and play bugle. But, the bonus was being a part of the corps. Sure, there were the clicks, and the corps politics. The inner circle versus the members from out of the district. But, still we were a part of the whole. It wasn't a big corps like the Skyliners or Sunrisers. Not even like the Selden Cadets. But, we tried our best. It was one of the best memories I have. But, when it came to my children, they never had any interest. Maybe, it was the time, maybe it was the fact that we were the children of the greatest generations. Also, maybe it was the fact that each town had a corps and all it took was desire to join. You didn't have to audition. Grenadier
  25. To me ever since 2016 the innovation of the Cadets has been slighlty lack luster do i think they have been working hard yes. But the innovation that has been getting them championships is not currently present. So why not present ideas that could be used. Now this isnt a Cadets roast session, so please feel free to submit ideas, because who knows maybe George is watching.