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St.Peter show

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Dear all of drum corps

Just wanted to remind everyone that if you are comming to Minnesota for the DCA weekend on the 18th & 19th of Aug, you are all invited to Patrick's for food/beer/drum corps channel/fun.

If you need directions feel free to call Patrick's 507-931-9051 or PM me and I will help.

We are planning 2 gatherings. The first one will be after the MBI show on Sat night. Party will start when you get there and ends at last call 12:45am(at least at Patrick's). The second one starts after the St.Peter show, I belive the party starts around 4:00pm.

I believe even the Madison Aluni Tenor Gods will be "in da house" on Sun, so come early and stay late, better yet move to town, we gots lots of room.

See you all soon

John :P

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Saturday night depends on finding a place to crash. Sunday night is a go... What better place is there to spend my birthday than Patrick's? Especially after marching a field show!

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If the Saint Peter show is early enough that I can hit Patricks before hopping on a plane back to California, I will definately be there!............but I thought the SHOW started around 4...meaning it wouldn't be done until around 7ish (then party?)

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You know, someday I will make my pilgrimage to the mecca that is Patricks. If only it were closer to Delaware!

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