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I didn't take notes, so these are just some passing thoughts.

The show started with the United Alumni Corps from Southern Ontario.  They looked very good and had some soloists who might have gotten some recruitment overatures at the party.

Next on was the Rochester Crusaders.  About 40 horns and a full drum line and about 15 CG standing in front of the stage.  Some really good horn work including solo work by Keith Hall.

Next was the Empire Statesmen.  Very impressive!  Large drum line(looked young) and 47 horns.  Lots of keyboard players(also young) and new uniforms.  If they have a decent size guard this year they'll have a lot to say about Scranton.

Twenty minute intermission.

Syracuse Brigadeers.  They needed to be sharp after the Empire performance--and they were!  I counted 62 horns with a full drum line and pit.  All business.  No fooling around.  Big sounding warmup and three of their 2002 songs and off the stage.  Excellent for April.  ####--excellent for August!

Steel City Ambassadors Alumni were next and put on a really good show.  Lots of fan friendly music.  I heard a lot of people talk later in the evening about how they were suprised at how well this corps sounded.  Very enjoyable show.

Mighty St. Joe's.  Better than ever.  Really!  Some very serious sounds from an Alumni corps.  Large drum line this year and of course many, many horns.  Happy to see Bob LaDuca finally doing some clean-up work with the horns and some directing.  Great job St. Joe's!

Terrific party afterwards!!!!!

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As a member of the Steel City Ambassadors, I would just like to thank St. Joe's for putting on a fantastic show. From the time we pulled into the lot, through practicing and warmups, this was a class act.

Thanks also to the Brigadiers for reminding me what got me into drum corps in the first place. Hearing you guys warming up next to us in the gym gave me goosebumps (duck bumps?) where I didn't think I could get them.

Finally, thanks to all of the other horn players for making the finale extra special. There aren't too many places where you can take the stage with 26 contrabasses.

DJ Foremsky


Steel City Ambassadors

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