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  2. Posted 20 minutes ago The great Bill Hayes has passed. After serving as an Air Corps turret gunner in WWII and earning 4 bronze stars, he completed his music degree, became the first "Cherry Pink" soloist in the Caballeros, and taught both music and drill to dozens of the finest drum corps in the country. If you ever marched in this activity, you either learned from him, someone else who had, or one of their students. We all carry Bill's Drum Corps DNA to some degree. He was the personification of "The Greatest Generation", in every sense of the word. Details:
  3. The great Bill Hayes has passed. After serving as an Air Corps turret gunner in WWII and earning 4 bronze stars, he completed his music degree, became the first "Cherry Pink" soloist in the Caballeros, and taught both music and drill to dozens of the finest drum corps in the country. If you ever marched in this activity, you either learned from him, someone else who had, or one of their students. We all carry Bill's Drum Corps DNA to some degree. He was the personification of "The Greatest Generation", in every sense of the word. Details:
  4. So, we've been enumerating corps "of the past" lately, and as interesting as that is, it's starting to feel like reading the obituary section to me. I am as big a nostalgia fan as there is, but it's a bit sad to see all those names, and we know there are hundreds more. I'd like to suggest we flip this to the positive just a bit. After all, many of these corps were quite influential and left legacies. Name a contemporary corps whose roots and/or style can be traced to an earlier organization, its "Godfather", so to speak. For example: PRESENT CORPS GODFATHER Jersey Surf Bayonne Bridgemen Carolina Crown Suncoast Sound
  5. Chick Corea, former soprano for the St. Rose Scarlet Lancers and recent inductee to the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, picked up the Grammy last week for "Best Latin Jazz Recording", for his double album "Antidote". Maybe some hipster program designer will take notice when planning for 2021. Chick being an avid fan of the activity, I think licensing and arranging permission deals would be very favorable in that case.
  6. We have a large number of used G Bugles available. Most are in great condition but they are used and could use some polishing. Once again they are all G Bugles... Baritone: 5 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, excellent condition $480/each 3 - Kanstul 3 valve silver plate w/ case excellent condition $510/each Melophone: 2 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, excellent condition $400/each 1 - Dynasty 2 valve, chrome finish, w/ case, fair condition $230/each Soprano: 1 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, *crease in bell* $275/each 4 - Dynasty 3 valve, silver plate, w/ case, excellent condition $325/each 1 - Dynasty 2 valve, chrome finish, w/ case, fair condition $225/each 2 - Dynasty 2 valve no case fair condition $175/each Contra: 2 - Contra 2 valve, no case, fair condition $575/each 2 - Contra piston rotary, no case, good condition $375/each 1 - Kanstul Grande 3 valve, silver plated, no case, good condition $1775/each 1 - Kanstul Grande 3 valve, silver plated, no case, fair condition $1575/each 3 - Dynasty Magnum 3 valve, silver plated, no case, good condition $1175/each Can be sold singularly and in bulk. Price does not include shipping. Email me at for more information as well as photographs.
  7. This discussion has been quiet for a while, but continues to be critical. You be the judge. Whose show has the best "audio transparency", and why? Please note whether you are judging from a "live" or "streaming" experience perspective. My front-runner, based on seeing them live, outdoors in Sacramento (and understanding that things may have changed)...Cavaliers. Why? They played extremely dynamically (ppp to fff, with fine shaping), scoring for synths and other reinforced instruments was tasteful (including periods of tacet!), and the marriage of acoustic and electronic sounds was very well balanced. In short, there was clarity. I recalled standing with Ralph Hardimon the year before amps were introduced, listening to this very corps. "Do you have any problem hearing the keyboards?". he asked. "None at all", I said. "Yeah", he replied. "It's called dynamics." They're still doing it. So, who's your candidate?
  8. It is indeed a shame that so many major competitors have fallen by the wayside over the problems, recruiting/retention problems, and competitiveness have all been nails for those groups. However, 8 corps have made word-class finals in all 5 decades of DCI (70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's). Name them (no cheating) .Here are some interesting hints...……. They have won 43 of the 47 championships; however, 2 of these corps have not won the title. Five of the eight corps have been in finals for 38 consecutive years (or more). 2012 was the last time that all 8 of these corps were in finals.
  9. Name your top 10 DCI corps of all time who did not win the championship. Here is my list (no particular order) Bridgemen (broke the mold with their style and use of humor.....seriously contended for title in 1977 and 1980) 27th Lancers (also had their own unique crowd-pleasing style, with dazzling visual/guard...contended in 1980) Argonne Rebels (won brass in prelims in consecutive years, with Sandra Opie ahead of her time) Spirit of Atlanta (contended in 1979 and 1980......legendary brass sound and a great Tom Float drumline) Crossmen (although didn't contend for title at end of any year, the many time finalist won some Regionals and beat everyone at some point, with some legendary drumlines) Troopers (contended for title in DCI's first 3 years, including 2nd in 1973...….western aura, the sunburst, and precision marching/guard made them a crowd favorite) Muchachos (contended for title in 1974 and especially in 1975......Spanish look/sound with a flare...….performed in 75 prelims but disqualified...judges certainly put down their numbers, but what that score was remains a mystery....crowd pleaser/very entertaining) Blue Stars (serious contender 1972-1973......finalist first 8 years of DCI...…..rebuilt corps into world class finalist after being in Division 3 and Division 2 for quite a number of years) Kilties (although they didn't contend, with their 5th in 1973 being the highest, they were competitive, and a crowd pleaser....also notable was their jump from 29th to 10th in 1977) Oakland Crusaders (although Oakland was only in 2 finals, they actually did something in a non-finalist year, 1977, that might not ever happen again.....winning high percussion in prelims but not qualifying for finals)
  10. The former band director of West Chester University's famed marching band, Dr. James Wells, along with his brother Richard, also a fine music educator, recently donated a record 3 million dollars to the newly re-named Wells School of Music. The alumni list of the School of Music. and alumni of the band, (including many from Wells' era) that have had and continue to have a huge impact on the drum corps activity, including arrangers, instructors, and members, is unmatched. Wells revolutionized the concept of student leadership within the college band. Wells' approach propelled the band into one of the finest in the country. He also created an eventual national student marching band conference/workshop, which allowed high school students to learn the basics from talented clinicians, and for band directors to also hone their skills. A DCI contest was a frequent part of clinic week. Dr. Wells had time for everyone, and had a great influence on thousands of future music educators, including some who are now also legends in the drum corps world. Dr. James Wells is an individual who was a pioneer and living legend in the marching music world.
  11. This should be a treat: the 2018 World DC Hall of Fame inductee playing first violin on a drum corps standard. West coast SCV and Cavies fans in particular will dig this scene.
  12. Last chance to catch the World Drum Corps Hall of Famer before he heads to Europe for a month: Charlotte, NC • 04/17/18 Chick Corea with the Davidson College Jazz Ensemble • Duke Family Performance Hall • 8:00pm He's playing better than ever, even though he long ago swapped his soprano for a piano.
  13. Hi, everyone, before I get to my next match up episode, I wanted to take some time and talk about uniforms in DCI. Uniforms have been around since the birth of the marching arts. However, starting in 2016, a movement began. The Bluecoats won their first championships wearing costumes that were customed designed. When the Bluecoats made their departure, other corps followed the same path. In 2017, The Santa Clara Vanguard, The Blue Knights, The Cadets, The Madison Scouts, Gold, Southwind, and The Guardians made the move to costumes. Seeing this movement makes one wonder how long do traditional uniforms, ( shakos, plumes, jackets, and pants ), have until they cease to exist in the Drum Corps World. When looking at the costumes themselves, they have both won championships and lost championships. In the 2016, The Bluecoats won their very first championship wearing costumes. However, the following year in 2017, The Bluecoats, The Cadets, and The Blue Knights finished lower than they did in 2016. On the flip side, The Santa Clara Vanguard and The Madison Scouts finished higher than they did last year in 2016. Santa Clara Vanguard managed to climb up all they way into the top three for the first time since 2004 and The Madison Scouts made it back into the finals after finishing 13th in 2016. For the Open Class Corps, The Guardians, Southwind, and Gold became the first open class corpsnto wear costumes. The movement of using costumes has spread to both the World Class Corps and the Open Class Corps. In my opinion, I like uniforms and hope that they stick around in drum corps. Now, in this thread, please post below what your thoughts are on uniforms and costumes in DCI.
  14. ...a section for discussions about SoundSport and Drum Line Battle? It seems that these organizations are growing in leaps and bounds and are also helping to grow the Open Class division of DCI. I think it would be very beneficial to all corps people to have a forum to discuss these two organizations, new groups developing, etc.
  15. Two Friends of DCI tickets in Section 140, Row 21 (top row of section 140, handicap section is right behind this row. Can stand up to watch corps on the field and not block anyone's view), Seats 5 and 6 are available for Quarter and Semi finals. This section is on the 50 yard line, so you get both great site lines for watching drill and still get your hair blown back with brass! Asking face value for the tickets: $59.00 for quarter finals; $79.00 for semi finals. If interested please post your contact information so that I can get in contact with you.
  16. The Hit Men Brass Band are auditioning tuba players to fill a opening later this summer. This paid position requires a commitment of 30 to 35 performances yearly. Applicants must live in the Western New York area, be able read music and perform at a advanced level on the move. Transportation and everything needed to perform is provided. Interested candidates please reply to
  17. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!!! First load of world series astroturf has arrived Help support the corps as we move towards our new home
  18. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: (323)228-7231 https://www.facebook.../CitySoundCorps
  19. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: (323)228-7231
  20. Los Angeles area DCI corps is in search of qualified brass caption head/instructor. If interested contacted us at: (323)228-7231 https://www.facebook.../CitySoundCorps
  21. so, sorry to be such a "Noob", but I keep seeing little rectangular boxes with specific Corps' Logos and colors.... and I want to have them on my signature too! I marched a corps last year and have 2 that I like/ want to march in the next 2 years before I age out. :) any help is appreciated! (so long as it's not condescending) :)
  22. A recent thread in this forum asked about whether a map of corps' tour stops was available online. I had built a similar feature for Pacific Crest's website (as their webmaster) and had experience with the Blue Devils Tour Map feature that they've had in place for some time. Each of those pages provide information for the specific corps - but nothing I'm aware of provided tour stop information for ALL DCI corps ... until now. With the TREMENDOUS help of our very own "Garfield", who first expressed the desire for the feature in the thread above, we've put together a 'Tour Map' that allows you to select a particular corps and have its tour mapped for you. Each stop includes information about the venue location, as well as the other corps expected to be at the show. Once scores for the event have been loaded in our Caption Ranking System, we'll remove the schedule and provide a link to the score recap. My thanks to Garfield for taking on the task to assemble the data, while I was getting the code whipped together. We have ideas for future enhancements ... so continue to follow-along. You can access the Tour Map by pressing the "Tour Map" link in the menu at the top of this page ... or by directing your browser to Enjoy! -john
  23. Mark your calendars... March 29, 2014, City Sound is hosting a "FREE" benefit concert, and they would love for you to attend. Cabrillo Beach Youth Waterfront Sports Center, 3000 Shoshonean Road, San Pedro, 90731. ( Please invite your friends and family. (See attached flyer) See you there