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Bushwackers 2008 Visual Caption Head

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The Bushwackers are pleased to announce that Steve Rinda will be returning as Visual Caption Head and Drill Designer for the 2008 season.

Steve Rinda joined The Bushwackers in 1997 and quickly earned a reputation for being a gifted brass player and marcher. He also earned a spot in Bushwackers folklore that year by climbing and then falling out of a tree in August and breaking his leg…..and then marching well (albeit painfully) at Finals. Thanks to Steve, it has become a tradition at Bushwackers to ask members to refrain from climbing trees as Finals Weekend approaches.

At Bushwackers, Steve rose though the ranks until he took on the role of Visual Caption Head in 2005, and in 2007 he also became the Drill Designer for The Bushwackers.

Steve is well known for his accomplishments with the Upper Darby Marching Band, and he currently teaches American Government at Perkiomen Valley H.S. and marching band at Daniel Boone H.S. in the suburban Philadelphia region.

Brian Law will be returning to assist Steve Rinda as one of the members of his visual staff.

2008 marks Brian Law’s 36th year in the activity as a performer, instructor, writer, truck driver, and administrator. This long time Bushwacker began his marching career in 1972 with the Keystone Regiment. He has marched, designed for and instructed many bands and corps over the years. He has been judging band and colorguard since 1988, including 5 years with M.A.A. and 7 years in N.J.A.

Stay tuned to http://www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information, please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/

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