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Denver Review

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Wow. Weather was perfect in Denver. The corps were all so good!! My hands are still hurting and my voice is still not there. The crowd was great also, practicing perfect drum corps etiquette.

This was also my first drum corps show since 2002 marching for 4 years then taking this summer off, really made me miss it.

Alright the corps....

Troopers (73.575) were on first, the crowd went nuts for this corps. They were actually really good I enjoyed the star burst and all the tradition. The guard statred out really clean but as the show progressed they got more and more dirty. Great show I really enjoyed it.

The next corps was Mandarins (73.150), to be honest I thought they were a step up from Troopers but judges saw differentley. They had green bamboo sticks everywhere that seemed to fit their show and went with everything. People really enjoyed there drum feature. Hornline was great and really loud for being obviously smaller.

The Cascades (75.55) were definetley better than the previous corps but lacked in GE to me so they had less audience appeal, people didnt go as crazy for them as everyone else. Actually not a bad guard gaurd at all, seemed to be really on tonight. Drill seemed to be a mess though. Hornlinewas great but still up to this time havent had really a hornline line that blew us away yet.

Pacific Crest (76.25) had a really fun show. Crowd enjoyed it a lot. Also dont read into the bad stuff about their vocals because honestly there wasnt that much I remember it being tasteful and also there wasnt really any. I wanna say bluecoats had more. Great hornline, really rocked invesco. If you havent seen this show towards the middle the hornline does drill that in rolling dice and they make different rolls everytime making the"snake eyes" at the end. Got the first standing O of the night.

The Crossmen (78.5) were up next, started the show out with capes kinda neat though. Every one dug it saying "oooo"s and "aaahhh"s. First corps to blow the crowd away. Really good hornline really enjoyed Birdland teasers. Great music selection. The wind picked up in the begining of the show, so the guard wasnt all impressing. They obviously havent had much practice with that, there were many drops. Didnt really dig the butterfly flags either.

Next were the Academy (80.425). Wow. Obviously wanted something tonight. And obviously the best corps of the night so far. I was actually looking forward to seeing this corps, with all the talk on the boards and things I hear from people. They start out with rifles just catching on a hornline/drum note. Pretty cool. Understood the whole chase theme well. I was impressed. Though I didnt really understand why people are calling this show easy though. It seemed on a good level. The guard impressed me a lot.

:Intermission: (Beer was way too expensive.)

The Glassmen (81.4) were next and amazing!!!! A lot of corps are starting before the announcment of show and dm salute. I dig it. I was expecting more "gypsy" like music, then I thought to myself, I dont even know what gypsy music is. Haha. I liked this show hornline sounding really good from where I was. Good projection. I cant remember much of this show but I remember being satisfied and thats all I can ask for.

Santa Clara Vangaurd (88.425) were on next, Really good but I was expecting so much more from them because of all the hype on the boards. They start out with the gaurd slowly sliding down the poles they had, really cool effect. Again this corps I dont remember much. Sorry.

The hometown corps were on next The Blue Knights (86), the crowd went nuts as usual. They had such a different show so far the corwd didnt really know how to react so after the initial coming on the field applause, there wasnt much until the end. They do a lot more movement then in the past, one of the best blueknights' shows ive seen in a long time, probably better than last years, just everyone got better too. So they definetley wont be as successful. Really good gaurd and great low brass section!!!! Drumline seemed lack luster compared to everyone else. Drill was boring, and not that clean. Mellophone has a playing solo followed by a 30 second dance solo, really different and really neat. The ballad is probably the best part, just so dark, and not happy like most ballads. Other than that, nothing I wish there was more to say.

Carolina Crown (89.25). HOLY ####!!!!! This corps was amazing, the gaurd was seriously the best gaurd I have ever seen. The show sold, the hype is true!!! The design of the show is soooo good. The hornline is amazing as usual. Drumline is actually good. Like i said the guard is amazing!!!! You have to see this show! ... Too much to comment on.

Blooooooo! The Bluecoats (89.75) were so good. I found this to be a lot like Crowns show in the sense of design. The show was just so easy to follow, and it kept you watching. Never a boring part. Also too much to comment on.

Im sorry Cadets I left early to see some freinds.

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Crossmen. . .metamorphosis. . .butterfly flags. . .get it?

Thanks for the review.

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Well if you were in denver ... it was "Matamorphisis" ... hahaha.

And yes I get it ... and I still don't like them.

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