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Mandarin, again a predictable offering fom a smaller Mandarin than usual. Good GE, but the usual status quo.

Mandarins fielded 52 brass, 28 percussion and 18 guard. I know that's the largest hornline of their 45-year history, and I think it's safe to say the overall corps was not "smaller than usual". :)

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I think the fact that a drum corps audience is largely opposed to its use is due to the fact that is IS new to the activity, and corps are just now figuring out how to use it - therefore the quality of narration and its use is in its infantile stages. Like it or not, it IS innovative, even if marching bands have been using it for years: drum corps have always done things at a different level than marching bands. Here, the main difference between band and corps is the disposition of the audience.

Corps is what it is. For me, I saw plenty of fantastic shows with narration, and plenty of fantastic shows without. I, for one, welcome variety.

Amen. :blink:

Doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on. You may like it, you may not. But this goes out to all those people who tried their darndest to ruin my first ever finals night.

I have never seen the Cadets live. Nope, not once. I am a west coast fan, and spent my hard earned money on my Finals tickets. Did I like their show, not really. But I kept my mouth shut, applauded those kids when it was deserved. Those people, which I am pretty sure frequent this forum, should be ASHAMED of themselves for being POOR excuses for drum corps fans. Booing, yelling and screaming at the performers to "Shut Up!" not only ruins it for the performers, but for all the other people that shelled out their money to see the show. You are just as bad as people who talk on their cell phone in a movie theater. What a horrible way to represent the west coast the ONE time that DCI deems us worthy of finals.

Shame on you.

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