Crown 2007 Field Studio Recordings

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that brass recording was really enjoyable, glad i bought that. triple tonguing and whatnot in william tell sounded great. really appreciated the mello who punched out that high C shot note at 8:52. 8:59....i would say its "pure breathe dah" but it was actually more like breathe-breathe dah, hahaha. you can hear it pretty precisely. ill be giving this more listening in the next few days; the effort put into the production of it (and the concept in itself) is much appreciated.

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I have always wished that every corps would do studio type recordings during finals week. I'd even take this over I&E, which I don't attend anyways! You can just hear so much more of the brass parts compared to the live stadium CDs......especially minus the crowd (and stadium lights). :)

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I wish I had recordings like this for every corps...these rock in addition to the live versions.

Someone at DCI...mid-season standstill CD/APD's, stat! :)

Although I agree that we should have something like this for every corps, I don't like the idea of it being done mid-season. There are too many changes made to shows between then and Finals week. Heck, even the BK recording done on July 29 is slightly different from the final product.

I vote for a Finals week recording session for all corps, perhaps on Tuesday of Finals week?

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Most everyone is talking about the Brass recording....I'm curios what people think about the percussion recordings

Sounds like any other drum recording I've heard.


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