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Found 265 results

  1. Due to the impending winter storm, The Skyliners have moved their Open House to Sunday, February 3rd.
  2. Who did the brass and percussion arrangements for the Cadets iconic 1984 "West Side Story" show? 35th Anniversary of that show - time flies.
  3. Available, soon, FOR SALE -- I’m (will shortly be) selling my Kanstul Powerbore KSB-102/102G Sopraon (with a package) …. $775 + actual shipping cost (continuous 48 or Canada—ONLY)! I’m the original owner, got it in early 2005. The Protect case it came with has never been used, it has sat in my closet ever since receiving the horn from Kanstul. I already had one with corps patches on it, so I used it instead. The horn was rarely used, until my alumni drum corps retirement in early 2010. I also had a second (1997) Powerbore I bought to help out a friend in need, and used it for practices and parades and saved the 05’ for special events. The 97’ has been SOLD. The horn has sat unused since 2010, but has been thoroughly gone through and is in “newish” (yes that’s a real word) condition. --NO DENTS -- NO DINGS-- The package includes: Powerbore Soprano Protect case – perfect condition Mouthpiece ( if you want one) - your choice 3C or 7C Replacement water key rubber caps, 6-total..2 for each key. Kanstul P/N’s-- 21, B2, E2 Replacement water key corks. Kanstul P/N -- (b) Replacement slide Stop Knob. Kanstul P/N -- E4 (1) 8oz Blue Juice Valve Oil – a $30+ value (1) New tube Yamaha Slide Grease (1) NEW jar HERCO Spitballs Cleaning brushes – MP, Valves and Pipe Snake (1) Package 3M Tarni-Shield Protectors (2) NEW Sunshine Polishing Cloths (1) NEW Blitz Silver Care Cloth (1) Bell Hoodie (cover) (1) Horn Stand A couple of pictures available. UPDATE: the horn with be listed here for 10 days before going on eBay and local sites. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will also have the following for sale, and will list them with specifics in another posting: --- (~12) mouthpieces --- (1) NEW DEG Premium HD mouthpiece puller --- (1) 1957 CONN Director 18 Trumpet with Coprion Bell, with original case. Condition is 9+ of out 10.
  4. FunGuy02

    Old bugle mouthpeice

    Hello! I recently purchased a Getzen 1 Piston Valve Baritone Bugle and I was wondering what mouthpeice it used
  5. So I'm a woodwind that's really interested in auditioning for DCI in a few years. I'm planning on getting a Mellophone to learn but I don't exactly have a lot of money and I have no idea what brand or model to get. I've heard Yamaha is best. What mouthpiece and Mellophone should I look into buying?
  6. For Sale: Dynasty Marching G Baritone - Silver finish ....includes case but not mouthpiece. $550 + shipping ( $50) or best offer........All offers will be considered. Will ship to the contiguous Unites States only. The Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps of Long Island, NY are offering for sale a used Dynasty marching G baritone. Plays well and valves work smoothly. The silver finish around the valve casing is worn and has normal wear and tear all around with some small dings. Please contact Cathy Beaumont (Sunrisers corps business manager) at (631) 748-6774 for more info. Link for pics: 
  7. The website says it all:
  8. What bugles. are the Alumni corps playing. Do different corps use different instruments. I was a child of the 60's an played a single valve with rotary. Just curious. Grenadier
  9. First, the good: It’s nice to hear brass lines punching up the volume again and most corps are accomplishing this without field microphones. Congratulations! Design staffs listen to the veterans and fans after all! We want a big sound and we want it to be produced by natural means. Now, with that being said, each corps used to have its own particular sound. Back in the day you could pick out a brass line blindfolded: Phantom had a particular sound, Madison had a distinctive sound, etc. No longer. Every brass arranger in DCI seems to use the same technique. The trumpet parts are arranged similarly, etc., and its hard to distinguish between some of the brass lines today. Sure, there are differences in quality and clarity but in general there is what I call sameness across DCI. To me things sound tuba- and mellophone-heavy across the board especially live. Even some of the best brass lines in the country sound like a radio with the bass turned up and the treble turned down. Other than from the Blue Devils I don’t hear the searing-hot trumpet sound cutting over the top of the brass section. To my mind the best brass sections shade a little toward the treble end of the balance scale; not a lot, just a little. Look, modern brass lines are amazing but it sounds like the parts were ripped from Arban’s technique book. Would it hurt to play more than four consecutive measures of an actual piece? Other than parts of “Bolero” by The Cavaliers, a couple bars of “God Bless the Child” by the Bluecoats, and a trumpet solo from Phantom Regiment in “New World Symphony,” I don’t hear much I recognize. It’s mostly a ten minute mashup.
  10. The Muchachos Drum and Bugle Corps of Manchester, NH has an immediate opening for a brass instructor for the 2018 season. Formerly a junior corps in the '60s, '70s and early '80s, today's Manchester Muchachos is an all-age, DCI-affiliated corps that performs a field show in exhibition at Boston-area DCI shows. Members range in age from 14 to 70+ and consist of seasoned veterans as well as new brass players. If you are interested in working with a wonderful group of individuals in a great family atmosphere, please send an email to (at) for more information and an application. Rehearsals are generally every other Sunday and are located in and around Manchester, NH. Because membership in the Manchester Muchachos is open to youth under the age of 18, potential members, staff, and volunteers who are 18 or older must undergo a background check. This is a part-time, paid (stipend or per diem) position. Thank you for your interest in the Muchachos! Have a great season, everyone! Joan
  11. I am working on a Drum Corps World article on Melissa "Mely" Salguero the 2018 Grammy Educator Of The Year. I have a ton of material from the hundreds of interviews and stories about her life leading up to her Grammy. What is missing is her time in the marching arts as a member of the Americans in 2000 and the Boston Crusaders 2001-2004. I will be interviewing her in a few days, but what I seek is quotes from people who marched with her. Also, if you have a question that you would like me to ask her. If you have any interesting or funny anecdotes I would love to hear from you. Thanks!