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Found 254 results

  1. In my previous post: Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female Brass Players March 10 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions I linked to videos of some very talented "Brass Players" There also is no shortage of amazing female drummers. I present to you for your enjoyment: Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female Drummers Here are some very talented women playing the drums posted by Cameron Ferguson. Time Stamp: Anika Nilles 0:00 Senri Kawaguchi 0:46 Emmanuel Caplette 1:31 Brooke C 2:23 Kristina Schiano 3:00 Bebop Ayeon 3:27 Meytal Cohen 3:50 Lindsey Ward 4:15 Hannah Ford 4:47 Hani Hamadhany 5:27 Helen De La Rosa Odacoca 5:55 Mia Kayleigh 6:32 Devikah 7:07 Yubin 7:59 Elise Trouw 8:27 Karen Carpenter 9:10 Gina Shock 10:01 Kimberly Thompson 10:53 Cindy Blackman 12:12 Vera Figueiredo 13:00 Queen Cora 13:45 Nikkie Glaspie 14:21 Marilyn Mazur 15:01 Hillary Jones 16:01 Athena Kottak (Lee) 17:05 Jen Ledger 17:44 Roxy Petrucci 18:04 Carla Azar 18:32 Sandy White 19:00 Meg White 19:26 Shiela E. 20:05 Here are some more that are not featured in the video that you need to check out. AP Tobler Everlong - Foo Fighters Drum Cover / AP Tobler / 2017 Hit Like a Girl Finalist and Popular Winner Caitlin Kalafus Zildjian Sound Legacy - Caitlin Kalafus Evelyn Glennie Evelyn Glennie improvisation on Drums Faith Benson Faith Benson Performing "Baby Games" Camille Bigeault Camille Bigeault's Polyrhythms
  2. Drum Corps - An Activity To Career In related posts; KeithHall has posted numerous topics in Historical Junior Corps Discussions including How Did You Start in Drum Corps? By KeithHall, February 12 in Historical Junior Corps Discussions Skeletor '96 posted: Why I joined the Cavaliers in the 1990s By Skeletor '96, February 20 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions rpbobcat posted: Not Exactly Drum Corps By rpbobcat, January 26 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions bdkappasig posted: famous corp members (13 pages of posts) By bdkappasig, July 19, 2006 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions I posted: Not Necessarily Drum Corps - Female Brass Players By Rich Cline, Tuesday at 05:54 PM in DCI World Class Corps Discussions Besides the usual things learned in drum corps like musicianship and character, marching in a corps teaches you discipline, focus, respect, and to have an open mind. I envy those who have marched and gone on to have professional careers in the music industry. There many famous people that were involved in drum corps going back to "Cubby" in the Mouseketeers, the invent of the "Blue Man" Group and recently and article referencing Chic Corea and a new jazz album which was released. Following is a list complied from various forums listing famous people that are known or believed to have marched. Famous people that were involved in drum corps. (Alpha List Sort) Billy Cobham was in the Sunrisers Chad Sexton marched Skyriders Drum & Bugle Corps Chic Corea marched when he was a kid. A friend of a person met him back in 93 and he (the friend), being a Devils alum, asked wheather he had ever heard Blue Devils' performances of his (Chic's) music. So they got to talking about drum corps stuff and found out that he marched soprano when he was a youngster (the corps name Purple Knights jumps to mind, but I'm unable to verify). Another poster said Chick Corea marched in the St. Rose's Scarlet Lancers (from the Boston area) Chuck Mangione Cliff Klaven (aka John Ratzenberger) played bass drum with the Royal Lancers in Bridgeport, CT in the '60's. Dave Gibbs (Blue Devils director) marched Blue Devils soprano Doc Severinson marched with a corps in Eastern Oregon in his youth. It was an American Legion Post corps (no name is specific). Ed McMahon George (Mr. Sulu) Takei marched in the L.A. Koyasan Scouts. Glenn Kotche marched Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps Maynard Ferguson was said to have marched in a corps from Canada... and one poster said that he heard that Maynard "worked" with Toronto Optimist hornline in the late '60s. Michael Jackson (the football player with the Seahawks in the 80's, not the gloved one) marched with the Columbians of Tri Cities, Wa in the 70's. An article talked about Tommy Lee going through various drum corps' in his youth. But didn't say which Corps he was in. Pat Petrillo marched Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps A close friend of a person had a Rush autobiography this book, an interviewer asks Neil if he marched...he said no. He did however say he liked them. Russ McKinnon is the drummer for Tower of Power now. Tower of Power marched in 27th Lancers Skip Prokup(sp?), drummer for Lighthouse("One Fine Morning") marched Optimist; he even pulled out a full size corps snare on a stand during concerts. He does a religion show on local radio now. Steve Gadd marched with the Rochester Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps from Rochester, New York. Steve Rondinaro (corps unknown) Two members of the group The Who (John Entwistle and Keith Moon) marched in a corps in England. Tommy Igoe: New York Voices ...bridgemen..early 80's Wayne Downey (Blue Devils Arranger) marched Sunrisers I'm sure there are so many more. See: famous corp members (13 pages of posts) By bdkappasig, July 19, 2006 in DCI World Class Corps Discussions So, my topic for discussion is: Drum Corps - An Activity To Career Q: How did your time in drum corps impact or enhance your career?
  3. Hello! Over the past half year I have been trying to compile a list of all the percussion caption heads throughout DCI, for what years they taught, and their corps they were with. Corps write "caption head" titles in different ways and these titles have meant different things throughout DCI history. For the purposes of this project, by percussion "caption head" I mean the head of the percussion section (think top honcho). EX. Colin McNutt: Boston Crusaders: 2017 - 2020 I've posted multiple forums like these over the internet, one here, and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project. A special thanks to corps who have responded to my email requests and took the time to ensure that the information that I have is correct. The previous forum can be found here. Saying that, I have made a more organized google sheets file that is easier to use. Click this link to be taken to the google sheets file. If you want to contribute : Please leave a comment with the relevant info and a source if you can find one (not necessary). Here is the same post in "Historical Junior Corps Discussions."
  4. Hello! I am putting together a comprehensive list of percussion caption heads throughout DCI's history and have been scourging the internet for information and emailing the corps (some I haven't emailed yet). I still need a lot of information and was hoping to find some help here. Below are the lists of years that I haven't been able to find caption heads for or information that I haven't been able to verify. I have also included a link to the google sheets file that has all of the information that I have found so far. Click here for the google sheets file. ******* I've been away for awhile. I've updated everything that I could verify/ had years for. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!!! The Academy 2001 - 2007 : ?? The Bluecoats Complete! Thank you to mingusmonk! Hopefully I transferred your descriptions accurately. Blue Knights 1963 : ?? 1975 - 1977 : ?? 1982 - 1990 : ?? 2002 - 2005 : ?? 2011 - 2012 : ?? The Blue Stars 1965 - 1981 : ?? 1986 - 2005 : ?? 2010 - 2011 : ?? Boston Crusaders 1940 - 1963 : ?? 1965 - 1990 : ?? 1992 - 1993 : Thom Hannum? 1994 : Tom Aungst? 1995 - 1996 : ?? 1998 - 1999 : ?? The Cadets 1934 - 1969 : ?? 1972 - 1973 : ?? 1978 - 1979 : ?? The Cavaliers The Cavaliers were kind enough to respond to my email and helped me fill out my list. The only years that they couldn't find were 1952 - 1955. Thank you to the Cavaliers and alumni who helped!! Colts 1966 : ?? 1968 - 2005 : ?? 2012 - 2016 : ?? Crossmen 1983 : ?? 1997 : ?? 2000 : ?? 2006 - 2008 : ?? 2010 - 2012 : ?? 2014 : ?? 2019 : ?? The Glassmen 1973 - 1975 : ?? 1984 - 1987 : ?? 1992 - 1996 : ?? 2004 - 2006 : ?? Madison Scouts 1954 - 1991 : ?? Mandarins 1978 : ?? 1984 - 2008 : ?? 2010 - 2012 : ?? 2014 - 2016 : ?? Music City DBC 2009 - 2013 : ?? Oregon Crusaders 2000 - 2002 : ?? Thank you to the Oregon Crusaders (Mike Quillen) for helping! Pacific Crest 1996 - 2018 : ?? Phantom Regiment 1964 : ?? 1970 : ?? 1973 - 1974 : ?? 2019 : ?? SCV 1967 - 1972 : ?? Seattle Cascades 1969 - 1979 : ?? 1985 : ?? 1991 - 2012 : ?? 2014 - 2019 : ?? Troopers 1958 : ?? 1960 - 2004 : ?? 2006 - 2018 : ??
  5. FYI.
  6. I'm hearing through the rumor mill that Spirit is dropping their cymbal line for the upcoming season. I hope it's not true as they've had some fantastic lines in the past. I think they've even won some I&E's. Anyone else hearing the same rumor?
  7. As we know the 5 caption trophies are averages of THUR, FRI, SAT. If there is a tie, the Finals number breaks it. GE: Bloo has a .45 lead, so if BD is announced the Angelica winner, it’s #19 in ‘19. Nobody else is close. Visual: the Brazale is just the 20 pt proficiency caption. I don’t know why they don’t add in analysis, but it is what it is. BD holds a .15 lead over Bloo. It’s conceivable that Bloo can pick that up but not too likely. Guard: BD has a .05 edge over BAC, so whoever gets the top score tonight wins the Zingali. Brass: wow, Crown only has a .15 lead over (edit) Bloo. Again, Bloo isn’t out of it but needs a tepid run by CC to gain at least that.15. Percussion: SCV is comfortable at .175 over BD. Bloo is .25 back. Again, BD could win Visual and Guard and get the Silver. Bloo MUST win GE to get the Gold — unless this week’s trends go wrong.
  8. vintage drum solos from the 70's and 80's!
  9. Hello! I'm thinking about auditioning for BD synth, and had a couple of questions. 1. About how many people usually audition for synth? 2. Do you have to know MainStage? 3. Would a piece like Chopin's Prelude in B minor (op. 28 no. 6) be okay? ( If not, what kind of piece would be suitable to audition with? I assume that it shouldn't last more than 2 minutes, but I could be wrong. 4. What is the audition process like? 5. When did you hear back from BD? Thank you for all your help!
  10. I thought I start a thread of inks to live feeds of the hornline, drumline, front ensemble, and guard warm ups. To keep things kosher, let's stay away from posting live show feeds. Let's keep it to live video from the parking lot.
  11. I have a used Yamaha Battery for sale. 8 snares (all 14s) 5 tenors (double 6, 10, 12 13 14 4 basses (18, 22,26,30 (sorry top bass not available) Carriers and stands working for all drums but show heavy use. $5000 plus buyer pays freight or call 714-600-1165 Pics upon request!
  12. Offered for sale is a collection of drum corps drumline writing that spans several decades from the 1970s to the 1990s. Cadences, warm-ups, exercises and random bids from some of the greatest percussion arrangers ever to put their beats on a football field for Drum Corps International, Drum Corps Midwest and dozens of other regional circuits back in the day. This collection is over 100 pages from percussion arrangers such as Marty Hurley, Tom Sorensen, Russ Weber, Dennis Delucia, John Wooton, Brian Dufour, Jeff Prosperie, Bart Dixion writing for corps such as Phantom Regiment, Pioneer, Bridgemen, Colts, Blue Devils, Cavaliers, etc. A great historical collection of drumline beats to help build your chops for auditions and the upcoming marching season. All of the arrangements are in page protectors and shipped in a three ring binder. This is also posted on Ebay and you can view photos there. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.
  13. Due to the impending winter storm, The Skyliners have moved their Open House to Sunday, February 3rd.
  14. So, I march tenors for high school and I am a freshman. We are in parade season now and I just can't handle the weight of the tenors for more than 20 minutes. I even wear a back brace and that doesn't help. I also stretch before I put them on. Is there anything else I can do so I don't have to put the tenors up during the parade?
  15. The Skyliners are pleased to introduce their Percussion Staff for the coming 2019 season. "We have assembled a young, talented, and energetic group", said Ian Vanderlinden, Caption Head. Timmy Allen, staff and ensemble coordinator, said "We are really excited about being able to build on a returning core that understands our vision and commitment to our members. We have a team that will enable us to grow not only this year, but well into the future." For more information, including bios for all our staff, you can visit the Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps Website. You can contact our Director at for more information. The Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps is a 501(c)3 non-profit, performance-based organization that provides quality educational opportunities for its members.
  16. The Skyliners are pleased to introduce their Percussion Staff for the coming 2019 season. "We have assembled a young, talented, and energetic group", said Ian Vanderlinden, Caption Head. Timmy Allen, staff and ensemble coordinator, said "We are really excited about being able to build on a returning core that understands our vision and commitment to our members. We have a team that will enable us to grow not only this year, but well into the future." For more information, including bios for all our staff, you can visit the Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps Website. You can contact our Director at for more information. The Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps is a 501(c)3 non-profit, performance-based organization that provides quality educational opportunities for its members.
  17. Hi Guys! It's been many years since I've taken the field and I've been invited to join my high schools alumni band when homecoming comes this fall. I tried to march last year but the equipment is so different than it was in the '70's the only available loaner drums were fitted for slender wee folks, I ended up playing on a mounted drum on the sidelines. Now where's the fun in that?! This year, my Son gifted me a Pearl Airframe carrier and we got it attached to the drum ok. Problem is, I am not a wee skinny high school student anymore, and I can't find any kind of instructions on how to adjust and fit this thing to my more (ahem) mature figure and aging spine. I attempted to contact Pearl to wait on hold for a goodly long time, so failing that I found your site and figured this would be the ideal place to ask for tips! I assume I must try and bend the frame a bit to go over my shoulders and to pass over my ample belly, but dang! that is some really tough aluminum for this old man to wrangle with. Thanks So much for your help! Rich Granville High School, Class of '79
  18. (OK, maybe some hyperbole there, but read on!) These were Carolina Crown's percussion scores in Finals for the five years prior to last season: 2012 -- 18.800 (6th) 2013 -- 18.700 (6th) 2014 -- 18.450 (7th) 2015 -- 18.950 (5th) 2016 -- 18.675 (5th) (As given at the From the Pressbox website, which does seem to lop off decimals from time to time.) In those five years, it was repeatedly said on these forums and elsewhere (even by the commentators on the cinema screenings) that Crown's percussion was weak, bad, faulty, deficient, imperfect, defective, inferior, poor, lame, inadequate, shoddy, and so forth. And not just relatively bad but absolutely bad. I remember querying this point on more than one occasion. I noted that these are all Box 5 scores and thus, by any absolute measure, Crown was fielding very strong percussion lines. But no, came the replies: it wasn't just that Crown's percussion wasn't as strong as Crown's other elements or as other corps' percussion or that it was (with one exception) keeping them from a championship or medals position; no: Crown's percussion was just not good. That claim was made repeatedly. So these appear to be the five best scores achieved by DCI percussion this past weekend: 17.50 -- Cavaliers 17.50 -- Carolina Crown 17.25 -- Blue Devils 17.20 -- Santa Clara Vanguard 17.20 -- Boston Crusaders (I may have missed one or more, but you get the point. Again I used From the Pressbox as my source.) Not one Box 5 score among them, and yet commentators here are offering a fair bit of praise for these lines. But if you had a time machine and could drop any one of these corps of last weekend into the 2012-2016 Finals, surely their percussion would be crushed by Finals-Crown of those years . . . Wouldn't they? I'm genuinely curious to know what people think about that. Are these 2018 mid-season percussion scores too low? Were Crown's 2012-2016 Box 5 Finals percussion scores too high? That is to say: do Cavaliers right now actually have a Box 5 percussion section? And did Crown by Finals in 2012-2016 still have a Box 4 percussion section (or worse)? (How much improvement in numbers is real, relative to the descriptions on the sheets, and how much is just numbers management?) Or when people say that Crown's percussion as the 2012-2016 seasons ended was bad, is that a serious exaggeration? In scoring terms, where is the dividing line between good percussion and bad percussion anyway? Was Crown's percussion ever very good in those years? Is Cavaliers' percussion section already very good? Feel free to apply any of those questions to other elements or to corps as a whole. Already people are talking about how they have listened to this or that early season performance repeatedly. Does anyone do that with a poor performance? At what point, as far as scores are concerned, does a corps become worth listening to? I look forward to everyone's thoughts.